Minelab Eureka Gold

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.81
Based on 43 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.75
Maximum detection depth

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What Proof?

January 29, 2009
So I am reading the other reviews about how another peospector was using a Eureka gold and found 3 nuggets with it first time out, that is not proof it is hear say and nothing else, I own one of these units and all of my other VLFs out preform this unit, also Whites GMT and MXT cost less and preform better than this detector, not very much bang for to many bucks, it reacts quickly to targets but lacks depth, all of the other gold detectors on the market work much better than this unit, if you are looking for a nuggett shooter the minelab 2100 V2 is a much better detector for about $200 more. Minelab should discontinue production of this unit until its preformance is improved, other than that it is a waste of time and money!!!!

Overall Rating 3 stars


Found gold

October 31, 2008
Most people relate to all metal detectors as one. They're not, they all have different aspects. I have 3 detectors. One is a radio shack discovery 2000 about 10 years old. Very good detector for parks and just having fun. My 2nd detector is a Bounty Hunter TreasuePro. It is by far the best detector for the money that you can buy. I don't know what their new version is, but buy it. My 3rd detector is a Eureka Gold by Minelab. Every 3 months my wife and I head north and prospect for gold. This detector is awesome. Its strictly a 'hear machine'. and we find gold. NOTHING BETTER.

Overall Rating 4 stars



September 09, 2008
I have read some of the other reviews and it does not take 4 to 5 hours to set up a minelab for different soil types, try 1 to 2 minutes tops there is not much there to work with, threshold, sensitivity and volume, I understand there relationships very well this is a very easy machine to learn, don't forget to ground balance it, I have some placer gold that I mined myself and the minelab eureka would not pick it up but my Garret GTI 2500 would.

Unlike Texas where there is almost no gold to mine here in Washington state we have a number of sites and rivers to mine in, and the cascade mountain range too, I have set this unit up in every configuration possible it still will not pick up small peices of gold. I know a lot about metal detectors and there circuits, I have been an electronics tehnician for 25 years and have repaired countless industrial and consumer metal detectors, and installed, rebuilt and repaired lots of other electronic equipment, if a detector is not designed correctly than that is the manufacturers fault not operator error!!!

Overall Rating 2 stars


Three frequencies!!

September 04, 2008
This eureka gold is not like having three different detectors it is like having one crappy unit with three frequencies, for a $1000 this thing should at least work a little bit better and the proof that I have about the the minelab is that I own one and it does not work as claimed the search coil is not even water proof!!! And it has no features or disc tones to work with..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great detector with some practice

August 20, 2008
This is a very decent detector that will pick up on all kinds of small gold (under 1 gram) and large gold.. it does have a learning curve just as all detectors do... I bought small gold in different sizes from a prospecting store and went to where i knew there were 4 diff. types of soils... it took about 2 days (4 -5 hrs a day) to get it set up right for the diff soils.. I buried some of the small flakes at about 4, 6 , 8 in and it found them well in 60khz with faint boosted signal and buried larger pieces even deeper and at 20khz and lower found them at 6, 10 and 14 in. very well...

I don't know what the other reviews are about that give it a bad name but you MUST understand that threshold, GB and sensitivity all go hand in hand to set up a detector to make it sniff the right way and get the best soil penetration and depth for hunting... different types of ground call for different settings on the 3 above mentioned settings..

Overall Rating 4 stars


Double wow!!!

May 22, 2008
This eureka would make a great industrial metal detector,it has almost no features no tone ID disc for iron that does not work out in the feild,I spent way to much money on something that almost functions, will not pick up gold! I ran some placer past the coil the eureka did not even see it!!!! or punch through miner. Soil or hot rocks, if I was looking for a buried pipe this would be your machine, it is really fun spending hours finding bottle caps and foil and rusty nails, Minelabs thinking is that most gold is a mixture of other metals flour gold is not.This eureka was a total waste of my money,looks I am going to buy a Garret, I will never purchase another minelab product!!!!

Overall Rating 2 stars


WOW!!!!!Did they see me coming.....

May 20, 2008
Did I get ripped off this eureka has almost no features and preforms very poorly in the feild, it has no nomotion pin pointing,no tone ID which it needs very badly,when the iron disc is on it still responds to iron very loudly even small peices,it is suppose to blank but it has a long lag time you have to sweep several times to make sure the disc is working, will not detect gold I ran some of my own past the coil a good amount of flour gold with no iron mixed in, it would not pick it up but my old bounty hunter would set in all metal mode.

So minelab is overhyping there iron detector to make you think it works better on nonferrous metal believe me it does not, If you want a detector that targets everything alot of trash, if you like to do alot of digging then this is your guy what a deal $900,no features,poor feild preformance, barley discs out iron,it is a pull tab magnet,they could of atleast put a pull tab disc in this for the money spent it is a old cheap circuit that is in this eureka.

The three different frequencies are done with RCL circuits a very easy task,I could have bought alot more preformance for alot less money,so I am buying a Garret GTI 2500 for prospecting and I will do side by side comparisons, also when I am down on the river in a gold bearing highly mineralised area I always take my bounty hunter with me so I can double check the target to see if it worth digging ,the soil does not effect my bounty hunter, what a raft, also this guy reallly hits on hot rocks,this thing would make a good industrial detector for piping and wire, I will never purchase minelab again!!!!!so if you are thinking about this detector try one first you are looking for gold not trash....

Overall Rating 1 star


What a machine

May 12, 2008
After buying recieving and reading the manual for the eureka gold I took this amazingly whimpy unit out in to the feild, What a disapointment,this thing would not pickup Gold that I brought with me to test the tone of the unit,this guy would work ok if there was nothing else in the ground any trash even minimal amounts make this unit very difficult to use, save your money and buy a better detector that works, minelabs are way over hyped, no preformance!!!

Overall Rating 2 stars


Eureka gold

May 08, 2008
After reading the manual and using all the settings in mineralised soil, and some of my own settings,it picked up a lot of hot rocks and iron and did not punch through the soil like the ads state or reject hot rocks, nor did it pick up gold that I ran across the coil, this detector needs a lot of improvements to really make it a usable unit tone ID would be a nice feature to start with, for the price you could buy a lot better detector from another manufacturer. This unit was a total waste of money, minelab got me to buy once but never again!!!!!!!

Overall Rating 2 stars


Not a good unit

May 02, 2008
This machine no matter what setting does not preform very well, get something better like whites, tesoro, garrett, fisher, and save a lot of money you will get more targets and spend a lot less money. American products are and will always be the best products you can buy, 50 years of my own experience tells me that.

Overall Rating 1 star


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