Fisher 1236 x2

Price: $400
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.79
Based on 24 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.75
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.75
Maximum detection depth

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Fisher 1236 X-2 Best Fisher of all time in trash!

May 07, 2009
The title says it all about this one. The 1236 Is the best fisher you can use in trash. Especially if you are hunting in iron trash. Leave it in iron disc mode and go get the goodies. It loves it all from silver to gold I use it for relic hunting in iron infested sites with the 5 inch coil its amazing what it picks out of the iron that other machines that cost 3 times as much miss. I like to keep the silencer off for the machine to be able to see the masked targets and in the open fields the deep targets will bleed through over the ground noise sputters.

Silencer on acts like all other conventional detectors on the market eliminating the spits and sputters of discriminated targets and ground noise.

Silencer off lets you hear the discriminated out targets as spits and sputters but lets it peek through and see the other targets that are usually masked. Also let's the ground noise bleed through but also hear the target in the ground noise. This is very useful in unmasking targets that other machines cover up or blank out. This is why it runs so good without a ground balance adjustment since ground balance is a form of discrimination that will cancel the ground but also cancel the target in the ground if its low conductor items. When you hear the ground matrix noise as simple spits and sputters the good target can bleed in and alert you it's time to dig.

One thing I've found of importance with the 1236 is it works best audio wise with low ohms headphones not the costly high ohms types but the regular fisher phone type. I actually built my own with the fisher speakers out of the cheap headphones and put them inside a set of high dollar headphones. Its because of the fisher engineers designing the 1236 to have a 400 hz audio. the low ohms replicate that better than the high ohms for some reason?

Also a very easy machine to master that will produce straight out of the box.

My all time favorite fisher and possible my all time favorite detector.

P.s If you hunt wet salt beaches it works great at that also.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I'm still waiting for UPS

December 09, 2008
I'm basing my judgment on the experience of the experienced. First, off the really bad review goes with the simple fact that they guy who wrote it must not have read the User Manual. There is a Silencer Mode, and if you're not using it, those clicks and pops help to identify how much trash or how mineralized the soil is. The clicks and pops and static that were mentioned are a valid function of the device working properly. If you are looking for Relics, you will almost always hear those clicks and pops. It also comes with a volume knob.

It's the only Metal Detector that retains a 4.5 Star Rating or higher in almost all of it's reviews. I won't take anyone's review into account unless, they have several years of experience with metal detectors, and or been to competitions. Even in Professional Circles, out of having read Reviews that are only Reviews without any marketers or sales taking place from that given site, have found that this is probably the best Analog metal detector you can buy. I've even found bootleg schematics, pictures of the circuit boards and looked over those.

The clicks, pops and static are suppose to be there, and they give you information that you need about how you should adjust your knobs to weed out anything you don't want, and they won't go away when you are searching relics. Most of it has to do with trash and soil. But, none of that is a malfunction, and for no reason would it ever need to be fixed when you didn't read the instructions and static seemed to be the problem.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 01, 2008
Here we go again. Another fisher metal that is junk (Just a name) no quality control anymore.
Recived my fisher 1236x2 one week ago went to test it out in my back yard could not turn sens knob past 4 have tried everything it keept chadering away and full of staict even when it was pointed stright in the air. Called Kellyco where I got it from they trid everthing over the phone still full of static. Sent it back they sent a new one to me SAMETHING FULL OF STATIC ABOVE #4 SENSITIVITY IN THE HOUSE OR STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR OUTSIDE. I'll just sell it on EBAY AND LET SOMEBODY ELSE DEAL WITH IT.

