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Whites TDI pulse.. you must have patience

January 17, 2010
I purchesed my TDI a year ago and this was my first detector, I did alot of research and I wanted one that I could use for finding gold nuggets and 2 use on the beach as well. I wanted one as well that I did not worry about wanting to upgrade later.

After I got it I must of found more junk and dug many holes between 2 to 3 feet deeb to only get a nail, wire,ect.. I went 4 months with no real finds (Gold nuggets) I became so upset out in the desert that I was tempted to toss it off the hillside I was on.. I contact and talked with Jim Sierra for over an hour and he schooked me on how to use it. well I'm hear to tell ya this TDI really works well once you learn how to use it and what to listen for.

I have found 4 penny weight gold nuggets along with many coins relics and even a 100 dollar poker chip both in the desert and here in Wash state. You must learn to listen to the weees and the whooos and what it means by the way you set it up.. Im very happy with it and the most amazing thing is the last time out there were other folks out using their detectors on the beach and shooting for nuggets and theirs did not even send a signal and I followed behind and found the largest nugget about 2 feet down...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's TDI- White in Black Monster-Gold detector

October 27, 2009
My review of WHHITE's Pulse scan TDI pulse induction detector. I call it White in Black Monster.
It's USA White's top PI(pulse induction metal detector) build for main purpose as GOLD detector with conductivity discrimination abilities, also be able hunt coins and relics to easy recognize Iron from more valuable metals. Discrimination works perfect in any soil doesn't matter if object is big or small and also in any depth which coil can reach. And is DEEP.High conductivity metals(iron types-low sound) Low conductivity metals(gold etc-high sound).
It is only Pulse Induction detector in the world made today which is able to do discrimination in bigger scale when you combine pulse (microseconds) and ground balance
settings dial. There is a lot to experiment and learn from Field manual supplied with Operational manual and get much,much more of it by your experimenting.
Is working on the same principles as famous Australian made Minelab's SD 2000/2100/2200 series-GP Extreme,3000GP,3500GP,4000GPX,4500GPX gold detectors with some technical differences.
Another things are that you not need to be worry about HOT ROCKS at all.
This detector is ignoring hot rocks and not only that, you will pickup nugget sound under Hot Rock with no problem the same as it was in normal soil
as I did.(0.2 gram will be hard but is possible,but anything as 0.5 gramm up has good sound. You do not to be worry even in areas where for example hot rocks are so many that
is impossible to hunt with other detectors at all. Now I love those areas,because they been deserted. I mixed myself on one trip with Minelab user 3500/4500. He has been worry
about hot rocks in that clean area so much he better was hunting mine tailings.
I pretend I do not like that area also,reason hot rocks,but I never understood fully. So when he was away I pull out my VLF currently made very good one (Garrett)
I swung coil and I understood immediately. In some spots sounded in earphones as MACHINE GUN continuously.
YES- this detector is proven GOLD finder in hardest Western Australian environment in the fields cleaned and wipeout by Minelab's for decade or more.
Those tenements free for public now (BLUE or BLACK) were crossed many times by Minelab's owners and tenement's holders.
Maybe I was lucky, or detector as White's TDI with different parameters managed find what other detectors left out.

I have it 6 month and I was on the beach also,this detector doesn't care if sand is wet,dry,salty not salty or is it too salty. It is quiet the same as on or normal soil and
is deep.
Tried also on lake Austin (very,very salty) and too many,many HOT ROCKS, no problem at all.
I didn't bend one time,while Minelab owners got sored back.
Minelab was on my mind before I bought this one, now I am not concern to pay unrealistic prices as you see those ridiculous prices on eBay auctions some are reaching second
hand prices $8000.00 USD I think is illegal as 4500 is not vintage collectable model but current.
On the other hand people who can afford them are mostly retired couples in Australia, I met many of them, they will find couple 0.2 gram pieces and detector is for sale in new
Everyone I met is finding with GPX's litle pieces of little value so recover cost of detector in their lifetime never happen or ?.
Is different story with TDI, which costs 1/4 of Minelab's GPX4500 and if you buy small 7.5 inch coil (Whites) you'll recover the same also smaler subgram pieces as GP Extreme,3500 which I tested agains it.
And you will pick gold under HOT Rock which you can not do it with GP or GPX detectors if you don't kick out hot rock and only than you discover gold is there. In clean not
contaminated ares by trash,with thousands of HOT ROCKS,you will bend only for GOLD.(100 % true).
My opinion on coils,do not waste money on Coiltek coils( I made mystake and listen advise of some dealer from Alaska on some forum who is by some people recognized maybe more than
should be). Coiltek are Super coils but not for Whites TDI. I bought Coilek Gold Stalker 9x14 mono and I tried others also. They do not harm TDI but they harm your pocket $.

Maybe they work in Alaska in some soils ,but Coiltek coils are working with limitation on TDI.
What Coiltek coils do in some soils when used with TDI? They will dictate to you how to set TDI in that environment. For example if you will set 10 micro seconds and you are
after to chase small gold, with Coiltek coils you will not able do proper ground balance in some soil conditions,unles you set up (pulse)microseconds into different value as
you do not want, you'll be pushed to hunt by coil in different pulse as you wanted,so you will loose ability to hunt small pieces for example.
This will never happen if you USE original Whites TDI coils(small or big) in any invironment.
Whith Whites coils you will be able setup pulse as you want and be able ground balance TDI as smooth as you need to anywhere in any conditions.

