Tesoro Cibola

Price: $450
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.73
Based on 81 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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April 16, 2007
We thought for a very long time before purchasing our metal detector. Our first choice was the explorer 2 or se, but after reading many reviews and checking out lots of forums, we soon realize that we were wrong... we were new to the hobby and buying an expensive unit was not wise for deginners. We had to learn how a metal detector works, understand the machine and listen to what it was saying. Explorer 2 is a good unit but takes time to be tame and learn. As our grandparents told us, "learn to walk before you run". It was then decided to buy the Cibola, and after some amazing air test we started our first beach test. Only a few minutes after assembling the machine the first coins can out... discrimination is realily great and it goes DEEEEEEPP, we had no measuring tape but we had to scoop a lot :)and unfortunatly this machine had no meter indicator and pinpointing is very accurate. All the good things said on this machine is true. a GREAT MACHINE FOR A VERY small price, lots of money save and lots of money gain.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro on top of the world....

March 24, 2007
The Cibola is a great machine. I have used many top detectors over the years and this is by far one of my favorites and currently my primary machine. People have said they have troubles pinpointing, but I find it to be a snap. You just have to learn you're machine. The Cibola is so accurate you don't even need to use the pinpoint mode if you choose not to. In response to the post below. It's not supposed to be discriminating while in the pinpoint mode that's why it's referred to as the " ALL METAL MODE". This is a great machine to just turn on and go. If you plan to spend a serious amount of time with really high mineralized ground and you are new to MD'ing you might consider the Vaquero for the added ground balance. All I use these days are Tesoro's and have many different models. Cibola being my favorite for coin shooting. This is a great machine for beginners as well as advanced.
LIKES: VERY light, deep seeking, life time warranty, turn on and go, does well with most mineralized ground, top notch discrimination, various coil sizes available, it has a built in coin magnet LOL, one drop in 9 volt for operation. very affordable, simply the best in it's price range.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 19, 2007
I purchased the Cibola and have been very happy with the discrimination mode seems to be a good deep running machine. The only reason I didnt give it a full five stars is the pinpoint feature. To me it seems awkward and almost as if its not discriminating when this feature is being held.You dont have to use the pinpoint and still will get accurate signal from regular use. All in all I recommend this machine for beginners over all others I found in this price range.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Cibola ..

February 22, 2007
I have been a relic hunter for 25+ years and picked up a Cibola as a backup machine. I must say, for the money I am quite impressed. My first impression was that the machine is very compact and would make a great machine to backpack. It breaks down smaller than any machine
I have ever owned.

In use, it seems a little bottom heavy as the weight of the coil is not balanced by a big box of batteries and electronics at the top. However, the Cibola is so light to begin with that you could hunt all day and not become fatigued.

I own a White'5900 and an XLT, a Shadow X5 and Nautilus 2b. When it comes down to what really counts, the Cibola could locate every target in my test garden that the X5 and the Nautilus could! The Cibola seems to be a bit more quiet and still hits deep targets. Now, I must say that in our ground where I live, you can get about HALF the depth in the ground that you can with an open air test. Even with a fixed ground balance on the Cibloa, there was no signficant difference in depth when compared to a tuned Nautilus with a 10" coil.

Overall the Cibola doesn't really have any negative points and for the price, you really can't go wrong!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A Great Detector

December 15, 2006
I just received my coin magnet,I mean my Cibola and I absolutely love it,light weight,well made,deep seeking,great pinpointing,really like the low tone, not to mention a lifetime warranty.I have had several detectors in the last 15 years and the Cibola is the best one yet. No bells & whistles but gets the job done. I have only used it for 3 days and already I can usually tell what the target (coin or junk) and depth will be before I dig it.Very easy machine to use and learn. Just one 9 volt battery is also nice.It has been alot of fun to use. I highly recogmend the Cibola.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Don't hesitate - just buy it...or borrow it...or whatever!

November 15, 2006
Don't think about this machine - just get it! I've pulled up loads of relics including a silver coin over 600 years old!

The depth is tremendous and the SMALL size of the targets it can pick up is incredible. If it's there then you'll find it with this machine.

Don't hesitate, just acquire this machine!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Iron blanker

November 13, 2006
Just been detecting, my friend had a cibola I was using a fisher. I was digging plenty of iron and two roman coins! My friend dug no iron and ten roman coins. Guess what I want for christmas?

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tons of bang for the buck

June 13, 2006
I bought the cibola for a back up . I thought for the price and all the good reviews I would get a good machine. I really am impressed. The weight is only 2.2 pounds it only takes one 9 volt and it is very stright foward. I had been using a CZ 5 mainly(great detector also) but I wanted a back up/loaner .I bought an ID Excel used and it worked great for about 6 hours . I got it repaired and traded it for a new cibola .At first I did not care for the cibola because I was so used to multi tones of my cz that one tone seemed insufficent. I ended up going back to my main detector for a while. I started woods hunting once the fields all got planted and the grass took over and I found that the cibola really shined ! It has real good depth(maybe just a hair less then my CZ5) is lite,I rarly dig rusty nailswith the discrimination set just below the to Iron mark but I still pick up grape shot and cannon ball chunks. I think for the price this machine is the best detector in its class bare none.You don't have the distractions of some of the higher end machines.Just turn on and go. The low tone took a little getting used to but now I prefer it .I have pulled dozens of musket balls,coins ,(One roman),two cannon balls,several grape shot and other odds and ends. I am very happy with the tesoro cibola.For 340.00 and a lifetime warranty You just can't go wrong. I still am not crazy with the pinpoint. I run wideopen (supertuned) and the pinpoint is pretty much un useable . I have read that they hit hard on hot rocks but I have never dug any(may not be any here). Hope this helps somebody. For the money ,5 stars for sure. HH

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Just the best

May 23, 2006
i only bought the cibola abought a year ago
as a second machine to my minelab explorer
now the cibola is my first choice.oh yes my
mates laughed at first but not any more, with
my super little hammered/denarius hunter.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



December 05, 2005
Lightweight machine, good warranty, unknown service/support.

Machine is a bit botton heavy. Simple to use and set up.

Uses 9v battery which supposedly has a short life (10 - 20 hours). In contrast the other detector I own (Fisher 1266x), has an extremely long battery life.

Additional coils are proprietary to this machine, the Lobo, Vaquero, and Tejon, and are pricey.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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