Garrett GTP 1350

Price: $700
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.68
Based on 28 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
Maximum detection depth

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The 1350 a fantastic detector at a great price!

April 13, 2010
I have been a Whites fan for 15 years but Whites has gone astray, it seems they cater to the deep pocket folks anymore and us little folks get the scraps!
I purchased the 1350 because it was $300 cheaper than the MXT and to be honest it's better than the MXT it goes deeper, better features and the price $545 after the coupon and free delivery wow!

The first time out I dug a 1786 Connecticut copper and 3 musket balls. In a hunted out area the copper was at least 10 inches, the bullets were around 7 inches but the signals were very clear. When you hit a good target with this machine you know it! As for whites you can buy a Garrett pinpointer a 1350 and still have about $200 dollars toward a bigger coil! Makes you wonder why the MXT is around $800 don't it. Does that MXT have size imaging on her for $800 no! But the MXT has something that the garrett 1350 doesn't have and thats less for more!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The gtp 1350 is nice !

April 02, 2010
I just recently purchased the GTP 1350 and today was my 1st time out for about 2 hrs and it sure was nice not spending all afternoon digging for trash. This is my 1st detector with target ID and I will have to say this is pretty nice compared to beep and dig detectors! And today I found about $4.00 in clad at this park that I recently went over with my Tesoro and the target id was on the money except for one time when it hit on a dime that was about 5" deep and on it's side.
It did hit on a quarter and it turned out to be a small stainless hinge but other than those two it was spot on and I didn't even bother with pennies today... I did notice that the recovery time is not as quick as the Vaquero but over all I think this may be the one that gets my attention...

Overall Rating 4 stars


Best General Purpose Detector?

October 22, 2009
If I were to compile a list of the Top 10 detectors for use in the U.S., the Garrett GTP 1350 would be on it.

I've owned two of them and find them to be rugged, deep-seeking and easy to use.

It is very sensitive and the newcomer must be aware of this. Driving it too hard in trashy or mineralized sites can cause instability, and it is no problem to turn it down and still get excellent depth. Small jewelry items come through clearly and I've chased some tiny earring backs with this detector. Faster sweeps will also produce a slight increase in depth.

There is a decent notch-type discrimination system coupled with audio tone ID. I find the profiling feature gives just the right amount of information about target size, too.
The profiling does take some getting used to, but once you adapt to it, it becomes almost rythmic.

The GTP 1350 has excellent target separation, a key performance feature for any detector. I've pulled coins from the middle of trash, the Belltone singing away! In tests, I get 2-3" separation between a U.S. dime and a large nail - with the stock coil.

The GTP 1350 can also use any of the Garrett Crossfire coils and still perform the profiling function, unlike the two units above this one, the 1500 and 2500. Those two require their own special, proprietary coils to perform the sizing function... and can use no others.

I highly recommend this detector to anyone and suggest it over the Ace 250 for the beginner. It is much smoother and offers room to grow into.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Metal Detector!!!!

August 03, 2009
To begin w/ I used this website for the majority of my research on which metal detector to buy. The only two detectors that I have used before the GTP 1350 was a White MXT that belonged to a friend and I also used a Bounty Hunter 2200 Discovery from a co-worker.
I went w/ the GTP 1350 because of the sizing feature that not many other detectors had. I actually found it on eBay used and got a really good deal on it.
The GTP 1350 is an awesome detector, compared to the Bounty Hunter it's a million times better. And probably comparable to the White's MXT (i've only used the MXT once)
The GTP 1350 has met my expectations and has found me many coins. In the two weeks or so that I've had it I've found around $12 and that's in about 15 hours (and I'm not that good yet).
The pinpointing feature it what I like best about this detector. It's very accurate on where it pinpoints. I usually find the strongest signal and then go around it in each direction to make sure the depth doesn't go any closer.

The only thing I would say is that the imaging feature is not as convenient as I thought it might be. When you want to size a target you have to first pinpoint, then follow that by sweeping the detector in 7" side to side motion. If you are a little off on this, the sizing may not be correct. If you swing less that 7" it will think the target is bigger, and if you swing more than 7" it will assume the target is smaller.

I have a friend who has a GTI 1500 and that imaging feature is displayed during pinpointing. I think that would be more convenient.

I am continuing to update things that I find about my detector and others I use at

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Detector!

