Whites Beach Hunter 300

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 20 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.71
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
Maximum detection depth

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August 13, 2012
I have to say I have run a ton of machines in the past 20 years and the truth is You must learn your machine. No ways around it. Even if it takes you, testing every-time you start a hunt with coin's tabs, caps, nails. jewelry. Learn your machine.

The nice thing about The BH300 I have found is you basically have two units in one. A machine that will run like a pulse in ALL Metal. and a disc machine that can and will hunt the beach, parks, fields, This unit truly does it all. Not only does this unit give LED display over specific targets It does it in both Disc,Mode and AM, Modes. How cool is that?!

Oh and another cool thing. IT HAS TONES. Sure you can get this unit and totally rely on just the lights in either modes, however it has tones as well. Doesn't hurt to as I said. LEARN your machine. I've run this unit for over a year now in both fields and beaches both wet and dry and Not only can I say also that this unit will do it all I would say this unit will run with the big boys from the other companies.

Down side. JUST ONE> I wish whites would make this unit, coil interchangeable. A nice 8 inch and 10'' spider coil option would be really great.
H. H

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Metal detector

March 28, 2012
I just purchased this metal detector after owning another whites metal detector for many years of very successful outings. I am very displeased with this metal detector. I even think that it is broken. I am taking it back to the dealer to see what is wrong with it.

I took it out for three hours in the ocean and was not impressed at all over my much older whites model.

I never had to dig more than one scoop deep to find the targets. I must be missing so much as my other detector found some targets that are so deep I have to give up digging, sometimes they are that deep.

I almost became deaf from the constant beeping and falsing(broken? Lights are pulsing like a Christmas tree constantly). The ground knob has no effect on balancing this, (must be broken?) and every wave that came over the top made a false signal, even small swells coming over the top. If the ground is uneven like small dips in the sand produced falsing. So when you have a target and dig it and swing back over the hole it sounds like its still in the hole when its actually in your scoop. It drove me crazy till I figured out that it was in my scoop and not deep.

The coil was impossible to push through the water. A simple design to make the coil more like a blade to cut through the water would solve this, like my other detector. I can do more than 8 hours in the water with my old detector, 3 hours I was exhausted with this one. I will make a mod to make it more streamlined if I keep this. Unbelievable that whites doesn't put these basic ideas into their designs.

Running on all metal modes in deep water(control box under the water) you cannot see the lights to confirm target. The refraction of the water makes the light impossible to see even though I can clearly see the windows where the lights are. Someone suggested a chest mount for the box, that will be a lovely sun tattoo of a metal detector box on my chest, hah. Not to mention the straps attaching it to my chest. Most time I do go out completely covered from the sun, but sometimes if I am going out for a few hours I will just wear shorts.

The toggle switch constantly switching back to center. Whites knows about this and feels this is ok? If my car fell into neutral while driving it do you think the car company would tell you its ok?

Every bottle cap reads yellow, this was the main reason I bought this machine was to reduce the amount of bottle caps and my other machine was just at the end of its life.

Its very heavy, in the water that is not a problem.

3 hours running on all metals mode I found 10 bottle caps, 2 large aluminum lids, 4 pull tabs, toy car, nail clippers, steel/iron star (only iron(red) target I received the whole time out), $1 in change. Note everything above hit in the yellow/green color. The red was with the steel/iron star, I dug just to see if it was working. But every bottle cap, and rest of junk showed up as yellow. Yellow is supposed to be jewelry???? The toy car showed up as green?

I did not run on disc mode at all.

I did not run this machine on dry sand or surf area. This was in 2 to 4 feet of water.

My older machine I dig everything. So this is nothing new to me. But the extra money I paid to discriminate some things out might not be worth it. I would pay a million dollars for a machine that beeps just to gold and platinum!

Well I am returning to the store where I purchased this machine to see what the deal is. I am also bring my older whites to get it refurbished. I will do another review after I go back to the dealer. Hopefully this machine is broke because if this is the way they intend it to work it is complete garbage. I have to give this a 1 star because it doesn't work and if its broken then 1 star because the quality control is just bad.

(I do not want to say what machine I have because I think this is truly the best machine out, don't need any more competition)

Overall Rating 1 star



March 05, 2012
I bought the BHID 300 last July. I haven't had any problems with mine. It's easy to use and I found enough gold jewelry to pay for it already.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


To Dissatisfied Consumer in WPB, Florida

November 10, 2011
I think your review of the White's BeachHunter is flawed,

1. Use a coil bracket if your coil moves in the heavy surf. Most detectors will suffer this problem in rough conditions.

2. Please show me anywhere on the internet which suggests that the BeachHunter can.... "One of the key selling points for this model machine is that it can discriminate between Gold, Quarters and Iron"

3. Many detectors will ID the neweer style of bottlecaps as a good target as they are now composed of tin, aluminum, steel with a small iron component. The detector is doing it's job correctly !

4. I agree that the toggle switch can be bumped out of position but White's will happily adjust for you. Mine is firm enough and causes me no problems.

