Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II

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It does the job...

September 12, 2013
Reading reviews is like asking "What's best...Ford or Cadillac." The bare bones truth is that they both are built well and they both do what they're supposed to do. Get you from one place to another.

The same with metal detectors. The luxuries you get in the Caddy cost far more than they're worth. Again.. The same with metal detectors. 9 volts can only generate so much electromagnetic energy around a coil. Doesn't matter if its a Bounty Hunter or a Minelab or the Space Shuttle. 9 volts is 9 volts. I don't know the specifics of the power requirements in the circuitry used in most metal detectors, but I doubt that the systems even use 9 volts. Maybe 5 or 6. But I digress.

The test of quality lies in the machines ability to tell you approximately what it has detected and approximately where it is. Depth is a moot point. Accurate depth interpretation is nearly impossible unless you're using ground penetrating radar, and even this is not accurate to inches.

This is easy to prove on your own terms. Dig a hole and precisely measure 8 inches from the ACTUAL SURFACE of the ground, and plant a quarter there using a ruler. Then scan with the detector and see what it says. It won't be the same. Most depth quotes are deeper than the target really is. In summation... The less expensive detectors have the same capabilities as the high dollar machines, minus leather seats and surround sound.
The secret is learning to interpret your machines voice.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 8 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 5 stars!
Durability 5 stars!
Ease of Use 5 stars!
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

I strongly doubt that you'll be disappointed!

September 10, 2012
First of all, I'm extending what I wrote in my first review to help better indicate some of the things you might experience with this MD. I'm very glad that I bought this detector. I've had it for 3-4 years, and I've spent several 8-hour days on some well-researched sites.

I've found several things of value, and found many more things of high interest due to being old in origin. I'm not going to say this detector is going to get you around digging up numerous nails or pieces of rusted steel and straight to the good stuff, However, I will say you aren't going to miss the coins buried up to 10-inches in depth, if they are there.

Once you have your discrimination knob set correctly for the type of location you're detecting (based on type of soil), the indicator values for quarters, dimes, and pennies are pretty accurate (see below). On the other hand, there is still some difficulty telling nickels apart from foil, bottle caps, and pull-tabs (good luck finding those "buffalo" and "V" nickels).

I really like the several different-pitched tones that this MD has. I feel it saves me a lot of time from looking down at the arrow indicator with each pass over a detected object. This is especially true when the tone changes with each pass over the target--the fact that the MD keeps changes its specified indication lets me know that the item is likely foil or not a coin.

BUY A PINPOINTER! You can get a really good idea of item location by successively making each pass over a detected underground target smaller and smaller with this detector. Even in doing this, I've dug some 10-inch-wide holes, found nothing, yet the MD still says there's something in there. The Pin pointer I have is the "Garrett Pro Pointer". There are Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II packages that come with a Pin pointer, but it's cheesy and not as durable as the Garrett model I mentioned.

DO NOT GET THE COIL WET! I could have sworn that I read the standard coil was sealed and waterproof, so I dunked it in a few inches of water while detecting at the beach. After about an hour of frustration with the newly encountered random false reads, the coil dried and I was back in business. No damage resulted.

When I set my sensitivity knob to approx 75 percent, detection may go as deep as 10-inches and the depth indicator is very accurate for 2-inches and deeper (still for something at 0-to-2 inches it still says "2-inches", but no biggie—the target is likely going to be at most 2-inches deep). With sensitivity set to 100 percent, an indication of "4-inches" is likely found in 6-to-8-inches in actuality. So, with a 100 percent sensitivity setting you had better be walking around with a spade shovel and not some dinky garden shovel.

I HATE SHEET STEEL! I don't know what it's like for other detectors, but sheet steel does not discriminate out of this MD without losing the capability of detecting a lot of decent things (clad coins, mostly). I've detected on several abandoned farm-house sites, and there are always panels of steel sheeting buried underground. The MD gives a high-pitch sound indication and indicates the target as a dime, 50 cent, or 1 $. So, I dig for much disappointment. Don't MD on old farm-house sites, I guess.

Another note, this could be just what's typical of MDing with every other type of detector.
I've decided to try a new detector, but not because this one did not do its job. In fact, this is a great detector! I just want to try something that actually gives a number as an indication of just what I'm detecting underground. I'm purchasing a Minelab X-Terra 305 to see how well that detector works for my site conditions (basically, loaded with sheet steel and garbage), and then I'll write another review on that detector just like I did this one.

