Whites Prizm 6T

Price: $600
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.79
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Lightweight and HOT

April 20, 2009
This is a very accurate machine when you get used to using it and it definitely has all the depth you need to find the older coins. It has brought me back to enjoying this great hobby again. I also have a little lightweight ACE 250 Garrett that I have had a lot of success with. Whites has always produced great machines and I have used a lot of them over the past 30 plus years.THANKS

Overall Rating 5 stars!


This is one awesome detector!!!

March 23, 2009
I purchased this detector from a friend and found that this machine will keep up with my more expensive MXT.

I bought this detector mainly as a back-up and have found it to be an extremely capable machine.

First off, the features of this unit, ease of use, and overall performance is on par with a lot of more expensive machines.

The features on this machine that make it stand out are the Auto Trac, the well designed display, machine balance and weight (especially with the new 4X6 DD coil), pinpointing, and depth. White's hit a home run with this baby.

After taking it out initially, I have found over $8.00 in clad and 1 silver rosie at a depth of about 6". The machine was a little jumpy on the rosie but the audio couldn't have been better.

In my oppinion, you could spend more money but you can't do any better than this machine for the money.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The Whites prism 6t is a great machine.

February 19, 2009
I researched a few other detectors before deciding that the 6t had all of the features for a beginner to become a novice with only having to purchase one machine. The 6t can visually show you what it thinks the item is on a chart with pictures and a number chart that gives you a range of what it might be by flashing a number.
It also has a tone discrimination that has a low tone for most junk,
and squelches higher for larger coins and the better items.
The sensitivity is great and easily adjusted to help find more stuff or eliminate some bottle caps here and there.
One of the best features of this detector is the ability to manually discriminate the nails and bottle caps and still find
"all the goodies."
I did a test in my yard with my wedding ring, bottle cap, nails, and coins of every size. The 6t showed me what it was, how deep it was and by the pitch of the tone if it was a big item.
I turned the discrimination on for nails, caps and foil and it eliminated those items while still pinpointing my ring and all the coins.
This is my first detector, and feel it is a great detector for beginners because it is easy to use and really finds all kinds of metal.
I have found a lot of coins but nothing too old. I can't wait for my first gold!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Prizm6T needs redesigned Fast

February 01, 2009
I purchased my 6T 12/08/08 and waited until Xmas day to open. Well 1st the coil even with the rubber washers & a hard tightening it flips and flops no way to fix this. I called whites and was told that maybe the mold for coil was not precise, THEN I took it out after new years to test, well I have big fingers & had to use needle nose pliers to get the coil cord plugged in like the manual states, this is another bad design that and the unit is cheap plastic and not metal is no help either.

NEXT as I did a full 80 plus hours of detecting beach, will rogers and vencie beaches plus parks, carnival grounds I came up with (if my count is correct) even with using DISC as per instructions and SENS over 637 $0.50 icon errors, not counting a dime was a penny nickel a dime quarter became old bottle caps etc, well I will be sending this back to whites this coming friday 02 06 2009 the old lemon saying is right also on the $0.50 error each time I had to raise the 6T up about 4 feet off the ground so it would finally clear the screen, the pin point needs more space as the all metal is right below it together and trying to cancel all metal was a chore which was best cleared by pulling the battery pac out, also on/off switch the OFF worked maybe 3 out of 8 times so I just pulled the battery pac out each time this 6T is NOT what white's electronics is all about.

I started using a whites S-63 over 40 yers ago and many in between the years, so I feel I have a little experience, I also took the 6T up to Big Bear Ca, and the same thing, I spent 2 days and no good finds either... so Ken Jr had better get his butt in gear and Fix my 6T quick..

Overall Rating 1 star


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