Teknetics Delta 4000

Price: $280
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.63
Based on 19 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.91
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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Delta 4000

May 21, 2013
I just bought the delta today tried it out in a park and in an hour found 1 quarter, 1 dime, 10 pennies, and a 1929 street car token. The token was down about 7 inches, not bad for a dime size token. I been used to my old turn on and go Whites classic II but the delta is my new main machine, great unit for the price.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 7 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

Good for the price

September 28, 2012
First off if you have bought two 4000 and neither one works, its a human error and you should just give up md. I bought one for my son and its a great machine with good depth and mostly accurate readings. I use the fisher f5 and sometimes pull out the delta to use just for the heck of it.

The bad part is the auto gb cause some soils it has a hard time despite coil type. This unit does awesome on the soft sand on the beach in all metal mode sensitivity at 10, and does OK on the wet sand with a few adjustments but less depth. I like the unit but I think the t2 is better but a little more pricey.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Great Bang for your Buck

September 26, 2012
I bought a new Garrett Ace 350 and hated it!! I managed to trade it for a brand new Teknetics Delta 4000. What a difference!!! The Delta 4000 is going to be my first of many Teknetics machines. I love this detector. My first time out I went to a local park which I had already done with my Garrett. In just 1 hour I found 15 clad coins. This is 15 coins that my Garrett missed just weeks earlier. I can't brag this machine up enough for the price.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Teknetics delta 4000

June 25, 2012
For awhile now I have been wanting a metal detector. I looked online and always saw That Teknetics was a top choice and that it was better than a garret ace 250.
My first day I had it I looked in my backyard for just like 30 minutes since the sun was going down and found 15 cents. The next day I went to the park and was looking still learning the sounds and what not. I went to to one area and it went off and read as a mid number I started to dig may be a inch and found a gold bracelet. I sold the gold for 66 dollars the same day.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Love it.......

May 17, 2012
Great machine for the money. All I could find in the beginning was junk and zinkins. But once you learn what it is telling you you get better at it. Vdi numbers are usually accurate. If the vdi jumps around it is either junk or multiple targets the tone helps in this matter.
I have also used it in wet salt sand. Notch out iron and foil sometimes nickel and lower sensitivity down to from 4 to 6 and still get good depth.
Speaking of depth and contrary to other things I have read. I have found penny's and dimes as deep as 9" Quarter's at 13" even in dry soil and dry sand. Periodically it will be fooled by a rusty screw or beer bottle cap and tell you it is a coin. But so will many of the more expensive machines. In all metal mode these items will appear larger than a coin. Hope this has been helpful.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Delta 4000

April 13, 2012
I purchased this metal detector approximately 2 weeks ago and have found it to be a great detector! I have found lots of coins, a real gold pocket watch, hatchet and I'm new to this hobby.

At first I was kind of lost and digging up a bunch of trash items, but that was before I figured out how to discriminate use sensitivity and notch out all the trash. Now I know most of the tones and when it's a good time to start digging.

I don't care what others say about this detector because I think its a whole lot of detector for the price. I give it 5 easy stars! Thank You Teknetics! airportcop47(at)yahoo. com

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Love it

February 13, 2012
This detector is awesome and easy to use.
1-99 target ID is awesome and it is perfectly balanced and light weight.

Lots of features for not a lot of money.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Teknetics delta 4000

January 20, 2012
Bought a delta 2 weeks ago second hand from regton uk. It was broke when I got it . Wouldent pin point on 8"coil. I also bought the 11" coil that worked OK more or less.
Anyway they sent me a brand new machine. What a joke, the broken one works better than this, no depth on either coil what so ever. The build quality is absolutely disgraceful. I've had 12 detectors high end to low end and this is the worst ever.

Finds coins on first 3"inches. And don't say I've got a bad one I've had two. If it was any good they would buy it back, they offered a pittance against a £400 pound machine what does that tell you. I sold it on ebay last night and lost £80 first time ever, plus I sold the 11"coil with it as well. I bought a minelab soveriegn xs 2 for £200, prob 10 years old. Cant see any teknetics lasting that long. maybe 2 years if your lucky. Stick to uk reveiws only and leave the bounty hunters alone thats all they are fisher teknetics are all bounty hunters. Just crap I've learned my lesson this time and to all you parasites out there be a man and bid the proper way not hide in the back waiting to pounce bye.

Overall Rating 1 star


World class detector for the price , no other comes close.

August 11, 2011
I have had many other brands including, Tesoro, Garrett Ace 250, ect..
First thing you will notice is the light weight, 2.2 pounds.
It's vdi numbers are vey precise, they will really help to ID targets, like coins, just like other detectors some tabs will have the exact same vdi numbers as nickels.

Also with 2 audio jacks , and a volume adj, this helps to keep the tones at a level you can take.

The pinpointing is one of the best and easiest their is, just hit the pinpoint button move coil till you get the highest number on screen, the object will be in the small hole in the center of the coil. And the number you see when you are doing the pinpointing will be a pox depth.

Depth, if you walk the edge of sensitivity this thing is amazing.

You may have heard about emi, or interference around power lines, this is true, but you can turn down the sensitivity down and in most all cases you will be fine.

The swing speed is just about the same as the ace, but the delta has much better separation, meaning you will have a better idea if there are two targets closer together.

Also the Delta's response recovery time is much faster than most.

It works great in fresh water, only up to the control box of course.

With the amount of vdi numbers in the iron range it should be great for relic hunting as well, I do not get to do much of that where I live.

The build quality is about the same or better than the ace 250, a lot of them suffer from broken arm plastic holders, at least if you watch any you tube videos on the ace people have them broken, I have heard of anyone breaking the Detla's arm holders.

The screen, well its the largest in it's price range, very visible, a must if you have poor eyes.

Also kind on batteries 20plus hours on one 9v.

All and all one of the top ranked MD's for under 300.00, very under rated device.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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