The coin identification is accurate when what you've found underground is actually a coin, however, if it's not a coin the indicator may still falsely indicate a coin. To better explain, the options of identification are foil, nickel, "s cap", penny, dime, quarter, 50 cent, 1 $. So, chances are EVERYTHING under the ground will be indicated as some sort of coin or foil. This doesn't help identify the troublesome sheet steel and nails you're bound to come across.
For instance, say the MD detects something indicating it as a penny, dime, or quarter. You can tell whether or not it is that particular coin by how the indicator reacts to each pass over the given underground target. Before digging if the indicator changes from penny to nickel to dime to penny (or it keeps changing what it indicates) with each pass, chances are the item below is not a coin.

To clarify, if you pass over what is actually a penny, dime, or quarter, the indicator will indicate that it is one of these coins and, most of the time, will not change with each successive pass. Also, coins are small. Once you try to pinpoint where the find is located by making your MD swings smaller and smaller, if the target is small and the indicator is indicating just one type of coin, you’re likely going to dig up the coin indicated. I hope that was clear enough.

Also, I will be putting some of my MD sessions on YouTube, in the near future. Look for Gunadigit.

Overall Rating 4 stars


So so i guess

September 05, 2012
Purchased this metal detector late August 2012 was looking for something with features as well as a decent price range I looked at the obvious suspects in the the detector trade and thought they were overpriced for what little you get with them and just as cheap (in quality as the bounty hunter quick draw II)without a pinpointer included.

I spent hours pouring over reviews and countless hours watching people out in the field using metal detectors far outside of my budget and this was a learning experience I recommend people looking for a beginners metal detector to do the same.
I noticed right off the bat that even metal detectors 4 to 5 times the cost of the bounty hunter seemed to have a lot in common with the bounty hunter.
Number 1. the discrimination of the higher priced detectors seems to be as bad as that of the bounty hunter quick draw II.
Number 2. the targets that most of the higher priced detectors give a read out for in coin denomination are usually wrong just like the bounty hunter.
Number 3. the higher priced metal detectors are just as able of finding as much junk if not more than the bounty hunter quick draw II and read out the same wrong target I. D. as the bounty hunter quick draw II.
Number 4. as with every other manufacturer of metal detector they all use the same old excuses as to why your finding junk or getting the wrong I. D. on a target your sensitivity is too high or your setting your discrimination too low it's always the user and not their device in other words.

Those are the cons of this metal detector and in general all metal detectors don't be fooled by fan boy's blowing smoke the video's on youtube speak for themselves, everything I listed above can be had with a $1500. 00+ metal detector as apposed to this $189. 00 combo from bounty hunter (or first Texas products)point blank!
Now the truth this detector can pick up a modern quarter at 8 inches depth I've tested this and its true but once again it will register as a half dollar or a dollar, wheat pennies register as a modern dime as dose a 1976 Eisenhower dollar.
To sum this quick draw II up as with many of the bounty hunter models its lacking First Texas Products is boasting more than one mode for this detector and in reality there's only one "all metal mode" I've yet to see this thing notch anything out that is junk.
On the other hand when its on a target its fairly easy to pinpoint where to dig and the included hand held pinpointer though it feels rather cheapish does its job though it would have been nice if they would have included a holster for it its not like they went out of their way to build a solid metal detector or something like that!
Would I recommend this metal detector well "no" would be my answer in fact I wouldn't recommend any metal detector why?
Well I've had experiences in the 70's and the 80's with them while reading the smoke and mirrors advertisements one might think metal detectors have come a long way and computer circuit boards and LCD screens really doesn't do much for me if there's no accuracy involved.
To date I've found one real penny (copper 1979)and a bunch of trash, and while on the subject of finding pull tabs etc, all metal detectors use the same scam when it come to this they try to play it down once again to user fault and "not the detector" just another corporate lie to cover the short falls of their products.
In ending this review sounds negative don't take my word for it do your homework get on youtube watch video's of people using far more expensive metal detectors pay attention to the depth of the finds these people are digging and you'll find out this this detector is capable as compared to the majority of the video's you'll see.
And keep in mind no matter how good they claim their metal detectors are you can't detect what not there

Overall Rating 2 stars


Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II

September 01, 2012
I recently retired from the Navy at the ripe old age of 39 and along with some other gifts, I received a few of the token Amazon gift cards. I have quite a few hobbies might as well add one more to the list. I fish both fresh and salt, build custom fishing rods, hunt deer and small game, with all the civil war history in this area this should be a gold mine of stuff to find.

