Troy Shadow X3

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Troy x3

January 01, 2012

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Troy X-3..Picked out of my 7detectors,ItsMy Number 2,and WHY

March 31, 2009
I bought mine on Ebay 2 years ago for only $235,,,,,,,,,and the seller even told me I got a steal....(I knew that cause I had watched X-3 and X-5 auctions go for much more).........
Anyway...adding it my collection of 3 compass detectors, a Tesoro Tejon, and even afterwords I purchased a Minelab X-Terra 70....
I use the X-3 mostly for sidewalk tear-outs,and woods hunting......It is the purfect machine for those two things.....I did not like hunting parks or old schools with it much..because I prefered a TID Screen detector that could show depth and give more than just one tone.......
I eventualy bought a Minelab E-Trac,and it is my #1 machine...Found more silver in the six months I have had my E-Trac ,than I have with my other detectors in the last 3 years,,(and that includes several sidewalk tear-outs that I hunted with them...
Getting to the point here....I promised the wife ,,when I paid the big bucks for the E-Trac....That I would sell off 5 out of six of my other detectors.....Tough choices..My X-Terra 70 is as good as my X-3 and has TID screen...but in the trade off.....My Troy X-3 is actualy better at finding small Gold......AND I can swing it alot faster than my other machines............
My 3 Compass machines,X-100,CoinScanner Pro w/mods,and an extra 12" coil,and a 1991 GoldScanner Pro are ALL outstanding hunting in the iron,,,,and They are slightly deeper than the other machines (except for the E-Trac)AND COMPASS detectors have a High resale value.......So I will be listing them for sale on Ebay ......

X-Terra 70 is a fine machine,and I still have warranty left,but I had to send it in for repairs..In 3 weeks I got my X-Terra back,looking and preforming like new.They replaced the curcuit board ,and the face buttons were worn so they replaced them as well...
........It is as deep,maybe deeper than my X-3.But I use my E-Trac 95% of the time ,and...
where I hunt with my #2,,,,,I don't need a TID Screen,but what I do need is to cover ground FAST,,,,FASTER than the 2 hunting buddies I have
and they will be using their E-Tracs in the woods.So ....Faster Reset/Recovery speed = more finds in the woods....And I can still get a good buck for my X-Terra 70,& 3 coils...So on Ebay IT goes.....
Now the toughest Choice...............
Tesoro Tejon or Troy X-3....Hmm ....Tesoro gave me a lifetime warranty....That's Good.........
Hmmm,It's Light and has a Manual Ground balance,
and has 2 disc check settings for checking Nickles,and or cent/dimes...That's Good.........
the Tejon has a slow recovery speed,and has to be swung slow to get max depth.Hmmm....I DON'T
Like That............
As for my X-3....It was a TOUGH Choice to give up my Tejon and the Life-time warranty for if something goes wrong with the X-3,,I will have to send it off & hopefully they will have parts to fix it...Then I will have to pay to have it fixed ,and pay shipping both ways.....
........THAT'S what made it A TOUGH CHOICE....
Here is why I decided X-3......
Like the Tejon,the X-3 has 2 disc check settings for checking Nickles,and or cent/dimes...That's Good.........
the Tejon has a slow recovery speed,but the X-3 has a very fast reset/recovery speed,,,,,And I can swing it as fast or faster than any White's
with-out loosing depth.And even tho the X-3 has a factory set Ground balance,and Tejon you G.B. Manualy for more depth....My X-3 goes just as deep as the Tejon,but not quit as deep as my Compasses...I think I read that the X-5 with it's Manual Ground balance only get's about 3/4" more depth than the X-3...And I always hated having to Manual G.B. every 30-45 minutes or when I walk to a new location 100' away.....
I WILL NOT MISS THAT!!!!...My last decision was just personal preference.I just like the silent operation/vs having to listen to a threshold,and when it beeps I dig.I didn't like Tejon audio,even tho you can set the pitch ,,Just like the Troy Mono beep better than a squeel.
So that's it......My #(1) is E-Trac for parks and grassy or manicured lawns,and Schools.........My # (2) Is the Troy X-3,for Sidewalk tear-outs...Or hunting in the woods,or Boy Scout Camps ,with my 2 hunting buddys,(They will be Hunting wide open with their E-Tracs,and I'll be swinging all day with my lighter Troy X-3,and have it set to just reject nails or foil.I would also use it to beach hunt,where I could use low discrimination,and get some gold with a sand scoop.
..........If you ever watched Competition/seeded hunts.Look around,and you will still see alot of Troy detectorists,and one will be in the top 3 almost every hunt.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Shadow X 3 " REVISTED"

