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Machine is a suitable back up to my MXT Pro

May 25, 2012
I picked this machine up a couple weeks ago as a back up to my MXT Pro (which I LOVE as well) and was able to give it a run last weekend at a competitive club hunt as my MXT went on the fritz.
It performed flawlessly and I found more coins than most of the others in our silver hunt so it proved it is a worthy machine.
I love the light weight and ease of use and it bangs really hard on good targets.
Have not tried it at the beach, but I would tend to not use most VLF machines here on the California beaches anyway. Thats why they make PI detectors.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Prizm 6T

January 30, 2012
About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I had to take a break from metal detecting for about a year. During that time I had sold all my detectors and needed to get a new detector. I knew it had to be light but had to have multiple tones and perform well in my soil. I found a good deal on Prizm V with the 950 coil and a 4x6 Shooter coil. I loved that detector so much that I upgraded to the 6T in order to get the VDI and autotrac.

I have not been at all disappointed!! In less than a month of use, I have found close to $50 in clad, 5 silver coins, and several other silver items. I have never had as much fun using a detector that fits my type of hunting to a tee!! I have found coins at 8 inches plus and love the tones and VCO pinpointing. I live in an area where silver coins are not common finds and I do not recall ever finding 5 in one month. If I ever decide to upgrade (although I don't forsee this happening any time soon) it will definitely be another Whites machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Awesome Metal Detector!!!

January 19, 2011
Today I am sitting at home waiting for winter to pass and researching the Prism 6T. I have noticed that people having problems with there metal detector is why they are not finding any goodies. I have bought a wonderful detector and I am very happy I have done so. I got my metal detector on May 22 2010 and started using it a day after. At first I was not sure the best way to start using it but I later found out ( its good to watch the dvd they send...lol)

I first found a couple of nickels and a dime and even though they were modern I was very happy!, 5 min. later I found 3 matchbox cars and a quarter. I live at a very modern home built in 1997 and spent a long time searching through my twelve acers. I am unhappy that I have not got as much time as I wanted that summer but I can't wait for spring. The Prism 6T is a great detector and the only thing I would do to make it better is the screen. I am very happy with how it tells me about my target but a better screen such as the one of the DFX model would help me read it a little more clear. Thanks for a great detector White's!!!!

Happy Hunting!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Machine

June 20, 2010
My dad purchased this machine and I tried it out and found it excellent on nickels. Dug my first buffalo nickel at 7 inches. Good audio and meter bounced. I knew I had a pile of coins. Excellent on coins and has good ground tracking.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tested out thoroughly the 6T

May 18, 2010
Well my trip to the beaches and parks with the 6T were better than last year. We matched it up on three beach areas first with the seahunter mark2 and the tesoro cibola... colored black-orange & red marking sticks were placed where each detector picked up a signal Red for the garrett seahunter which is a P.I. detect, orange for the cibola and Black for the 6T. Grid was 4 feet wide and 30 foot steps long---the 6T was on the money 60%% of the time, in the dry sand.

The cibola, well it did pretty good with a full 80+%%. the mark2 now that is another story as we set the signal on # TWO ( 2 ) one can get a fair idea of what may be going into your sand scoop but hey one cannot be over 50% sure. We placed each detects coil where the marker sticks were at. The 6T 60% the mark2 well it is a P.I> and at setting two it will detect just about everything, which we wanted.
The 6T in Californias black sand oh my it came out in 2nd place. As the sun glare on the digital screen is not a help and slows down ones detect time and finds the cibola did a good job, we used headphones on all 3 detects.. at the beach areas.
NOW at the parks we used Temascal road park and Van Ness L.A. city park, third street park in west L.A. near the LaBrea tar pits plus the Burbank Ca, park on San Fernando road.. and we also hit valley village park, all different parks and of course different heavy traffic & trash areas. We used the 6T, cibola, Garrett GTAx 550 and a Fisher Excel ID Detector, all in all the 6T came in at 65% to 75% depending on what detector it was competing with. So to be fair we have placed 4 stars .. yet feel 3 & 3/4 is correct.. white's at least on the 6T models needs to kick it up a notch or three. Also on the weight issue, your arm gets a workout.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Slip N slide Update We are very happy !!!

August 13, 2009
Got the 6T back from white's and they were on the phone with me twice to explain what they have done to make this 6T of mine rock, and YES it now does !! I took this over to Valley village park & tested it within 6 feet of the picnic area, and 20 minutes later I had 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 4 pennies and 1 nickel..and due to this trashy area I can now state that the 6T came in a winner ,, the main problem was from what I gather the P.C. B which I think stands for the P.C.Board, they calibrated the new board and tested it side by side with another 6T, Also included an 8 inch prizm coil, added one more for me as well, will be heading for the beach right after the Labor Day Monday holiday!! Mr Howard and his tech Jerry A. did a bang up job, this I can tell you!! This IS what White's is all about.. yes I had a few false icon signals, however this was mainly due to the junk people throw on the ground by the picnic area.. a neighbor of mine told me that he used to work for the BIG 3 shippers and that a LOT of packages get thrown every which way and that may have been the reason that when i got it back the 1st time from white's ,,they may have tossed it every which way..