5. I consider myself a hard core water detector and it is my "go to machine".

6. I do not work for White's. I am an Aussie, 10,000 miles from Sweet Home, Oregon.

7. I feel your damaging remarks are unfair, unjust and untrue. I am an Aussie supporting a good American product.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Only review you need to read!

July 08, 2011
I bought my beach hunter 300 three months ago. After the first use the search coil won't stay in a fixed position it faces flat with the metal detector rod. I have to keep adjusting it to the position I want just to have it fall back down again.
One of the key selling points for this model machine is that it can discriminate between Gold, Quarters and Iron. This is not true every single bottle cap I find the machine lights up yellow meaning you've found gold.

The toggle switch to switch between discriminate mode and all metals is right next to the headphones cord and gets bumped off every few minutes while using metal detector.
Overall the machine is a Poorly designed, Overpriced piece of Crap. The facts were overstated to sell this machine. I would never buy a whites metal detector ever again. Anyone who gives this machine a good review works for White's Electronics.

Overall Rating 1 star


Very happy with the BeachHunter 300

October 30, 2010
Well if first impressions count for anything then I am very happy with the BeachHunter 300. I have only had it a short time but it has passed my testing so far. I chose this detector over the Minelab Excalibur due to Excalibur's weakness (Achilles Heel) of sometimes nulling on deep (at fringe of detectability) non ferrous targets. I am a 99% water hunter so I did my research on a detector that would complement my current machines of one PI and a TR unit. Anyhow, back to the BeachHunter and my initial observations in point form;

• The BeachHunter feels really solid. I like the build quality. Everything is tight and wobble free.
• Nice and simple operation, great for beginners and experienced users alike.
• The overall performance (in and out of water) is excellent. By “excellent”, I mean getting good targets at depth through “clean” audio hits. The audio is decisive and doesn't leave any doubt as to whether it needs digging or not.
• I like the ID lights. Red = Don't dig, Yellow and Green/Blue = Dig.
• All Metal punches plenty deep enough for me. It is quite a bit deeper than DISC. Use the ID lights in AM to confirm your target !!
• The coil is a great size (12”). No buoyancy problems to speak of.
• DISC is accurate if you have the Sensitivity (and GB) properly set. Resist the temptation to advance the SENS setting too much as it will be counter-productive.
• I had no problems with falsing. Again, set the SENS for your environment. Sure I can make the detector false……just by having the GB out of whack and/or dialling in too much SENS. Your ears (and the lights) will tell you !
• Ground Balancing is easy, although it is only a “1 turn control”, it can cater for some reasonable amounts of black sand. If your local hunt area has serious black sand problems then research should tell you that the BeachHunter is probably not for you.
• Make sure the holes on the metal clip on the battery door is fully seated on BOTH plastic lugs on the detector body. This will ensure a proper watertight seal.
• Audio is a tad loud through the headphones. I have added some small sections of rubber into the earpads to cut down on the volume output.
• My AM/DISC toggle switch isn't too loose and doesn't snap back from AM to the centre position that easily.
• Do take the time to regularly submerge the (or any) unit in a tub of water (especially after swapping out batteries). Look for any small rising bubbles. I do this before every water hunt. It only takes a few minutes and assures you whether the detector is fit for its intended job.
• The new model BeachHunter 300 appears to have solved the problems that the earlier model BeachHunter had. The problems were confined to a faulty black gasket and a coil prone to floating/pushing upwards when submerged…(the new models have the red/orange coloured gasket).

That is about it for now. Yes, it's early days, but for now, I anticipate that the BeachHunter 300 will be with me for some time to come. Do your research on what machine you are after and what features you are after. I know I have made the right choice.
HH, Tony_
Perth, Australia

Overall Rating 5 stars!



July 20, 2010
I've been detecting for 37 years, THIS THING GETS THE COINS, couldn't wait so I used it on land at a very trashy ball field, PULLED 6 DIMES, 3 PENNIES & A NICKEL in a little over one hour, when you get a green light you have a coin. Cleaned up at the lake too.
I like the 3 light system and the 12 inch coil was light and easy swinging. GREAT MACHINE

Overall Rating 5 stars!


BHID 300

December 11, 2009
I used mine twice this fall in the ocean. The new 300 12" coil still floats. After adding a water filled weight system it worked great. Like any other system the more often you use it the better it works. The BHID worked really great in water. I also found that on land it works well without the bells and whistles of a unit that has a readout screen. The tones are very accurate but as always takes some getting use to.

You can buy them new for around $900.00 dollars at the local dealer on Long Island. I would say it is a above average machine that works great on the beaches. I am looking forward to taking it to Florida and work the southern beaches.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Beach hunter 300

September 13, 2009
It is almost impossible to tune in, I would never buy another one.

Overall Rating 1 star


Works great when they work...

October 17, 2008
Bought four of these and within 6 months all four had to be returned. TWO were DOA right out of the box. I can't believe the quality control there.

Overall Rating 2 stars


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