Overall Rating 1 star


The Quiet One - Does What It Says

October 28, 2007
I have just finished field testing my new Fisher and the machine works well. The unit is constructed with quality materials and the gold anodized shaft looks nice. Batteries were already installed in the machine. These were the cheap budget batteries and I promptly removed them and put premium, name brand alkalines in. Cheaper batteries are fatter and make it more difficult to remove them when needed.
This particular outing took place on a freshwater beach, an area known for alot of boaters and picknickers. The lake level was down about 6 feet due to extreme drought conditions. I thought it would be a good place to shake down the metal detector. I turned the sensitivity up to a maximum of 10 with not much falsing. This particular unit has a silencer switch to quiet down the pop and clicks since it is so sensitive, but I didn't need to use it this time. When air testing this machine before going out I found that it does not do as good a job of knocking out iron as my Bounty Hunter or White's. I has a stutter signal on iron but the signal is stronger than my Bounty Hunter Tracker. My White's Classic SL all but completely runs silent over iron unless I switch to "All Metal". I could see this feature fooling me into digging large iron on some occasions.
I knew going in there would be alot of trash. I dug up several soda can tops, pull tabs, and a lone sardine can along with some foil. These types of items will fool any machine and it comes with the territory. All of these junk items were collected and thrown away after the hunt. At the end of the hunt I managed to come away with a few pieces of clad coins, some lead sinkers, and a bullet that was completely mushroomed. It looked as if someone stood on the shore and fired a shot right into the beach. Due to time constraints I didn't hunt the entire beach area so I will be back. This unit really likes coins and gives off a strong tone on them. The deepest target I removed was the bullet, and it was down about 7 inches.
Overall the machine performed well. For me less is more when using a metal detector. There is no target i.d. or depth reading, but in my opinion they are not needed. The most important features a person should be looking for in a metal detector should be comfort, good discrimination, and good depth. If a machine has good discrimination then target id takes a backseat. If you want to know how deep a target is, then raise the coil up higher-if you are still getting a good signal then the target is shallow. If you lose the signal then the target is deeper. All of this can be done without even looking at a display screen. Display screens are a nice feature but I find them to be a distraction.
I give this metal detector 4 stars due to the average ability to discriminate out iron targets. Happy Hunting!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher 1236x the Giant Killer

December 19, 2006
The Fisher 1236x is a detector without all the bells and whistles,but will out perform most units period,reguardless of cost.I have gone over area's that I've hit hard with many other detectors and found silver coins.Even in my coin garden it breezes through with a five inch coil that most other detectors struggles or fails to detect the deeper targets with an eight inch search coil.The sensitivity turned to the threshold may be the secret to this outstanding performance.This unit is light well balanced and can even be belt mounted.The pinpointing is great,with the increased in pitch and the oversize button.This Fisher is a top quality product that just works well for the seasoned hunter or the beginner.I would give this detector a 6 but only 5 stars is allowed.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Battery compartment/removing the battaeries

October 07, 2006
This is my first detector so a complete evaluation is still pending, but so far in a few weeks that I have been using the 1236x2. My only complaint is when it was time to change the batteries on the field, 2, 9-volt batteries they would not come out. I had to bang the unit a few times before one of them came out enough for me to grab it and pull it out, the other battery was a no show I had to remove the control box and with a small nail filer wedge it out till it came out, the batteries were still cold so they did not expand,
I could only imagine if the batteries were warm from heavy use. it would be a nightmare to remove, for this I gave this unit a 4 star. But a great starter detector, if anyone have a better idea how to remove the batteries in a hurry please e-mail me. WO2E@NETZERO.NET. Thanks,

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher 1236-X2 Great coin mechine

February 11, 2006
Almost a year now since I brough my 1236-X2 and can't be happer it's a great coin mechine since it uses a very low transmit frequency of 5.7 which makes it sensitive to copper and sliver also because of the low frequency it will go deep. The Silencer works great in them trashy and mineralized places where with some mechines you get alot of pops and clicks but with this mechine with the Silencer on those are gone. VCO pinpointing is dead on target will alway be center of the coil it's abit loud but something you get use to. Over all a killer mechine to have.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher 1236-X2; well satisfied

December 25, 2005
I've used this one for about two years, and I have to say I'm well satisfied. Playgrounds and old home sites have been fruitful, and it works as designed. For the money spent, a good value.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great For Newbies Too

September 03, 2005
In my 50's thought of getting a detector since I'm a kid. Bought a used 1236-X2 on eBay two years ago. Sat in the box till last week. Just spent a week in Wildwood NJ and finally used it. I'm HOOKED! This thing is great. Easy to use & works like a charm. My son and I only did two 2-hour sessions on the beach with it and found a pocket full of coins, one ring, and one earring. I can't wait till I know what I'm doing. It can only get better. I left everything right on the defacto settings and just used the PinPoint function from time to time. One last thing... I've got a terribly bad back and have trouble bending. My son did all of the digging for me, but I had no problem holding the unit for hours on end.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Seated Half on first trip

June 05, 2005
I bought a 1236X2 to use as a Ghost Towner. First time out i took it to a ghost Town one room school site infested with square nails. I had been over this spot dozens of times with my CZ-5. I got a good repeatable signal in the nails and along with 4 nails out poped my first Seated half. I'm hooked on this little baby. I was using a dicontinued 6X10 Eliptical Coil. Good coil if you can find one.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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