All have a Great Holiday and we will update on this 6T after we test it on the beach, we will be right up to the shore this time and give it a hard test.. and will use it only on the wet sand for the first test,,,and per J.A. reduce the Gain as well say 3 or 4 bars max, and NOT alternate between wet and dry sand. So far 4 1/2 stars and I bet a full 5 after the beach test..

Thank you Steve howard and tech J.A. for all your help.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Prizm 6T

July 10, 2009
I was able to speak with a White's gentleman this morning and i will be shipping the 6T out to Sweethome Oregon one more time as it may just be a damaged in transit from when they repaired and sent the 6T back to me. Mr.Howard was very understanding of my concerns and will have the 6T checked out.
Now that IS the YES White's Electronics way of doing business. I explained to him my plight, which he understands, SO everybody the 6T will get a thorough test,, I am a very Happy guy today.

I am very POSITIVE all will be corrected, have a Great weekend and Find those lost rings and such. I will update and add a full 5 stars when I test & Know the 6T is working ,,

take care

Bill Heyman
p.o. box 4407
burbank, ca 91503-4407

Overall Rating 2 stars


Prizm 6T here in California

July 09, 2009
I decided to Test the 6-T one last time.. We headed out to Malibu Surfrider beach and then to Will Rogers beach well we/I followed ALL instructions again, including the very helpful hint from Mr. Wilmer H. Winfield dated 06/24/2009 and thank you sir for your input.

I used the 6-T first and found two clad pennies in like 30 minutes, yet Still had a host of false readings, Vivian also tried out the 6-T and same results, only she found Zero...and agrees with me regards the icons at $0.50 reading most of the time..Gary another partner with us told me in no uncertain words NO thanks I'll use my own detector.

Now I MUST do a RETRACTION of sorts on THIS one 6T, I found out it was originally purchased from the state of PA. I got it from Texas new.. and also found out I should have only paid $8.00 plus to ship to White's in Sweethome Oregon, I called our accountant and YES I was correct, the U.P.S. store charged me $87.00 and change to send it out to white's not 89.00 and change..

As to the sales tax I also had purchased two detects that same day here in California, so my ERROR is in stating I paid sales tax on the 6T

my mistake and one I ADMIT too!! When I am wrong then I will admit I am wrong..

NOW I also got an email from Steve at the Sweethome Oregon office which irritated me to NO end, so I replied to his email and ALSO phoned him, had to leave a voicemail for him to CALL me on my personal CELL phone to once and for all clear the problem this one 6T has and as of this day I have NOT had a return call..My Personal opinion on THIS particular 6T is of course mine, others may disagree.. Have a great upcoming Labor day Holiday as for me and my partners we will keep on beachcombing, etc. take care BILL H.

Overall Rating 1 star



June 24, 2009
If anyone of your readers are having problems with the new 6T I have noticed that you better make sure the coil cable is very snug to the stem or with the high sensitivity of this machine it will be unstable and read crazy numbers. This machine is finding coins in places that i have hunted for over thirty years.WHITES IS NOT THE FAULT OF THAT KIND OF PROBLEM SO BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.THEY ARE STILL ONE OF THE BEST MACHINES I HAVE USED.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Now ZERO stars , save your Money !!!!

May 22, 2009
After sending the 6T back to Sweethome Oregon, I bought a new Garrett Hunter2, Whites was fast in sending the 6T back, as there was something loose inside, they supposedly fixed it. Also they repaired the coil wobble.. 2 little correct washers..SO I took it to the beach NO GOOOOOD NO, NO NO. Then to the parks here in Santa Monica and up to Pacific Palisade on Tamescal Road by the beach, the 6T still HAS the SAME problems as before with the sens and disc .. I do not know how they test up at White's but I can say this much, down here it still does NOT work properly!!! I am NOT a happy guy, $89.00 to send it for repair(s) and still the SAME problem..

this time I gave a More than fair test..like 4 full weeks 2 / 3 days each week, )))))first time on the beach and in beach mode.. went over a 15 by 4 foot area, no hits, on 6T, then used the H2 and 3 hits 1 coin 2 bottlecaps all a good 6 + inches deep.
Once again the PP and all metal mode switch is YES still the same problem, and as usual I had to pull out the batt pack... the 0.50 error is still there.. This IS a $599.00 + california sales tax and the UPS $89.00 shipping charge to White's a LOSS of good money.. I am sorry to post this but Whites has LOST me as a customer for good... and yes I have had both new and used White's detects over the years, but as they have grown BIG well the touch is GONE and so is the QUALITY of their products, I wonder if the california lemon law has a clause somewhere on metal detectors Hmmm! Only kidding.. so I will donate this 6T for a church thriftshop sale or to one of the kids clubs.

Yes I read the directions, 20 times over, did air and field tests on the beach and parks, always new batteries inside, my fisher 1212 works a 100 times better than this piece of JUNK, wake up Ken jr.. the 6T, well this one IS just that JUNK.. I gave this a MORE than fair test, also with my Tesoro compadre, had it at least 5 years, coming up a simple detector and WAY LOW price for them beat the 6T , me I think this 6T is SICK... save your hard earned ca$h and buy a Quality detector in the same price range from another maker... thats what I will be doing..

Will be hitting the beach, water & sand after the holiday weekend... keep on coinshooting and stay safe in the water. Bill.h

Overall Rating 1 star


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