Tesoro Sand Shark

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Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.25
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.17
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.17
Maximum detection depth

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Sand shark

March 12, 2012
The sand shark Eats up the competition 22k ring at 12in down no BS its the JAWS of the beach all other detectors get out of the water DANGER ALL RINGS ARE MINE 20

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Metal hunter!!!!!!!!

December 28, 2011
I got this unit before moving up from Florida, was told I should trade it in for a vlf unit that I would be digging a lot.well I kept it and I dug, dug, and , dug. I found more gold and silver than anyone in my club this year , do your research and get a pi that can get you deeper than a vlf.
You have to get used to the pi but you can tell if it is junk or the good stuff with practice. I have the 8 " coil.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro Sand Shark Owner

December 05, 2011
This is my second PI machine, my first being a Garrett Infinium which I thought was a great machine but the Sand Shark is Superior in one way as it is very quiet. The Infinium always had a sound off at the end of the swing, no matter how slow it was swung.

On a PI machine using mostly in wet sand and in water you dig everything anyway so there is no need for discrimination.

I have dug a medium pocket knife at 2ft deep, this seems untrue but entirely possible. The response when detected was very audible.

The nice thing with a PI machine such as the Sand Shark if you get a signal keep digging there is a target there, just keep going until you reach it.

Highly recommend this unit, and I have thirty five years in metal detecting.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simply the best.

May 19, 2011
I've been using the Tesoro Sand Shark for nearly a year now. It is hands down the best salt water machine on the market. From Jan 1 2011 until now, May 19 2011, I have found 105 rings. (26 gold, 35 silver, 44 junk). That does not include the 3 gold necklaces, or the multitudes of silver necklaces and bracelets found, nor the droves of earrings, both gold and silver.

I hunt typically 4 days per week. Many of my hunting pals use the excal. The Tesoro Sand Shark outperforms them with regularity. It is deeper than the Excal, even with the 8" coil.

It is super sensitive and does find the small gold that the excal, and most of the rest, can't.

There is no discrimination on this machine. It is a straight PI machine. You will dig trash and iron. Just like the rest do. Excal will null on iron which is nice, but now that the Bobbi pins are made of non-iron material, that feature is now worthless.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Get this unit. You'll not be disappointed and you'll have the finest PI machine on the market.

Did I mention the lifetime warranty? LIFETIME!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro "Sand Shark" detector

March 11, 2009
Did my research. I wanted and needed a detector that can scan in and around water and marsh. I live within an area that's strewn with debris. Besides the long-gone residents (of the 1800's), the major hurricane of 1938 destroyed and swept many Victorian homes...and that debris is scattered and buried on my lot. The Tesoro Sand Shark was THE unit! Within several hours after receiving it and reading-up, I put it to work. In five minutes...it found a perfect engraved cast iron (1800's) stove vent, 40' from my back door. It was a beginning. Within an hour, I discovered another batch of very old items, from cast iron to stamped metal. There's much to learn, but if this is my first experience, I'm convinced that I made the perfect choice. Combined with my boat and so many places to explore, this Tesoro and I are going to have a "very good time!+!"

Get one!

A suggestion to the seller:
Put a sticker in with each sold unit [with their printed business name, web site, and particulars.] When on-lookers see me finding valuables, their going to ask questions(?) Turn the Tesoro over...show them the sticker. This is where you can get yours!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 16, 2009
This machine is great, it takes a little time to learn it, but is almost as deep as an excalibur. Hairpins will make a double blip sound so you dont have to worry about them. I love my sand shark, and after 2-3 months of using it I have found two 14k gold rings! Get it!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Sand shark

January 15, 2008
This is my first year of detecting. Even though I got my sand shark at the end of April 07 I never really started to use it until 9/25/07 because I was doing the easy work of dry sand detecting with my cibola. Since I did not find hardly anything of real value with my cibola in dry sand I finally started water detecting.
As I detect in NY + NJ the real water detecting period is from June through the beginning of sept. yet, despite starting my salt water detecting on 9/25 I have done fairly good during this ?off season.? My experience with the sand shark is all positive. It has fine depth, is easy enough to pinpoint with, and has very good battery life.
4/28/07 - 2.2g silver earing (lake) cibola
5/7/07 - 6.5g 14k ring - 15point diamond (salt) cibola
7/9/07 - .9g 14k ring (dry beach sand) cibola
7/27/07 - 1.1g 10k ring zircon - 2tiny diamonds (dry beach sand) cibola
9/25/07 - 6.5g 14k ring - 6small diamonds (salt) shark
9/26/07 - 18.4g 14k bracelet (salt) shark
9/26/07 - 3.2g silver ring (salt) shark
9/26/07 - .9g 14k earing (salt) shark
10/6/07 - 1.7g 14k ring (salt) shark
10/6/07 - .7g 10k earing (lake) shark
10/7/07 - 1.6g silver earing (lake) shark
10/7/07 - 1.7g silver earing (lake) shark
10/14/07 - 7.3g stainless ring (salt) shark
10/15/07 - 2.3g 10k ring (salt) shark
10/19/07 - 7.6g 10k ring 10diamonds-3points each=30points (salt) shark
10/21/07 - 17g little guy silver (salt) shark
10/29/07 - 10.6g silver spinner ring (salt) shark
11/4 /07 - 2.1g 14 k œ ct diamond ring (salt) shark
11/23/07 - 15.6g silver + gold ring (salt) shark

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Sand Shark RULES! Best PI detector out there!

March 10, 2007
I've owned a Surfmaster PI from Whites and I must say the Tesoro Sand Shark is superior in every way.

I bought a PI detector because of the badly mineralized beaches in my neck of the woods. I tried using my buddy's M6, which supposedly handles mineralization well, but I could not get a readable signal with it. I knew the only detector that would work would be a PI.
I bought a Surfmaster and had some success with it. I was finding coins at about the 3-4 inch range. I found one silver ring at about 5 inches once. However, I didn't like the balance of it. I decided to try out the Sand Shark and it was the best decision I've made in a long time.
The Sand Shark is the first PI detector with microcircuit technology. No more "timing" the detector over the ground and missing target spots. The Sand Shark remains constant during the entire sweeping process. Best of all... it's DEEP! I consistently find treasure at 8 inches and deeper. I found a gold ring at about 11 or 12 inches! No BS (I actually measured it.) In badly mineralized soil, this kind of depth is incredible.

The Lifetime warranty is also a BIG plus for the Sand Shark. The Surfmaster only had a 2 year warranty from Whites. Tesoro really stands by their products. I'm very happy with the Sand Shark. I couldn't recommend it more if you are looking for a straight up beach hunter.

If you plan on doing a mix of land and beach hunting, check out the Tiger Shark. It gets good depth on the beach as well, but the Sand Shark outperforms it because it is more specialized.

Thank you Tesoro!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Very good

December 26, 2006
On 2004 I bought a Sand Shark for hunting on beaches, here in Italy. I was quite satisfied with it. After a friend of mine convinced me to sell it for another machine...Well last week I bought another SAnd Shark!!!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Awsome machine

July 12, 2006
i bought the sand shark in july 2006 and i am very satisfied with the sand shark. I have made three trips to local fresh water beaches in indiana and found over $25.00 in clad two silver rings and a nice silver cross. the depth on some of the coins were over 6 to 8 inches in wet sand. the vco pinpoint is very acurate and makes it easy to locate your targets. good luck to all...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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