Technical stuff.:
Some say is hard to learn. Is not. You need to know glossary for detector use,primarely ones as Treshold,Ground balance etc. Just read manual,
switch on and go.
Manual is bit confusing only for one reason,that Ground balancing ON, what on MANY detectors means Automatic tracking(balancing ON) is actually OFF.
As I see it due this fact whole concept of understanding so simple manual is getting for some people difficult to digest and understand.
So I made my own manual. Just remember:
If you are forced to be on Manual Ground balancing(ground balance switch ON)(conductivity switch in middle) due to high
mineralization,or you want to be able have recognize between metal conductivities-just remember 3, 9, opposite rule, and 6 stays 6.
-meaning : pulse delay dial mark on left, ground balance dial mark on right , pulse delay dial mark on top, ground balance dial mark on 6,
pulse delay dial mark on right, ground balance dial mark on left
- first set Pulse(as desired) left , top or right, after that turn Ground balance dial equal to 3,9,6 rule.
-than move coil up down, towards land on clear spot of any metals, no sounds leave settings all done.
-if high pitch noise when pushing down, adjust ground balance dial slightly right until no sound
-if low pitch noise when pushing down, adjust ground balance dial slightly left until no sound
-treshold as desired to have quiet detector without additional noises.
That is it,you can than switch TDI OFF anytime and just switch On where you finished all stays set up,unless you do not
accidentally touch and turn any buttons.
If you notice that mineralization changed(all the time you are closing down you have high or low noise),just even as you go and walk
turn Ground balance slightly left or right as needed to loose aditional sound and that is it.
Will be ground balanced on the go,no problem. Due to easy switching OFF and not loosing settings battery can last even 2 days hunting.
I was using pointer,so I switched OFF all the time I dig,all the time I rested etc.

Happy hunting-27.Oct.2009(sorry about my english I know is not perfect as second language,but I hope my review will help you + or _ )

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Love this Machine

September 09, 2009
I was just reading one of the other reviews not being able to pickup small nuggets, you can't really air test a PI they pickup targets very well in the ground not in the air. I have had mine almost a year and this puppy does not miss a thing in the GROUND. PIs use the ground to amplify the signal esp in mineralized ground where gold is found, and they completly miss hot rocks.

Also GOLD NUGGETS are rare and hard to find, I have been prospecting for a number of years now and most gold about 99% of all gold is found as flake or flour!! And you have to be in a place where nuggets have been found before, you need to do your home work, the Whites TDI is still an incredable unit, just because someone tells you the TDI won't find small nuggets does not mean it is true, it will but it has to be buried in the ground, it will find 99% of the targets a more expensive PI will find for my money this unit is a best buy....

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Probably not for a newbee..

September 04, 2009
I bought a TDI as my very first machine, I was mostly interested in finding nuggets and got frustrated digging trash at a foot or more. I found it sensitive to all types of metal and was a bit more than I bargained for. One thing I found, it will not pick up very small nuggets, I was also disappointed with that, and brought it to the dealer, and he explained that's the way it was designed. He was very gracious and offered a refund and swap me a GMT with a $50 buy back fee. I took him up on it, and am pleased with the GoldMaster. I like the Iron Id and the auto ground balancing. If Whites could include those along with depth estimation in the TDI I probably wouldn't have traded it in. With practice a person may be able discern the trash by the tones.

If you have lots of time and like to dig, I'm sure it's a great machine for some people, but not for me. Maybe in a year or two I'll be ready to learn the TDI, but I was looking for something a little less advanced.

From my limited experience I'd venture to say it's not a machine for a novice.

Overall Rating 4 stars


I love my TDI

June 04, 2009
This machine works better than any VLF in any ground any time, the TDI is simply amazing it finds targets a VLF will never find in mineralized or nonmineralized ground, if anyone tells you that a VLF works better in nonmineralized ground they have never used one!! I own my TDI and several top of the line VLFs nothing and I mean nothing in the VLF lineup can find a target like a TDI can! I purchased this guy to find nuggets but it works well on everything else, this well enginered machine will amaze you, I consider it a bestbuy and the best metal detector I have ever owned!!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great PI

January 25, 2009
I recently purchased this Whites and have not had much feild time with it but it is very light and sensitive to small targets, no meter just tone ID and ground balance, I primarily purchased it for nuggett shooting and that will be mostly what I try to do with it, with this unit I should also find lots of trash, but thats ok this PI should find everything esp in my highly mineralized soil where my VLFS loose lots of depth and ability to ID targets correctly, thats where this PI really shines!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 22, 2009
This is my first Whites metal detector and my first pulse induction unit so far there is not much info on this unit but it does detect very deep and if your a gold prospector this is your unit for nuggett shooting, it is less expensive than some of the other units on the market, it is very light, and farly easy to learn to use, also minelab SD and GP search coils are compadable with this detector, it is an all dig detector but that is the way I run most of my VLF units.

I don't like to miss targets, this thing is fun to use, some people find the battery lights distracting but I do not, it is a ground balancing PI so it handles difficut ground pretty well and it is fairly immune to outside electrical interference. All in all a pretty good PI detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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