Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II

Price: $350
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.04
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars3.91
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.09
Maximum detection depth

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Better than lower model Tesoros!!!

April 08, 2007
I belong to the tesoro forum but do not actually own a Tesoro detector. Up to this point, I have only been detecting with Bounty Hunter.
I thought that the Tesoro brand got substancially more depth until I asked about their top of the line detectors and their 400-700 dollar plus machines get just a tad more depth as my Sharp Shooter II. (it is generally 2-3 more inches but in my mind this alot of depth to gain.)

So far I have found the machine to be very easy to use. Don't expect to find good stuff you first day out either. I hunted with this machine for weeks before I found my first gold ring but then my finds really started increasing. Since I found the gold ring a 3 weeks ago I have found another gold ring with diamonds appraised at 3000 dollars, a silver Standing Liberty quarter worth 2,100 dollars, about 500 dollars in other "newer" silver coins, and about 20 bucks in clad (quarters and dimes minted after 1964 and pennies minted after 1982) change that I have accumulated since the purchase of the detector, a Marine's class ring which I returned to the owner, and a small handfull of wheats.

I am amazed at the depth this detector gets on small and coin sized items. It detects a 1 mm gold chain at about 2-2 1/2 inches with the stock coil, A woman's gold ring at about 6-7 seven inches (depending on size), a man's ring at eight inches, class rings at nine inches, a nickel with a solid tone at 6 inches Low-medium tones at 7 inches, and semi-repeatable low-medium tones at 7 1/2-8 inches, a silver quarter is detected at 7-8 inches, pennies and dimes at 7 inches, silver rings at 6-8 inches depending on the size, and a thin platinum ring at 7 inches.

Some tips that I have learned when using this metal detector is than set the sensativity at 12:00-2:00 when working in high traffic or Elecro magnetic areas and at the 3:00-5:00 positions when working at other areas.
Set the disc to only reject a big nail (set the disc a bit higher than eleminating the nail because iron oxidizes in the ground after long periods of time and takes disc to eliminated.)
If you are working an old area and there is a lot of trash DO NOT disc it out as you will miss buffalo nickels.
If when operating in disc mode you get a good signal of a dime or a quarter and it is very faint in pinpoint, dig it. These are going to be coins in the 6-8 inch range that give weak signals.
This detector has a VERY fast recovery speed meaning that if you go in one pass and recieve two signals and two in another, you have two targets and they must be isolated in the pointpoint mode.
How you operate the pinpoint is by lifting the coil about 12-16 inches off the ground and pressing "ALL METAL". Then lower the coil and press ground trac. If you move over the target and do not recieve a responce you have ground balanced over a piece of metal and will need to ground balance in a different location. Note that while in pin point mode the detector make start buzzing and if it comes back repeatedly after pressing all metal again and again, you have a set of low batteries and will need to change them or you will not get sufficiant depth.
If you have a coin-sized object in pinpoint, it will set off the detector when it is just inside of the small loop; if it is a large junk target then the sound will start at the edges of the coil and you will hear a heavy sounding "doing" or "boing" at the center of the target pass. This heavy doing will occur when the coil is passed over a large piece iron like a bolt or over a popcan.

I believe that Tesoro detectors are the best on the planet and some of the deepest, but for the price, a Bounty Hunter Cannot be beat.

Here is one last tip, if you look on ebay, you will a bunch of tracker fours and 0-1 Sharp shooters. That is because the tracker four stincks. If you see a sharp shooter II here, don'y buy it, there is something wrong. I would buy brandnew in the safe side. Here is a link that sells the whole line of Bounty Hunter Detectors: This website includes a number of accessories with the detector purchase, such as a coin finds pouch, carry bag, headphones, digging knife (I have one and they are very sturdy but do not abuse it or it will wear out quickly and do not pry with it), finders log, a free detecting magazine, and a magazine subscription. This is a very good deal and wish I had bought from here instead as I got not of these great free these accessories.

Overall Rating 4 stars



October 19, 2006
Looking at the Sharp Shotter II manual on the BH website, I found out that if you use too much discrimination (DISC over ten o'clock" you might be "NOTCHING OUT" wedding bands and larger gold rings wich are extremely valuble; especially if your DISC is all the way to the right. Just thought that this might help so people on here.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good Value

February 13, 2006
I've had my sharpshooter 2 for a few months now and I am pleased with the performance. I feel as if I am really learning this detecter very well and I am able to read targets better the more I use it. I have found a few dollars in coins and 1 piece of jewelry with it. I bought this detector new and have also purchased the 4 inch coil to search the really trashy sites and this seems to reduce junk readings in those beer drinking areas. I didn't really know what to buy when I got this one, but I feel that it is all that I will ever need and I plan on using it fairly often...It works for me! After watching some videos of people using high dollar detectors and not really doing anything different than I was and finding about the same amout of items I was, I was forever sold. Someone will have to show me how their detector is better than my sharpshooter 2.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Good deal for the $

January 20, 2006
Just picked one up used at a local pawn shop. This seems to be a good beginners unit with enough features to satisfy the more experienced treasure seeker.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Good choice

April 25, 2005
I got mine about 4 months ago and have been very pleased. Good buy for the money, even tells you with pretty good accuracy what it is it is detecting. Great discrimination mode too. Yes the three tones are very helpfull too. Great depth.

Overall Rating 4 stars


New to metal detecting

April 16, 2005
I got mine about 2 months ago when the ground was still frozen. It works really good, but I have a little trouble pinpointing the shallower targets. I think I will get better with experience. I like the 3 tones for different targets, and it really seems to be able to detect about anything to about 8". I would say it is a good buy for the money.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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