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Price: $700
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.49
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.25
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Near Perfect Detector

May 05, 2007
I have been into this hobby since 1968 when I purchased a CoinMaster IV via a Whites treasure finder magazine ad.

Over the years I've used more brands and models than I can now recall. Last year I purchased a Nautilus IIB and thought I had finally found my brand for life. But this year I ordered a new Tejon off ebay and the Nautilus has been pushed aside.

The Tejon is about as close to a perfect relic/coin/jewelry finder as one can get. It's very deep, fast, light, stable, and it's an absolute dream to learn and use. This machine is excellent in high trash areas and every other type. It will avoid trash and hit hard on coins and rings mixed in with junk metals.

Buy this machine and you'll soon be selling your others.

The Tejon is a WINNER!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tejon is a Relic Hound!

March 01, 2007
The Tejon is A nice machine i have fond buttons 11in. down in southern Utah i hunt Ghost Towns and i love the Tejon it loves Brass,Silver,Gold,ect.you will like it from the start I have had a lot of machines from Whites Mxt,Sover.Elite,but the Tejon is were its At!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


No better for the money

February 11, 2007
Purchased the Tejon when my Minelab Explorer went bad. The Tejon is very lightweight and has a very quick response time. The depth is incredible. The two discriminators had to convince me, and they did. The battery compartment is a bit cheezy and I do not like the location of the headphone jack, would rather it face me rather than face the searchcoil, plus awkward for us lefties. Other than that the machine works great.

I have used detectors since 1970 and this is definitely one of the better detectors. Once I replaced my Minelab I went back to my civil war site to get the deep stuff and found the Tejon had found almost everything, including the deep. For the price it is hard to beat and I have confidence in this detector, which is what you must have in order to find the good stuff. I am not a dealer, but would recommend anyone desiring a fairly cheap excellent detector to spend about $550 on ebay, or some dealers, and buy this detector. Much better than similar priced detectors, that is a fact.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


8 months later..

November 26, 2006
Well, after using the Tejon for 12 months now, I have discovered a place for it in my arsenal of detectors..

It is very lightweight and although the PVC search rod made a lot of squeaking noise when I first bought it, that noise eventually quit after a few hours using it and breaking it in.

It is the first choice out of all my detectors for wide-open areas in moderate to lightly mineralized soil. It does not go as deep in either mode in high-iron (highly mineralized) soils as some of my other detectors, but in the less mineralized soil it often beats all of them, it, and the Fisher cz-70.

In the high iron (black sand) salt beaches here in Oregon it has way too hard of a time operating well or ground balancing well, so I don't use it there, but in normal big playfield areas it is my first choice because it locates two or more good targets real close to each other the best of the best. When there is one bad target right next to a good target the Compass outshines all others, but at a rate of 10+ feet per second the Tejon will find ALL the good targets even faster than the Compass, even if they are only 2-3 inches apart in a row. It's the only detector that will do that. It is almost as good a cherry-picker as the Compass but it is better than a cz-70, MXT, Sovereign Elite, BH Land Ranger, White's 6000di, or DFX for cherry picking.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tejon, Super relic hunter

August 27, 2006
I watched my hunting partner dig a Spanish pillar dollar (piece of eight), from 16". Although this is a large coin it was on edge in the ground! This was in a heavily hunted Confederate camp that had all of the top rated relic detectors over it. Before this signal was dug another hunter was called over to check the spot with his machine, (no signal). I had been over this area several times with a Nautilus IIb. All I can say is if you get a Tejon, go back over your old sites. Don't ever consider a place hunted out. The Tejon will open another window in these areas. I have found mine very easy to set up and ground balance, no problems learning this detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great machine all-around

June 20, 2006
If this machine had tone ID (different tones depending on conductivity or ferrous content), I'd give it a perfect 5. So I gave it a 4. It's an absolutely great machine. I found a wheat cent at a measured 11 1/2 inches (with the stock coil) and am pretty sure the Tejon will detect even deeper coins. The wheatie was next to iron, no less. The machine picked up the coin over the iron. A lot of other machines would have just nulled out the whole thing.

Other Tejon users have told me they have found coins at 15 inches, and I believe it. The key is to ground balance it correctly. People who claim it loses depth are not balancing it properly. I hunt in some heavily mineralized soil, and this machine does quite well. If I had it to do over, I'd still buy the Tejon.

The only complaint I can think of is the 2 disc knobs are not calibrated identically on mine. For example, "Tab" on Disc 1 is actually a higher disc level than "Tab" on Disc 2. That is just my particular machine, though. Yours may be OK.

