Fisher CZ 70 Pro

Fisher CZ 70 Pro Price: $900
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.62
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
Maximum detection depth

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Update from 2011 review

June 19, 2015
Posted as CB in 2011. Still a good detector (long since sold) but only if you can find one cheap. I got one for 200 on CL. Would I do it again. Yes. Would I spend over say 300 for one. Never. Unless I'm rolling in cash and I want it for nostalgic reasons. Why? Technology is getting better in MD's rapidly the past ten years since minelab mainly (and fisher somewhat)is stepping up the game. Garrett... At pro is OK but the depth is about the same on ace 350. The at pro is a modified waterproof 350 for 300 more btw.

ANYWAY. Anyone that says they have the best (deep seeking) detector from back in the day and says things like "I'll follow behind you and get the goodies you left" is just blowing hot air. They are just trying to sell their old model to upgrade to something that does actually go deeper and have a fresh warranty.

The cz pro has some depth I will give it that. 11 inches on a qtr in ideal soil conditions for me in PA. Can it hold a candle to an e trac or an f75? No. Just stop with the BS guys. You can follow behind me and get all the deep iron if you'd like but that is all you will be getting. I've put many hours on the machine and since I've already sold it for what I paid ($200) I'm not here to swindle anyone.

Like I said if you can find one for cheap snap it up. Its not complicated and you'll make some great finds. If you been around the block in the hobby though and want to get into an older "legendary" CZ thinking its going to beat a $1000 plus machine... Its not happening. Even if your Nasa Tom.
If you want depth save up and go high end. Cough cough minelab. Cough cough. I bashed them before I got one like everyone else. Now. There is no looking back. I joined the minelab zombies ahhhh dig dig ahhhh errrr. And here comes the thumbs down from people trying to sell off old stock. People not willing to take the next step and spend some real money on what an actual depth demon is hahaha.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 11 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 4 stars
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 4 stars
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

One week with the CZ-70 pro

September 20, 2011
I'm 28 yo so take my opinion with a grain of whatever you'd like.

Pros - Feels sturdy, splash proof, DEPTH, depth, Depth, best nickel finder, has a backlight (Night hunters rejoice). 4 tones!
low, medium, high and medium high for old coins and relics.
Found a 1894 10 centisimo bronze coin about ten inches down for example. (locked in the old coins relics tone). Has a all metal autotune mode that goes deep. Uses two frequencies 5khz and 15 khz instead of just one like most MDS. Has one manual knob for ground balancing or you can just turn on and go. Good ground balancing adds depth so get better at it.

Cons - Depth! Not the best choice for trashy areas. It can be done but you have to slow down. Loves deep deep DEEP rusty nails and will lock in as high coins. Need about 100 hours before you stop digging as many nails (Nails make a longer drawn out tone. Coins usually sound like a zip when pinpointing.) NO VDI.

Bottom line: If you can find one. Buy it. When these were new in the early 2000's these were 1000 bucks. They are workhorses and are depth demons. It is very similar if not identical to the cz-3d as far as depth goes. I don't think the CZ-3d is splashproof/rainproof though. Once you figure out the difference between nails and good targets your on your way. Your always gonna dig rusty nails but with time you'll come home with less and less trash.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 16, 2011
To give it 5 stars I need DD coils (they made some for the M97 !! Its a shame)

You don't dig iron IF YOUR REALLY CONCENTRATE and well ground balanced !!!

I like the 8" coil power, always surprised by its depth..

Overall Rating 4 stars



May 20, 2008
I have had this detector for around 3 years and can honestly say this is the best allround detector. I also use a minelab sovereign and an explorer. The CZ70 goes very deep and is very sensitive to small coins at great depth.

I have used this on beaches and inland with great success. Fishers are famous for liking iron, this one is no different but is easy to discrim. Manual ground balance can be twitchy but when you get used to it it's a doddle and worth learning. I'ts easier to use than my explorer. I sold my XLT and bought the CZ70, thank find rate increased 10 fold even over ground previously searched with the XLT.

My only criticism is that it takes two 9v batteries. This may not be a problem for others. I need to buy rechargeables.... You NEVER see these for sale. WHY?? well that's because we like em. I won't ever sell mine. If you see one buy it, you won't regret it. Good luck in finding one though.....

