Whites Beach Hunter ID

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.04
Based on 27 reviews
Helpful Tips: 1
Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.00
Avg. Ease of use: 2 stars2.50

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My First Gold Coin.!!!!! White's Beach ID

June 09, 2008
I purchased this a few months ago on Ebay and it's taken me awhile to get used to detecting. I have been digging up a lot of trash/bottle caps with this thing but 2 weeks ago I found a Stainless steel and gold Rolex on the beach in Miami. Yesterday I got my first Gold Coin.... And an attached chain. It is a liberty $5 gold on bezel with very heavy chain. Found on Haulover beach at low tide. Feel sorry for the person who lost it but it more than pays for the hours looking and cost of the Detector ($500 used)... I now have the hunting fever.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simply the best

February 25, 2008
I own 3 what can you say about perfection. I have gone directly over spots where excal's have gone and gold rings, diamond rings, and thousand's of dollars in silver and clad coins. And don't waste your money on high end junk detectors. The rating only goes to 5 stars I think the Beach Hunter I.D.deserves a few more stars. Good hunting.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Too sensitive

January 26, 2008
Its a great machine, its DFX unprogammable. The down side is hot rocks and purple sand, up side is that I've nailed silver dimes on land at 10 plus inches. Good on land and water could have been better. My toggle went bad and flooded the machine, but whites covered it 5 years later "didn't have to"

Overall Rating 3 stars


Close..... but not close enough

October 03, 2007
There's a lot to like about this machine, in particular the fact that the indicator lights function in all-metal mode the same as they do in discrimination. The machine goes deep and picks up targets easily, though pinpointing is not the easiest or quickest.

There's a lot to dislike, also. The buoyent coil is the worst feature of all, you really have to fight to keep the coil in contact with the bottom. It doesn't just slowly rise to the surface if you let it go, it bobs to the surface and requires a very concerted effort to hold it down. Most fixes for this involve weighing the coil down with something like a tube sock filled with wet sand, and you can imagine how ridiculous this looks. Not to mention that the machine is supposed to have been designed to use in the water as well as on land.
Another detraction is the comlete lack of any type of harness through White's that will allow you to chest mount the control box. They provide a nice pouch for that, just no harness to use it so you have to come up with your own. By the way, the pouch they include has two straps to secure the control box in the pouch, and one of the straps covers the red indicator light when in use. I found the lights very difficult to see in direct sunlight when you do find a way to chest mount it.

These would be very easy fixes. I don't particularly want a different coil, but a provided weight that's quickly and easily removed would be very nice, and would stop the guffaws from onlookers when you exit the water with a tube sock tied to your coil. This and a chest mount harness available as an accessory would go a long way towards a 4-5 star machine.

As far as I'm concerned White's missed the boat by not addressing these issues before they put the machine on the market. I have a Viper Trident ($350) that was going to be my backup machine to the Beach Hunter ID, but the Viper remains my primary since it's MUCH easier to use in the water. It's about as resounding a negative as I could give. I hope White's wakes up and realizes that with just a few tweaks they would have a really good, or even great machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Solid Machine

September 18, 2007
I have been TH since 1979 and owned many different machines. The BHID is great on the wet sand. The lights do for the most part indicate correctly except for nickels which indicate as jewelry not coins. I have found more on the beach since using this machine than I did with the Headhunter PI, Tesoro Sand Shark or Xterra 30. Only complaint would be the non-buoyant coil which makes it very difficult to hunt in the water

Overall Rating 4 stars


BHID is really nice.......................................

July 09, 2007
I've had it for a couple of months and I'm really pleased with the detector. In the water I've found jewelry, silver coins and lots of cool things with it. The best feature is you can detect in all metal and still have the lights id the target for you, but it only has single tone in all metal. It has nice depth and the detector is really sensitive to smaller silver and gold targets. Between the multi-tone and id lights either working in all metal or discriminate the detector is very accurate in letting you know the target type to dig. So, if you want a deep detecting machine that's sensitive to smaller targets, built with quality and is not too heavy get this machine! The BHID works very well on the land as I've pulled some nice old coins from the dirt with it too.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good For Beach and Inland!

April 01, 2007
This is my second Water Detector first one was a Fisher CZ-20 and I must say that the Beach Hunter ID is just like it giving multi tones and an added lighted signals showing Rings Coins and Iron at a less expensive price. It has proved itself very good on the land and Sea although it will False signal in surf action. depth has been very good dug quarters out of 12+ inches on land. If your looking for a overall land, water detector this might be the one for you!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


This machine is average at best

October 27, 2006
the machines i currently own for water include an excal 1000, headhunter PI and the beachunter id.
ive been hunting for about 5 years. yes, ive found a good amount of gold with the beachunter.
its simple and easy to use. But i must say, i have no respect for any machine that thinks that many types of rocks are "gold". my explorer II NEVER makes that mistake. also, depth is only so so.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Whites Beach Hunter ID - Good Solid Machine

September 13, 2006
The Whites Beach Hunter ID was the first expensive water detector I ever purchased. That investement has paid off handsomely over the last year and a half. I have found sooooo many items; Gold, Silver, Coins, Junk, Relics, and even Cell Phones in the water with it. I was very hesitant about purchasing an expensive detector and read many reviews on this site as well as others about the Beach Hunter ID before buying it. I just can't say how happy I am with this machine. The unit definitely takes some getting used to but hey, that goes for all detectors. The Whites Beach Hunter ID is a quality reliable machine and worth every penny.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


1st metal detector

March 19, 2006
The Beach Hunter ID is my first metal detector. I recieved it on 3/13/6 and have used it on a small beach on Lake Erie (Luna Pier) for the last 5 days, a couple of hours a day. Initially it was a little awkward, but within the first 30 minutes I started getting the hang of it. After 4 hours of use, I think is awesome. So far I've found $1.80 in coins (all newer, 4 of which were quarters), a sterling silver earring (925SU) it is about the size of a quarter and shaped like a heart, a dog license tag, one rock that looks like a meteorite, and of course a lot of junk, pull tabs, bottle caps, fishing lures, aluminum cans, foil, etc. Overall I'm very happy I got it,...I've always wanted one, so what the hell....

Overall Rating 4 stars


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