Minelab Xterra 705

Minelab Xterra 705 Price: $900
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.47
Based on 19 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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Best detector out there!!!

July 24, 2017
Been using it with a 10.5 DD 7.5 coil hits sinver at 10 inches in hi mineralized soil! In normal soil with sens maxed will hit 15 inches easy with this coil.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 15 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!


April 19, 2017
I have a Whites MXT Pro and I love that detector. I bought a Minelab 705 as a backup. I think the 705 is equivalent to the MXT Pro but actually much more solid on a detection. With the whites MXT often I'm not 100 percent sure its not a false signal But 705 I'm 100 percent sure. Love the Minelab 705 5 star. Minelab Go Find. = Shame on you Minelab... Trash

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 10 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Best all around detector!

August 27, 2014
It took me a couple years of trying several style detector to finally find "the one". Only thing this detector is missing is submersible waterproof and that is a niche market. The stock 9" performance is on par with an Omega or G2. The 10.5" 7.5khz coil is about 50 percent deeper! Auto noise cancel to choose least affect frequency is wonderful. No more guessing. V-flex makes a huge different in EMI resistance.
I was skeptical but the difference is night and day on the middle and lower frequencies vs other units I've had like the V3i, Omega, F2, Eurotek Pro, Delta. Light weight, many coils, many tones, simple but valuable options, and high build quality. What else do you need?

I no longer feel the itch to upgrade. Buried depth: 7" quarter, 24 sens, 6" 18.75khz coil 8" quarter, 24 sens, stock 7.5khz coil 10" quarter 24 sens, 10.5" 7.5khz coil 12" quarter 24 sens, 15" 3khz coil.

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Can't beat the x-terra 705

February 04, 2013
I have owned many detectors and I hunt for both coins and jewelry as well as gold nuggets. This detector is as sensitive as a Gold bug 2 and eureka gold, and it will find gold deeper than those two detectors.

It will do some pretty amazing things to find your good targets if you learn your detector and dig all those iffy signals you are not sure about until you learn what it is telling you. Any person that has bought one and then resold it to buy another detector because they say it is no better than a cheap detector is lacking in patience and they are expecting what no detector can do.

If you want a detector that will keep up with the top dogs with finding gold nuggets (VLF detectors) and also one that will keep up with the higher end coin detectors, then this 705 is the detector you want. It is a detector, that once you learn it well, you will never want to part with it. Its that good.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Minelab 705

October 22, 2012
I purchased the 705 as an upgrade to my Ace 250. Dealer recommended the Gold Pack as it came with the 10x5 18khz DD coil. The 705 has nice tones, easy menus and is very light weight.

I've been detecting since 1972 and was proud to own the 705.. .. however the "aha moment" never arrived. In discriminate mode it was no better than my Ace 250, depth or target ID.

Although my Ace has the 5x8 dd coil shouldn't a $729 detector beat a $279 unit? Some may say "run the 705 in all metal with 2 tones" Yea it will go deeper then but who wants to run all metal with bouncing tones and numbers? Very tiring on the eyes.

Sent the 705 back and will stay with my Ace 250 until I decide. Perhaps the Tesoro Outlaw?

Minelab club? I quit.

Overall Rating 1 star


Review x terra 705

April 15, 2012
I am a brand new metal detectorist and recently bougth the Minelab X Terra 705. Before buying I did lots of research and discussed with my local club in St Neots, and Joan Allen a supplier in England who were brilliant.
The general advice I received from the club was buy second-hand for your first machine and a really good starter machine is the Laser Hawkeye.
However, I liked the X Terra as I thought was a machine that I could grow into and it seemed quite modern in terms of its digital approach with pre-set discrimination patterns, numerical readings for types of metal and many automatic features such as ground balancing and noise cancel. Yes I'm a sucker for gadgets in cars as well.

I struggled between buying the 505 and the 705 and in the end I bought the 705.
What have I learnt?
It's not as simple machine as I thought and as I'm getting used to it. Also the numbers from targets can jump around, but if you get lost you can reset and just use the pre-set patterns. Nonetheless, the Minelab site is fabulous and you tube with Kevin Hoagland has fantastic tutorials.
Buy a good small shovel, I've broken several tools over the last 3 weeks! And in the end the Screwfix Roughneck Micro Shaft Round Point Shovel did the trick within budget.

Err it's a very, very muddy hobby, the mud gets everywhere and I am in danger scratching the control box. Must get a cover for it ASAP, but mustn't let wife know, she may not be too happy if I spend any more money! Why doesn't Minelab supply one as standard?
I have had the machine for three weeks and dug lots of holes in my garden, it's a learning curve and I now hate aluminium foil with a vengeance. Also, I never knew there was so much iron in the ground, its everywhere, even in stones! However, the discrimination patterns are brilliant on the 705 and once you set them the machine goes silent as you go over iron so you know its there if you feel like you want to dig you can.
On our first proper outing this weekend my son and I were kindly allowed by a local small-holder to detect on their land. ~ Initially we did everything with all metal, in the pig area, we didn't miss one lump of iron or iron ore and are a bit smellier to boot, but we had fun. Then as the afternoon caught up with us we became ruthless, set the discrimination pattern on 2 and bingo, Small hammered silver medieval coin, then an 18th Century crotal bell and then a corroded copper penny and they ranged from 3 to 8 inches down.
Once you do your research and learning it a brilliant machine, it clearly finds stuff. But one thing I have struggled with is pinpointing, I dig where it tells me to and the target may be a few inches away and I don't want to do damage to the people who have let me use their land. However, in hindsight with my limited budget I now know I needed a good pinpointer such as the Garret and with what I now know I might have gone for the 505 with a separate pinpointer.
However, everyone in the family knows what's on my Christmas list and after my first outing I have learned lots of stuff about crotal bells, I have also spent the weekend researching silver hammered coins and just emailed photos of my very proud find to the finds liaison officer. What a brilliant weekend, thank you Minelab.