November 11, 2007
Well it is strange to be doing a review on a detector that I had recently owned and found wanting!!!A series of events lead me to try the Troy X 3 again, after a friend just swore that it was such an excellent machine.( Because I respect this fellow's opinion so much, I ended up trying another X3.) The unit I owned previously.... while it was nice.....didn't really impress me. I took the new unit to all the same places ... and what a difference!!! The iron disc is much improved, the audio is actually quiet. The noise problems I had before were just not there. I had to test sweep it every now and then.... to be convinced that it was on. Even on the medium mineralized beach it worked very well. And in my trashy parks the bottle caps were dropping out rather cleanly, This leads me to believe that something really must have been wrong with my first unit. I should have returned it to Troy for repair. I failed to do that because a local dealer... who was an electronic tech, told me that these X'3 had a history of being noisy , "that's just the way they are" he told me ....wish I could find him now. He also told me the X5 was not much better.I hate to admit it but I must.... I really like this machine. I'm glad I gave it a second chance, as it is now fast becoming my "main" machine. I apologize to Troy for the previous review I had submitted.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Troy Shadow X3

June 17, 2007
I have used this machine on the beach and inland and although it takes time to understand its signals, when you do you wont dig trash.I have found ££s on the beach in both wet and dry sand and relics and old coins at some depth inland. It sells at £349 in UK and worth every penny.At 2.2lbs it is super light and its waterproof and built to last,what more do you need!! Super machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 15, 2007
Excellent machine if you understand what it says to you. Reqires a lot of practice. A good headphones is must! Perfect identification of trash, very sensitive for small and tiny silver and gold coins. Very high recovery speed, good for heavy trash areas. I recommend to buy 5x10" DD coil for much more effective sweep and a little bit better depth than primary 7" concentric coil (while the accurate pinpoint ability remains the same). It is the best analogue machine I ever owned.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not so good!

July 23, 2006
The Troy X-3 dissapointed me.My first detector was a Fisher 1210-X,it was very great, only his depth wasn,t great.If there was iron the fisher make a clicking sound,if there was other metal( coin or something) he made a nice smoothy sound!
The Troy x-3 is screaming when there is iron in the ground,almost the same as other metals!!
Last time i found a tin (pewter)spoon but i was lucky that i started digging because the signal was very poor for a "big" spoon!And lot of times there were very bad signal on coper coins too not very deep in the ground!So...for me the old Fisher 1210-x was a better detector for a much better price!!Now i gonna buy me another detector.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Good detector,but..........

May 21, 2006
a great lightweight little detector that can go deep,very easy to's my problem,on finding a silver hammered coin OR just finding trash,the tone of the detector remains the same! How i miss the high pitch squeeling of my old Lobo supertraq on finding something good,a dull crack on finding trash.i think this reason is the only floor in the shaddow 3,otherwise a great little machine.

Overall Rating 3 stars


X3 An OK Coinshooter!!

October 02, 2005
Well I sucked it up and paid the big bucks for this simple lightweight detector, expecting lots. It was really nice performing in light mineral soil. But in the heavier mineralization... it was average at best. Too bad I had much bigger hopes for it according to the price of the detector. It was very noisey and it's disc system picked up much more iron in trashy mineralized conditions. On five seperate targets( that I compared side by side with the Tesoro Cibola) the disc was raspy and would lead me to reject those targets, where as the Tesoro Cibola which my buddy was using beside me was much smoother running and more definite on them in the disc mode, under the same conditions. In fact 2 of the five targets that the X-3 rejected were large cents from the 1920's. And one was a very small child's 14K gold ring!! On the beaches around here this detector was of no use unless it was in paybox type light mineral/ dry sand. If I had my money back...I wouldn't buy this one again. In mild soil it's a keeper, I loved the light weight but the Cibola is light weight too , and half the cost. This unit leaves me with mixed feelings, I liked it alot until I started using it in tough situations, there it just feel apart under pressure. Use this unit for competition hunts, it will do well there.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Troy X3

April 25, 2005
The X3 is a multi purpose detector that allows the owner the convenience of owning just one machine that covers several different types of Treasure Hunting. Including coins, relics, and jewelery.
It is a sturdy well built metal detector that is weather proof, you can hunt in the rain and not worry about damage to the detector. Weighing in at only 2.2 lbs. with the 7" coil allows anyone the ability to swing the detector for extended periods of time under a wide varity of conditions. All of the Troy coils are interchangeable. This includes the 5",9" and the DD. It has great depth and sensitivity. I have dug 22 short cases at 6" and coins at 11".
This is definitly a keeper. I recommend it to anyone trying to decided which metal detector to purchase. Terry

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great stuff

December 29, 2004
A fantastic machine ,nuff said.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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