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May 02, 2012
I thought it worked perfect at the beach. No false signals when waves come and it goes in and out of water very nicely again with no false alarms. Just adjust the Sens. I cant believe how deep I have to dig sometimes for a dime. Very good machine I know these were made years ago in the 90's but I just got mine 4-4-2012 and it works awesome. I am very stoked on the CZ-20.
This must be worn on the hip though if using on land it is heavy. I wish I had the upgraded 10. 5 inch coil but I bought it used so I could not chose.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Machine, But Lousy Service

October 30, 2011
I have had a CZ20 since the mid-90s and have always had good luck at the Outer Banks of NC. My original machine died just before an old friend did who willed his CZ20 to me. Thanks Gus!

What is really amazing about the machine is its complete signal stability whether detecting in dry sand, wet sand, or submerged. A hit is almost always really a hit regardless.

The service now is a different matter as I have had no luck at all getting Fisher to quote me a price on a replacement stem assembly.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Fisher cz20 and more...

March 28, 2009
I bought a cz20 in 1996, after having used a Fisher land detector for 15 years before...I should have known better.

The original VLF555D detected and discriminated well, but was not of production quality- looked like it was put together in somebody's basement. Terrible engineering and support from Fisher, with a user manual that was an absolute joke. Positively stupid battery packs (2 packs of 6 AAs each)quickly replaced with 2 alkaline 9 volt batteries, and the machine worked better and did not eat batteries nearly so quickly. All through ownership customer support on any problem (and there were many due to poor construction/ soldering) was non-existent.

So I bought the cz20 to do beach, surf, and underwater work. Much better balance than the older model, nicely neutral underwater, but highly variable results. CZ20 LOVES lead, will go deep to find small pieces however often can't find copper or silver coins at 2". Once reached thru almost 40" to yield a 2 lb lead bullet weight. If you want lead, and are prepared to dig, this might be your machine. Again no help from the factory except "Send it back with lots of $$ and maybe we'll fix it or maybe we'll make it worse".

I will never spend another penny on a Fisher product.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Lemon cz21

November 25, 2008
I purchased a brand new cz21 in April. It arrived broke. Sent it back and instead of sending me a new they said they only fix it. Got it back after more than a month used it very little and it went completely dead. Now its back and fisher is giving a big run around. I paid $1200.00 for this nightmare and warn anyone out there not to buy a fisher. They are of poor quality and over priced not to mention of the poor customer service.

Overall Rating 1 star


Feel good from Fisher Labs Customer Service

March 11, 2008
I feel good from Fisher Labs Customer Service's message, even I felt guilty that I was disappointed when I first heard about the repair cost.The Fisher Labs proved that the company is a professional one. The service comes first. My new detector must be Fisher's, ofcourse.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Bad service form Fisher lab

October 29, 2007
I have a bad experience with the Fisher Lab's service. My only one CZ-20 was broken down in September, 2007. I contacted the dealer in Thailand that I bought the detector from. He's a nice guy, actually. It later was sent to the Fisher Lab in USA. I was informed after one month pass by that the cost of fixing is $US 928.77, including freight and labor cost. It's costly, isn't it? The point is that I think the Fisher Lab is tricky. They don't mean to give you CZ-20 service anymore. They want to sell the coming CZ-21 rather than fixing the old model, CZ-20. So, they charge you so higher that you can do nothing, but you are forced to buy the new one. This is the way company cheats you. Next time if you want to buy a new metal detector, I want to remind you that think over the good service, rather than the new body cover of the CZ-21 There are many brand names and types of detector at the moment. Make sure you get new one with a good service. Fisher Lab is not providing you good service anymore, I bet!.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Cz 20 the best

September 20, 2007
I have had my CZ 20 since they came out 1993 or 94 some where in there. It is all beat to ^&%$# the best detector there is. I hunt from Florida to Nevada to New York State...#1 AAAA

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Wish I could find another cz20 with my cz20...

July 24, 2007
But whoever has one will make sure never to lose it!
Originally from Canada now living in Austria, I've found it "all" over here, unbelievable.
I primarily do land and the unit is outstanding.
If this unit could only find the brain of the person who lost theirs and decided to stop production of the CZ20!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


For scuba diving the CZ-20 is an excellent choice!

May 28, 2007
Since three years I use the VLF dual frequency CZ-20 with a small 8" coil exclusively for scuba diving in the Baltic Sea. It is a great machine and I do a lot of nice findings with it. The CZ is very robust and an effective detector with a good search-deep. I never used it on land but I think it would be there a very heavyweight detector.

Underwater a lightweight with a stabile shaft, a robust small searchcoil (ideal for underwater searching). The detector and his knobs are easy to handle and this with three-finger-gloves for the wintertime, too . The wires are ok and the headphone is easy to clean and very robust. The CZ has a very good discrimination. The batterybox is seperate, so if the detector gets some water in, the main electronic will not get any damage. It is resistant against fine sand and mud, like in lakes or the open sea. The three tone ID is very precise. You can see the objects ID at the 2 red glow lamps, too. If necessary, you can also use spare-parts from FisherŽs 1280 (knobs/seals). It has a small updraft. You can use it up to 76 meter water depth (124 PSI water pressure)!

It uses four expensive 9 Volt batteries. The pinpoint button will probably break if you use it very often. I suggest to use the "Autotune" mode instead of the button, because it has the same function. Once a year the machine had some problems with a type of red-alga on the seabed of the western Baltic Sea. The cells of these algas are full of iron, so the machine runs very instable. The machine is not so effective or easy to handle on high mineralized seabed.

My judgement:
It is a great machine and I would buy it again. The shaft is very stabile in comparison to other detectors like Tesoros or Minelabs. Its a turn on and go machine, easy to handle and high efficient. After a year of experience you will find much more in shorter times. I dont know why Fisher stops the production of the CZ-20! It is much more powerful than the weaker 1280.

Overall Rating 4 stars



December 10, 2006
I've had the CZ 20 10 1/2 coil for 2 months and still learning it, dug a penny at 20 inches couple weeks ago, been hitting the same beach and others in Sarasota but they are out of the way, learning curve showing results as I dug 80 or 90 coins today all low denominations, micro pennies, nickel and dimes mostly and have heavily worked this beach and mostly stuff I've missed, competition I just don't think they have the right stuff, talked to a couple guys hitting the water using Excalibur 1000's and they said they were hitting stuff at a foot deep... a Bounty Hunter can almost do that?!? I just won a 8 inch CZ 20 on E-bay today to add to the 10 and the Pulse 8 (its to deep to play with on the beach,only water)next will be the 5 1/2 CZ if I can find it! Wanting to find a Salvage crew on the east coast next year to ply the experience!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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