XP Goldmaxx Power

Price: $1100
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.21
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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XP Goldmax is not the best

March 31, 2009
XP Goldmax is very very unstable detector, two stars from me. Tejon is MUCH better, five stars.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Light Weight gives Explorer a bloody nose!

February 02, 2009
Having seen and mastered the C scope VLF non motion, Fisher 1266. CZ6a ,Compass XP Pro, Tejon, Cibola, Explorer,and now the XP Goldmaxx Power.. its been a great ride since 1977 and I have had finds going back over 2000 years of local history with ALL machines listed... but my armory is complete with ...a Minelab Explorer mated to a 12.5 Coil and when the weight gets too much or when absolute depth is key or amongst iron nails nulling the explorer into silence its xp GoldMaxx power up time... this thing looks like its military spec.. and does it perform.. run it sparky hot like the original grey Tejon so its occasionally spitting and the depths achievable are very very impressive, run it normal sensitivity IE: 12 o clock position and heres some numbers for comparison ...all two way signals, machine set to normal operating conditions....(not sparky and spitting!)

Minelab explorer xs std 10.5 coil (Factory default settings)
Musket ball 6.0”
Small roman bronze 5.7”
Small silver hammered 6.2”
Lead token 7.1”
Silver roman denarius 6.6”
Edward the first silver penny 7.7”
James 1st hammered shilling 9.2
1922 bronze penny 9.2”

Minelab explorer xs std 10.5 coil
Tony Hunt settings
Musket ball 6.0”
Small roman bronze 6.7”
Small silver hammered 7.0”
Lead token 7.3”
Silver roman denarius 7.5”
Edward the first silver penny 7.9”
James 1st hammered shilling 9.6”
1922 bronze penny 9.2”

Minelab explorer Tony Hunt Settings
12.5 Excelerator II coil sens to 24

Musket ball 6.6”
Small roman bronze 7.5”
Small silver hammered 7.7”
Lead token 7.2”
Silver roman denarius 9.0”
Edward the first silver penny 8.6”
James 1st hammered shilling 10.2”
1922 bronze penny 10.9”

Tesoro Cibola (Laser Trident in UK)
Musket ball 6.5”
Small roman bronze 6.7”
Small silver hammered 7.5”
Lead token 7.8”
Silver roman denarius 7.6”
Edward the first silver penny 8.2”
James 1st hammered shilling 9.4”
1922 bronze penny 9.3”

Tesoro Tejon (original grey model)..old sparky!

Musket ball 6.9”
Small roman bronze 7.2”
Small silver hammered 7.7”
Lead token 8.1”
Silver roman denarius 8.4”
Edward the first silver penny 8.8”
James 1st hammered shilling 10.0”
1922 bronze penny 10.3”

Xp goldmaxx power 9” coil v.3 chip (v.4 chip offers no performance increase just tone tweaking!)

Musket ball 8.3”
Small roman bronze 9.5”
Small silver hammered 9.4”
Lead token 8.6”
Silver roman denarius 10.8”
Edward the first silver penny 11.0”
James 1st hammered shilling 12.0”
1922 bronze penny 12.0”

its not perfect though... its very hard to dial out hot rocks (1800's steam tractors emptied fireboxes, this coke is very conductive!)

the box to stem mount rocks with each swing, and some slop is appearing in the stem... all bearable pay offs considering the performance available... its very important I stress.. this is an independent review, I have no association with any supplier, manufacturer or dealer having sourced all my machines second hand from owners who have not had the time to learn and master their machines......R.R.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


What can I say

September 13, 2008
Best machine on the market today IMHO. still getting to grips with the depth. I couldn't figure our why I was still getting a signal at 8 inches down. then another inch and I pulled out a Victorian penny. fabulous

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Xp goldmaxx power

May 09, 2008
This machine is just fabulous 18khz and its just the best, the goldmaxx mark 1 came first which is just as good, then they brought out the goldmaxx power, cant say enough about these machines, and both are still leading machines hear in the UK, some say there hard to get to grips with the iron discrim but once you have mastered this they are a absolute winner they love silver hammereds and cut quarters, in my opinion possibly the best machine there is at the moment, good on depth, good on discrim build quality second to none. Made in France.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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