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great detector

January 30, 2008
I have owned numerous high end detectors, all the major brands. I'm not new to this sport, so I can honestly say this is the best all around detector I have ever used. Buy one if you can find one.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A Shame That The 70 Is Discontinued

July 26, 2007
This digital version of the CZ's is still one of the best detectors around, if you can find one. It does have some shortcomings which don't at all affect the performance. The sensitivity and volume have limited adjustment compared to the analog 's knobs. Some might see this as a hinderance, but the 70 goes deep even with these drawbacks. All CZ's have a reputation for loving deep iron, but with some time in the field, this is an easy problem to solve. Depth is equal to any detector made and it will lock onto a deep coin and if it repeats from all angles get ready to dig a deep coin. I personally don't use the notch, but prefer to hear all the tones and pick out the high, repeatable tones. The 70, along with most all CZ's are bar none the best nickle finders around. The nice feature about these detectors is a nickle will sound off with a high tone, which simpliies coin hunting. Many people shy away from manual ground balancing which the 70 has, but it is relatively easy. Getting a proper ground balance is crucial for the super depth the CZ's are known for. The 70 is built to last and splash proof which is a good feature if you ever get caught any distance from your car or shelter. Great detector that First Texas should spruce up and reintroduce.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A Great All Around Detector

November 10, 2006
In my opinion the Fisher CZ-70 Pro is the best "All Around" detector ever made!

Folks, I've been using Fisher CZ's since 1992...

This detector will go very very deep!

I can use it to hunt the wet salt water surf.

I can also take it relic hunting and or nugget hunting.

I can chest mount the "rain proof" control housing and do some shallow water hunting in lakes or in the ocean with it.

The ID meter is very accurate and if you know where the gold reads out at then you got it made.

Dual Frequency for extreme depth in mineralized soils ( 5 kHz and 15 kHz )

Four Tone Target ID

Lock on 7 categories Target ID

A bright LCD Back Light with a programmable Notch System

Wide Scan Autotune Mode and with the 5" coil I can detect very tiny gold nuggets with it.

Digital Depth Readings

Constant battery monitoring (3 levels of strength)

Two 9 volt drop in batteries

Touch pad controls

Normal/Salt touch pad mode switch

Faint Target Audio Boost

Three Piece Breakdown

Micro-Proccessor controlled

A very comfortable pistol grip S-handle upper rod design

Double Locking Nylon Stems

Manual Ground Balance (single turn potentiometer)

No motion VCO pinpointing

Silent, VLF slow motion search

The ID meter has last settings memory

The CZ-70 Pro is not effected by Hot Rocks in silent search disc. mode!

This detector is almost completely immune to electrical interference. Believe it or not!

This detector luvs nickels...
This detector is the best "nickel gitter" in the business!

With this detector you can discriminate and not lose any depth.

The CZ-70 Pro is the Ultimate Machine!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Cz-70, good and bad..

March 19, 2006
I really like Fisher detectors, but with the cz-70, there is one thing that bothers me a little. With mine, if the soil is EXTREMELY bad, such as in a rockpile, extreme magnetite or pea gravel, it WILL NOT detect a nickel when the discriminate is set to cancel iron, no matter what I do to it. It will find a nickel in all-metal, but not in discriminate. In normal bad, difficult soil it is a very sweet, beautiful machine, but there seems to be a bit too much discrimination built into the pushbutton settings, enough so that in EXTREME bad soil, a nickel reads like iron.

In salt beaches, and good to normal bad soil, it really behaves like a new Mercedes Benz, but not in the utmost poor ground conditions. It has excellent balance, one of the best of all my 15 detectors, but a little less discrimination would have been a better idea when they made it. Other than that, it is perhaps the second best all-around machine I've ever seen. My Compass Scanner (R&C) and my old Compass GoldScanner Pro were the best of the best in this regard, and were also two of the best nugget hunters ever made.
I give the cz-70 somewhere between a 4 and a 5, but closer to a #5

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Clear tone deep disc machine!!!!!!!

November 07, 2005
One thing that is very noticeable on this machine, is that there are no maybe/disc signals. All targets lock squarely in a category with a clear sharp tones, even at depth. Iron disc is much more effective and accurate if you manualy ground balance the unit. The pushbutton method, while good, is not as accurate and lets the iron objects play games.When you disc out a's gone!!! This unit ranks right up there with the best/deepest disc machines, you have got to use it to believe it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


CZ 70 Pro

October 19, 2004
It's my favorite "all around" machine. My 3-D has no depth advantage in my soil conditions that I have noticed(low mineralization). The 70 is accurate and easy to use. I also own a C$ and have owned ExpXS and DFX. the XS was better in heavy iron but doing head to head depth tests on coins the 70 was much deeper. Of all the machines I've listed some may have an edge in one aspect over the 70 but overall the 70 is "best all around"!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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