The only other "problem" is that the machine is so sensitive even to the tiniest bits of metal that you might as well forget all-metal mode when you're hunting a heavy trash area. You will get signals everywhere. I have dug some of these and found they're not the ground minerals, they're tiny, tiny pieces of wire, nail heads, foil specks, etc... some no more than 3 mm long. You could probably find a needle in a haystack with this detector. (The Tejon would be a great nugget machine.)

Overall Rating 4 stars


Problems with minerals, iron and auto-tune..

March 16, 2006
Well, I live in the PAC NW, USA, and in this country the Tejon is no better than most detectors.

I put my Fisher cz-70, Compass Scanner R&C, Minelab Sovereign Elite, White's Coinscanner di Pro, and my Tesoro Tejon in the van and went out to a lake to test one against the other.

The Tejon had some real bad problems discriminating steel and rusty iron (larger than a pencil). It also has too slow of an auto-tune to deal with highly mineralized soil. Even if I turned the sensitivity down to zero it has these two problems.

Of all these detectors the Compass Scanner Relic and coin did the best in depth AND in this extreme mineralization. This ground was very bad, and it read a #2 on the Fisher scale of 1-10, #10 being the best soil, and #1 being the worst.

In the air, the Tejon actually read 16 inches on a nickel, but in the ground, it detected about 6 inches, all-metal, or discriminate. In all-metal, it made so much noise and drifted so much, that I had to put it away for the duration of my tests. Again, out of all the detectors, the Compass did the best.

The Compass Scanner R&C (same as a Compass GoldScanner Pro) did the very best of all, no matter which mode I was in. The Compass also found more things (especially smaller-than coin-size objects) than did any of the other machines. On the Sovereign, I was using an Excellerator 12.5" coil, because it goes deeper than the stock 10 inch coil.

The Tejon fares a bit better in more neutral soil, but who needs something that only works better in moderate to gentle soil? Well, the answer is simple, it is lightweight, and someone who has poor health might like it, and maybe they live somewhere in the Eastern US or in Europe with gentle soil. But, of course they could Buy a Fisher ID Excel for $479 instead, and it would work better in all categories, and it weighs even less than the Tejon.

Right now, I would gladly trade the Tejon for a good Fisher Excel.

By the way, I was a detector repairman for a multi-brand firm for 10 years back in the 80's.
I hope this helps.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 21, 2006
I have tried them all, DFX,MXT,CZ5,EXII,Quattro,DMCB2,xlpro,and many more the TEJON is the best bar none!

I have found more with the TEJON in the first month than I have in the last two years with all the others

It is simple and deep and can find the good items in heavy iron and trash

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great coinshooter for trashy sites

November 04, 2005
For me, the Tejon is a great detector for coin shooting trashy modern urban/suburban parks, ball fields, schools, etc. Time constraints limit my detecting to these types of sites and I have three criteria for successful coin shooting at these sites:
1. Trash separation--the Tejon responds very quickly and its 2" receive coil on the stock coil allows excellent target separation (the 5.75" coil is even better).
2. Depth---my unstable, low mineral soil results in targets sinking quickly so I've got to be able to go deep. The ID detectors I've used tend to lose accuracy (bouncing numbers/icons/tones) between 6" and 8". The discrim circuitry on the Tejon is useful out to at least 11" at my sites.
3. Square tab/nickel IDing---By far, the most important criterion for me. The sites I detect are absolutely loaded with square tabs and the ID machines I've used have not been good at all at telling the difference. With the Tejon's dual discrim feature, I can set discrim #1 to "crackle" on a nickel but hit solidly on a square tab (a touchy setting but doable); and set discrim #2 to "crackle" on a zinc but hit hard on a high coin. I now dig very few square tabs (bent ones still can fool), many nickels, and my good target-to-trash ratio is at an all-time high. The dual discrim feature also allows you to cherry pick a given target (e.g., only nickels) by setting the two discrims to "just accept"/"just reject."

I have several detectors for different purposes but the Tejon is the best I've tried for the combination of trash separation and deep, accurate ID's (although it can be fooled by, for example, rusted washers, clipped zincs, bent tabs, etc.). Until I find something better, the Tejon's my main coin shooting detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tejon for UK users

September 12, 2005
Fantastic machine for Roman sites,chatters on iron but has the ability to pull small coins from next to nails.
Have found it to work very well in high mineralisation and under power lines. At the moment I am testing the 12x10 widescan coil which is suprisingly very sensitive to small targets.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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