July 10, 2008
I bought this detector a few months ago, based on the reviews on this site. Boy, I can tell you, it has been great. Very accurate and easy to operate. Once you learn the different beeps, you will know when you get a coin. Well worth the money. Now I am thinking of getting the larger coil. I would highly recommend the coil brace. It is made of sturdy plastic and keeps your coil rigid. Spend the few extra bucks, you wont regret it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Glyn from England

May 22, 2008
I have had a Garrett GTP 1350 for two years. I have found the pinpointing superb and the target i.d. functions are very good. It is accurate to a depth up to about 8 inches and has a very sturdy design.The tone i.d. is useful for giving you the option to reject certain signals.
I have found Roman coins and brooches which are nearly two thousand years old in a variety of soil conditions. Small English hammered silver coins are also no problem.
This is my second Garrett detector and I would definitely recommend it.
The only negative thing is that the display is difficult to see in direct sunlight. But I would say that the positives definitely outway the negatives. Happy hunting.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


GTP 1350 ........Wow!!!!

April 28, 2008
Well , went for the 1350 but was not sure if it is as good as they's better!!! Around the salt water beaches in Seattle , even at 60 % sensitivity still getting targets 8 to 10 inches deep.Salt mode really works and does a good job of identifying rusty iron. Target size is so handy I can't hunt without it, especially in parks. Digging 3 to 5 times more coin targets now that I can eliminate the large stuff. This unit also likes gold jewelry, hits it with a solid sound and good target lock on.............14 gold rings in 3 months off of our heavily hunted beaches.I've put my other two detectors on E Bay..... don't need anything other than the 1350......this unit can do it all!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best on the market! Great Detector

February 28, 2008
I first bought the Ace 250, wich by the way is a great beginner detector, I used it for a couple months but after chasing ghost signals and false readings I decided to purchased the GTP 1350 and have been amazed at its preformance. Ive only taken it out a couple of times but within minutes Im digging coins, and very accurately. The pinpointing is great, and its easy to use. Stays silent until a target hits, none of that beeping then no target to be found anywhere. I would definately recommend this detector to any one wanting a more advanced accurate machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


This ones a keeper!

November 16, 2007
based on the reviews i read here and on other sites, i decided this might be a worthwhile investment. in my limited time use(about 10 hours)i have to say i am very happy with this machine. i bought a used model that came with the 10x14 double d coil as well as the stock 7x10 coil. i also bought the 12" crossfire 2 to go with this. i split my time with the double d and crossfire for now.

the setup and operation is pretty easy although i have to admit i was a little overwhelmed at first scrolling through the menu options. once i got up and running though, my fears disappeared. the display is nicely layed out and i really like having 24 notches of discrimination to work with.i ventured into a couple of parks and a local football field in my 10 hours. i operated mainly in jewelry mode and close to max sensitivity with a very slight threshold hum. naturally, it was very chirpy in the trashier areas but otherwise ran dead silent until a target came up. i found plenty of clad which the display identified with consistent accuracy. the target profiling likewise was pretty accurate, but its useless if there are targets close together. you need to sweep at least 14 inches on each side to get true reading and yes you have to remember to hit the pinpoint again to return to your search mode. one find which impressed me was a very small gold earring stick which was a good several inches down, but the crossfire picked it up with a clear, crisp signal slightly above the pulltab range. i purposely dug some targets which clearly not coin sized and likely junk just to test the machine's capability and it responded flawlessly with junk being dugged up. the pinpointing with the crossfire is dead on; the double d took a little getting used to but i was never more than an inch or so off. i really like the different tones and the menu option available to adjust the pitch to your liking.

as for my other favorable observations - the rubber grip is a nice alternative to the common foam. the slide in/out battery case which you can attach to your belt is handy. the machine itself is not a featherweight, but i didn't find it fatiguing. my only flaw with the 1350 is the lack of cam locks on the shaft. although the fit is good, i did notice some minor wobbling. i wound a couple of small pieces of electrical tape between the lower/middle and midde/upper shafts which then gave it a real tight fit.

i regret not having the 1350 earlier this year so i could give it a full workout over the summer and at the beach. i am truly looking forward to the possibilities. this is a real delight to operate and is reasonably priced especially compared to a comparable white's detector. it looks like my classic id is going to start collecting some dust as my 1350 has moved to the head of the class!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Coin Master/Exc. Relic Hunter

August 27, 2007
After having been out of detector hobby a few years, bought a new GTP1350. Checked out a couple abandoned old schools and playgrounds to test it out. Found over 14 in change. Factory coin setting works very well. Almost always chimes with a dime or quarter, blips with nickel or penny, with almost always accurate ID on the screen. Occasional spook tones, esecially with multiple targets. The analyzing feature helps somewhat. Don't forget to click again before hunting further. Took me awhile to get used to that. Placed 10X14 coil, which was included as bonus, and tryed out the system, on my property, which I had placed several test items along time ago. Civil War type items, brass, etc. This machine with the 10X14 DD does very well to 10+ inches. Found nothing new, but the All-Metal test area had been gone over several years ago with a Tesoro Bandido UMAX with a 12.5" Widescan. This Garrett with the 10X14 DD will find relics, no doubt!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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