Fisher CZ 20

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.43
Based on 28 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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Update to my earlier review

November 04, 2005
As far as the Iron goes; it does like a little more Iron than say a Minelab Sov or Explorer. Its mostly old Iron like hand made nails or thos big chunks that can fool any detector. After you get used to the machine it doesn't seem any worse than any other brand.

I hunt mostly land. I don't neccessarily relic hunt, but if the signal sounds interesting I will dig it. Once in a while I get an old button, brass, or copper. I don't have years of experience with this machine, but I can tell you a few things. To me it seems as good on land and ,in many respects, easier to use than my previous Minelabs. (I did love those Minelabs though) I never set the discrimination higher than 1. I do this because I want to be able to give every signal a few sweeps instead of not hearing it at all. obviously this doesn't work well in a trashy area. Its also easier to tell iron from the iffy signals if you alow the machine to give the iron signals. Sensitivity around 5 or 6. If there's any metal in the ground it will find it. I mostly just dig the high and mid tones.

I suppose if you're going to relic hunt you'll be digging almost don't discriminate. Oh and you might want to dig some of the bell tones (the one that says the metal is too close to the coil or too big) to see what you come up with. Most of the time it'll be wire, but some times its more interesting.

Not worrying about your detector getting wet is a huge advantage.

The tones are easy to distinguish.

Ofcourse an lcd might give more info, but the weird thing is I don't miss them. I lived for the explorer's display info, but some how the cz-20 experience is more relaxing. Simpler. Less to deal with. I just listen for the tones and that's it.

I'm definetly keeping this machine. After years of trying the rest I'm finally settling down with this one. I'm not declaring this is the best, but its the detector for me.

If you want one get one soon, because Fisher is discontinuing them.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Eh........its ok

July 02, 2005
bought for water and backup machine. Primarily use explorer II. The Fisher likes Iron.must hunt without discrimanating Iron. Makes me miss Ironmask when I use it. Digging aluminum that sounds like high tones............pretty standard. Using 8" coil, with hipmounted housing its very light. The easy to distinguish tones and lifetime warranty are what made me choose this detector over the Excaliber............. I like it, I just wish it could ignore Iron better.......... Good targets really scream 'dig me'. .once in a while so does iron and aluminum - All detectors do once in a while

Overall Rating 4 stars


Cz-20 results

May 29, 2005
dig all targets.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher CZ 20

April 20, 2005
A great machine and has good depth. I have pulled out a three-eights inch copper tack at 6+ inches, dug beer cans at 3+ feet and quarters at 18+ inches. I bought my CZ-20 in 1999, back in Indiana, before the Lifetime Warranty. I like the multiple tones that you get in response to a target.
I now live on the Outer Banks of NC and use it almost daily for 4-8 hours. With the unit stem-mounted (weighs 5 lbs) I found that my arm tired quickly. I switched to hip-mounting the unit and that's the way to go for long sessions of TH'n. However, I've run into problems with the lead flexing at the control housing and producing FALSE signals. Even giving the lead lots of slack for minimum flexing didn't stop the problem for me. I guess I swing it too much. I've just shipped my CZ-20 back to the factory last week for the third time due to this problem. Turn-around time is approximately 3-4 weeks. The last fix lasted around a month for me, before the problem came back. Fisher Lab guarantees their work for 90 days. So far I've not had to pay the $140 to get the unit fixed. It does cost me approximately $25 to ship the CZ-20 back to factory each time, which includes $1000 insurance. When I get it back I believe I'll put it on Ebay and use the money from its sale to buy a NEW CZ-20 with the LIFETIME warranty.
Besides all the clad coins, I've found both gold and silver rings and bracelets. However, I have a 22 inch 14K gold chain that does not register, even coiled up, no tones at any sensitivity level, even in AutoTune. Fisher Lab tech says that it does not see small gold chains. Ok, but my chain when coiled up is almost the size of a fifty-cent piece. I've also noticed that I can get a tone with Disc=0, but when I switch to AutoTune or try using Pinpoint the unit produces no tone. Go Figure!
All in all, the CZ-20 is a great metal detector! I just wish it weighed less and would recognize my gold chain. Since I'm wishing, I wish GOLD didn't sound like pull tabs and that people would pick up their trash and dispose of it properly, not leaving it on the beach or buried in the sand.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Fisher CZ 20

November 02, 2004
Bullet proof, crazy deep and lifetime warranty. I hunt Fl beaches with excellent results, I've dug change at 14"-16" no problem. I usually hunt in autotune, wait for the whisper then go to disc. Good sens on gold rings with the 10 1/2" coil.

Last summer got a strong coin hit near surface went to dig it up but nothing was there so I knew it was a deep can, curious to see how deep I dug 30" to find an old Bud can sitting straight up.

That time it was a can next time maybe a spanish coin, with the CZ20 I know I have the depth to get it!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher CZ 20

July 30, 2004
I have had nothing but great
luck with the Fisher cz-20. easy set up and great software. you will not be sorry with this model for beach hunting.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher CZ20

January 11, 2004
CZ-20 is the best all-around machine. Hip lmounting is easy and it's rugged design allows for very tough conditions. Depth is superb and id tones work very well.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher CZ-20

April 18, 2003
I like the cz20 very much. I wish i could change coils.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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