Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

Price: $70
Avg. Score: 2 stars 2.17
Based on 29 reviews

Avg. Durability: 2 stars2.14
Avg. Ease of use: 3 stars3.14
Maximum detection depth

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Cheap Pinpointer

September 16, 2011
This is an inexpensive pinpointer....and it shows. Sensitivity is not good & the battery cover sucks. Avoid if you can help it. Spend your money on a Garrett.

Overall Rating 1 star



June 24, 2011
If it was possible to rate this product negative stars, I would have.

Overall Rating 1 star


It's ok.....Just ok

May 29, 2011
I purchased it for 42$ so I guess I can't expect miracles. It does what it's suppose to do which is pinpoint. The unit is fragile and flimsy. The battery cover comes off too easily.

When you are going through a plug, the dial (Rotating Button) tends to turn if it rubs against the side of your plug so the sensitivity goes up or down (usually up and then it starts ringing for nothing) letting you think you found your target. You then have to turn the dial back and continue searching.

I tried it in really wet and muddy water and the unit is not water proof so you have to be careful not to get the dial or battery compartment wet.

Like I said, it does what it's suppose to do so if you can't afford a better one then go ahead. But if your budget allows you to get a better one then bye all means go for it.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Did not care for it

May 21, 2011
I had one of these pin-pointers and found it pretty much not worth my time. You had to touch the item before it would make a sound. By that time I really did not need the pinpointer any more.

Overall Rating 2 stars


My first pinpointer,

August 14, 2010
It seems really flimsy, and the battery cover is easily dislodged, but it does what its supposed to if the sensitivity is finely adjusted. Being new to MD it has helped me find my target. I'd say its worth the inexpensive price.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Not what I hoped for

July 10, 2010
I got this with a Quickdraw II, I certainly wouldn't purchase it for the $50 they charge. It has to be almost physically touching the object before it goes off. That doesn't help locating a target.

What I want from a pin pointer is once I've dug a plug, I wave the pin pointer over the plug and around the hole to zero in on the target. This pointer won't do that. Save your money on this one.

Overall Rating 1 star


The word is pinpointer

June 20, 2010
Remember folks it is only to pin-point where the target is at. Meaning an inch or two is more than enough to say where it is.

Poke or wave the probe of the pinpointer around the plug-no beep then check any loose dirt you may have out of the hole still no beep then circle the hole as you lower the probe down the hole there it is beeping 2-3 inches down at about 10 o'clock on the side of the wall you just missed your target by a 3/4 of an inch, damn that has happen to all of us one time or other.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Good Price, Good Choice

March 04, 2010
I purchased my pinpointer with my first metal detector. I was SURE I wasnt finding my targets because of the pinpointer so I purchased another one. The second one would vibrate 2-3 inches away... and not just straight ahead so I didnt know where to pull more dirt from. Frustrated... I went back to this pinpointer and discovered if you turn the knob to just where the tone stops when you turn it on, the pinpointer will locate your target 2" away anyway. Adjusting after first target and zeroing by turning the knob a little more really helps a lot! Its like two pinpointers for the price of one!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Sensitivity too low or non existent

January 22, 2010
I have the Fisher model pinpointer. It came with my F2. The on/off/sensitivity knob is in an awkward place. The biggest complaint is that it is not very sensitive. When you turn it on, the tone/vibrations stay on until you turn the knob 3/4 of the way down, but once you do that, you have to be within a 1/4 inch away from the target to have it hit. When you are in the dirt, you have to actually touch the target to find it. We use it while in low visibility areas, but for me, its not worth the battery I have to put in it.
Secondly, the battery door does fall off easily, but that is easy to fix with some electrical tape.

If anyone has a way to fix this or if there is a trick to get more depth out of it...please email me at

Overall Rating 1 star


$20 or less

December 09, 2009
I received mine for $15.95 with the purchase of a new detector, so I don't feel too bad about it. It does work. Air testing with it set as sensitive as usable, these are the results: 7/8" nickel; 3/4" quarter; 5/8" penny; 5/8" dime. You really do need to almost find the target before it tells you you're getting close.

The small size is great, but I agree with what others have said about the control placement and the battery cover coming off if you push on it. Also the vibration really is too weak.

If you can get it for free or pay less then 20 bucks for it, it will due until you can afford to purchase a better one. Otherwise avoid it.

Overall Rating 2 stars


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