Whites Prizm V

Price: $500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.93
Based on 15 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.00
Avg. Ease of use: 2 stars2.50
Maximum detection depth

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What 50 means on the PrismV

January 23, 2008
The 50 means .50 cent piece. I have been fooled a few times when the meter read 50, which turned out to be the top of a soda can,and usually deep but, 2 times so far when it read 50, it was a fifty cent piece. Hope this helps you out!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not good enough

July 11, 2006
I've not been to happy with any of the Prizm range but at least with the cheaper two models the performance is not to bad for the price paid.
Unfortunately you can't say that about the top of range Prizm V.

A fair amount of bells and whistles but the performance and ability to deal with bad ground should have been improved. Whites produce an excellent machine in the M6 for a little more money.
Another review mentions the lag on the signal response. This is more of a problem than might be thought, especially on a very busy site with lots of signals. The Classic range which was replaced by the Prizms did not suffer from this.
Again it seems that good design has been overlooked for style. As with the original Explorer, was the need for headphones overlooked until the last minute ?

If you detect a limited range of sites where conditions don't vary to much then you can get by but until a proper ground control is fitted and target response improved there's much better value on the market today.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Best of the Prizm series!

July 07, 2006
This is one great detector, and for me the only one in the Prizm series I would consider after previously having owned an XLT. The two key features that set the Prizm V apart from the lower Prizm models is the VCO pinpointing and 9.5" XLT type search coil. For me, both these features are a must in order easily and accurately locate a target.

In addition, the Prizm V generates a different audio tone for each category of target ID. This feature can also be totally disabled, or even set to generate 3 tones, by grouping the targets (Low, Medium, High) just like the Prizm IV does.

Air tests with the Prizm V yielded decent results, with Quarters being picked up at 8 inches, and a Penny at 7 inches. Both targets were accurately ID'ed, too.

One thing that I did notice is that the Prizm V is noticeably bottom heavy compared to the lower Prizm models, and this is of course due to the Prizm V's larger and heavier 9.5" coil. Even though, the Prizm V is comfortable to use and has been a welcome addition to my home after being without my XLT for several years.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


So many people over look the Prizm V and it's capability's

March 18, 2006
Had the Prizm V since last April 3rd of 2005, and like with everything before you write you need to test it.

There are pro's and con's to all detectors, but with each one you learn what it's telling you, and it'll be fun to use.

It's light. You can swing this all day and still feel fresh.
It finds.
It's accurate in depth.
It's accurate in telling what the find is. When it says it's a quarter, then that what it is.

Limited coils. But heard from White's that their researching new coils.
It has some lag time when hitting target.
It's not one of the deepest.
That about it for the con's.

The Prizm V is a fun machine to use. Even though there is a shortage of coils the two will do quite good. Except in trashy areas. A 5? coil is needed when doing these spots. Also it would be nice if they had a 12?coil.

I'm a coin, and jewelry hunter, and my spots are soccer fields, parks, playgrounds and even walking trails.

As with any machine learning what it is saying is the key to finding.
The Prizm V is not one of the deepest machines, but I have reached down to about 7".

The multi-tone feature (8 tones) is a pleasure to use since you need to look at the screen less often. When started you will be on single tone, but when touching the multi-tone key this will bring you into 8 tone. Holding the button for 3 seconds will give you a 3 tone unit. Until I became adjusted to the 8 tone I thought it was playing Pop Goes The Weasel, but now I would feel lost without it.

Pinpointing is accurate and target should be under the center of the coil with either the 8? or the 9.5?.
The Prizm V also has VCO pin pointing which means the tone of the freq changes to a higher tone when over the target. This is a nice feature, but many do without it.

The Prizm V when taking the factory defaults is a silent running machine. This is notching out nails and foil. When I first got the machine I had to shut it off and turn it back on just to make sure it was functioning, and with the touch pad you can adjust on the fly when hunting.

We make our trips to Maine about 5 times a year and have had no trouble with it on the beach.
In the dry sand you can open all the defaults and adjust the sen to the least falsing.
But in the wet sand it is best to take the factory defaults notching out the first two and making whatever adjustments needed to the sen.

The Prizm isn't one of the best, nor is it one of the worst. When comparing the cost to other's the Prizm will do what it is suppose to do, and that's finding coins.

Will the other Prizm's do just as well with less features, sure, but sometimes you just want it all.

So if your considering the Prizm V and it's price? You may be picking out a keeper.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting

Overall Rating 4 stars


Depth and the 50 cent display

September 11, 2005
I am having trouble distiguising what that siginal(50)means. Overall, if you can figure it out it's been a good machine.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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