I did some research on MD models and the hobby and it sounded like something I could get into. I used my gift card and it just so happened that Amazon was having a special that day for my the QD II. I received a carry bag, a pin pointer (worthless) all the batteries I needed and I think thats it (no headphones). I thought I had gotten stuck with a ghetto MD but for a beginner, it looks like I did pretty good.

There is one flaw that no one could get around no matter what kind of MD they had. I don't care if the thing is nuclear powered and cost you a billion dollars, you are partially screwed and the reason is this. Since there's so much civil war this and that here and every 1/4 mile is a state park or protected land that doesn't allow MD. It's hard to find spots to squeeze in, the beaches are open for MD as are schools, playgrounds and peoples lamd w/permission, etc. but thats about it. It's tough here.

As I said the model I bought turned out to be pretty decent. I've found a few items with it, but nothing of real value. I think the most collectible was a wheat penny and the most unusual was some kind of valve about the size of my hand. So far it seems to do the job and I would recommend to anyone as their first MD. I like to buy good quality, but cheap, so first I research all that I can, then go to someplace like Amazon and buy just about everything rebuilt from the company. I think that my model and the gear that came with it cost about $100 with manufacture rebuild. The pin pointer alone is $65 brand new and its a piece of fertilizer anyway, The bag alone is $30 and the MD itself I've see from $150-$300, do your research!

I'm basing my star rating on the fact that I've never used any other MD so I have no scale for comparison. Hope this helps. Happy Hunting!!!!!

Overall Rating 3 stars


Be careful

June 20, 2012
This is my first detector and a very decent one at that but if you lose that plastic screw thing you cant bump into anything. this also doesn't have pinpointing I would always have my friend pinpoint with.
P.S. it is not water proof

Overall Rating 3 stars


I'm pleased and here's ALL the flaws.

November 20, 2011
This is my first detector, and I have visited many promising dig sites with it. Once I found the discrimination setting which allowed for little-to-no false reads (different with each site visited), practice with this detector allowed me to ID metals before my digs by the metal indicator and the multi tone feedback. Discrimination in this manner could make one miss out on gold finds.

I would say a pinpointer is nearly required with this detector. Before my pinpointer (Garett), there were some pretty wide and deep holes where I was still left only with mystery.

Don't get the coil wet or the false reads get really bad, no matter the discrimation (I thought that I read that it had a waterproof coil..??)

The depth reading becomes somewhat inaccurate with higher sensitivity settings (beyond 75 percent sensitivity). Digging for a "4-inch deep" find wound up being a 12-inch deep hole on several occasions--this is only a big deal when you're tired and getting lazy toward the end of the day.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Interesting so far....

June 14, 2011
I just bought one of these earlier today. So far I have only goofed off a little for about 5 minutes and found a rusty old screw and rusty old nail... BUT... I will play more seriously in the near future. The accuracy so far seems pretty good, but as I said already, I haven't done much with it, and certainly haven't found anything of value as of yet. I will post another review later after I use it more, but I think it works well so far.

Overall Rating 4 stars



April 23, 2011
I been young this for 7 years its great.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New to Metal Detecting

April 21, 2011
I purchased the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 thru our local Wal-mart. The price was reasonable at $165.00 with carry bag and Pinpointer included. The unit works extremely well and has located many coins in the short time we've had it.
As for the Pinpointer I read many poor reviews but was very surprized at how well it works. If you turn the sensitivity to the point where it just starts to buzz you'll be able to detect objects within one inch even in hard packed dirt.

Our neighbor has helped my daughter and I with a few pointers such as using a screwdriver to feel around till you hear the clink of the coin instead of grabbing the spade and destroying your wifes yard and garden. I know I haven't had much experience yet or used other brands of detectors but why would I need to when I have everything I could ask for in this one.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New To Metal Detecting

March 05, 2011
I decided I wanted to start detecting. After reading reviews for months, I decided on the Ace 250. Dicks Sporting Goods, did not carry it in stock so I got the Quick Draw II. Right out of the box into my front yard I got a good signal and dug. I recovered a gold plated bracelet right where the machine said it was. Further detecting the yard I dug up twenty pennies, two quarters, five dimes and a couple nickles.
Being new at this hobby I was very impressed with the machine but do have plans to upgrade later. For a beginner I would highly recommend the Quick Draw II.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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