Overall Rating 4 stars



March 06, 2012
I have had this detector for about a year now, when I first got it I found it a little hard to get used to, I was used to a ace 250 turn on and go. Then I just decided to use only the 705, and wow what a difference. Change the threshold crank up the sensitivity go all metal when you can and the tokens, coins, and over 23 rings just come out of the ground. A high 42 bouncing signal has been leading me to old burn holes at a old railroad site which has lead to many bottles a gold and silver pocket watch and lots of relics. Its a great detector learn to use it you wont be disappointed.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Exterra 705

January 11, 2012
I got this detector about Six weeks ago and have not been able to go out more than Seven or Eight times because of the weather. Its easily usable out of the box using its pre set Modes/Programs... As you learn this MD, everything can be manually changed to better fit your needs.
The Three frequencies That are changed by the search coils and all of the different coils available provide even more specializing of the MD to the given conditions of whatever site you are detecting at any given time. The Coils are not Cheap, but then you are not buying them Daily. Minelabs Site and Tutorial videos are very helpful, as is the E-Book by Randy(Digger) Horton... Mine has never Chattered or shown a false target, if its shows a target there is one under the coil somewhere. The two mode pinpointing having a sizing Mode option is a big plus. The more I use and learn this MD the more I like it. I think you would have to pay a "Lot More" just to get a Little More MD than the Minelab 705!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


X-Terra 705

January 02, 2012
IMO the 705 is a winner! It is a capable and versatile machine, that can run with bigger dogs.

With everything adjustable, and with it's automatic options, anyone can get going with it in short order. The free e-book written by Randy Horton, "Understanding Your X-Terra" is available on the MineLab website, and will help cut the learning curve an incredible amount.

The ability to change frequencies by swapping coils allows you to tailor your machine to the conditions and targets that you're seeking. The HF coil (18.75kHz) is excellent in highly mineralized soil, and will find small gold and fine jewelery easily. The LF coil (3kHz) is a coin and relic killer, that has produced Mercury head dimes (at) 10" for me in moderate soil conditions. Unless you go with the "Gold Pack", it comes stock with the MF coil (7.5kHz), which is a good all around coil, making it a good one for first visits to new sites where soil conditions are unknown.

It has All Metal, Coin and Relic, Prospector, and Beach modes. In coin and beach modes, you have the ability to discriminate, and in prospector mode, you have adjustable Iron Mask.

In all metal and coin modes, I usually run multi tones. In those modes, each of the 28 target segments have their own tone. Of course, you can also choose to run fewer tones if it suits you.

Ground balancing can be done either manually or automatically. And there is a tracking option, which is times faster and more accurate than manual adjustment. If your soil conditions vary within the area being hunted, the tracking feature is invaluable. However, in Beach mode it is not recommended
The 705 also has a Ground Balance Offset option, which you may find handy once you have learned the machine and have an understanding of what it can do for you.

Noise Cancel Channel can also be done manually or automatically. With five channels to choose from, detecting around EMI emitters or other detectors isn't usually a problem.

To this point, the only beef that I have, is that MineLab has yet to turn loose a 3kHz DD coil. When one becomes available, I'll be on it like stink!

To sum it all up....I'll ALWAYS have an X-Terra in the stable. It's too good to ever part with, regardless of whatever other specialty machine I may have.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A five star machine

November 30, 2011
This is my third detector, my first two were Tesoros (silver sable and cibola) both were fantastic first detectors, but after a year I decided to go the next level and get a metered unit. I tested a whole bunch of them at kellycodtetectors while on holidays, and finally opted for the x-terra 705.
The main reasons that it is very straight forward to operate and it is light!!! You can go for ten hours straight no problem.

I have used it for three months now and am extremely happy. Going through the setting couldn't be easier, and even in the field you can navigate throught the menu in seconds. It goes very deep, and the target ID is spot on.
They told me battery life is around ten hours - I disagree I get way more out of it. They seem to last forever. It has a backlit screen which is great in winter time when it gets dark only. Pity it's not dimmeable it's quite bright.
Pinpointing is quite accurate - although I must say the cibola was slightly better with pinpointing - but maybe it's just down to practice. Ground balancing is also very easy. Just find a spot with no signal and bob it up and down about a dozen times - it beeps to tell you you're done. You then activate ground tracking so it stays balanced.

The other great thing is the multi tone ID. I just use four - but it means I can leave it on all metal at all times. Iron gives a very low beep which is not at all annoying. There are lots of other features but I haven't had the need to use them. The only very minor gripe I have about this detector is that when you hold it, it feels slightly out of balance (compared to the cibola anyway) but like I said it's only a very minor issue and it could be just me!

I've got the stock coil 7. 5hz 9" and just ordered a high frequency coil. But the stock coil finds it all - including cut hammered coins. I think for me it's the perfect detector. There's probably better ones out there, but you'll need a college degree to operate them - this thing is easy, light, and not too pricey. Try it and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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