Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Price: $750
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.46
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.63
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.25
Maximum detection depth

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Bill is at it Again ! Floating coil problem solved so far

August 22, 2010
Well what can one write this baby rocks... took it out in waist high water with the BIG 10 x 14 coil..found couple rings 925 silver BUT hey that was not bad for a start.. Floating coils can be a headache SO---- hello 2" thick cut to coil size from square vinyl blanks that I got at the scrapyard and attached with yes twine !! HEAVY HECK yes BUT a LOT easier,, in the water it is easy to handle but take a break every 10 minutes or so. I use the Keene Eng Co. long handle sand scoop and this is a help. They are located out in the San fernando Valley (( and the WWW I think..))

As to Magnets, well I will pass on the steel ones when in the water. Use the soft ones.

The old G.I. pistol belt(s) & Combat Suspenders well they can last two / three good years IF you rinse and air dry them, salt water is mean..

Sure the coil weighs a lot, but the finds are worth the added muscle power. the water can be tricky at times so that lifevest is a MUST. for me at least. even IF you can swim, be SAFE and buy one...water goggles i use, snorkle well lately not as much.. The colder months will be on the way so i plan on getting a new set of Neoprene full sole Chest Waders... as my old pair has seen better days..B.T. W. all total this week is 7 silver rings 6 mens & 1 ladies Plus one 14kt nugget style mens gold ring out in the water.((( NO we did NOT find the DIAMOND rings etc that everybody else keeps on telling us they have found, but never seem to show us ))).. and the usual coins, keys and junk !!

Not bad for the week, but could have done better.. if it was not so darn HOT !!! I've got a TAN over my TAN !!!! good for me and the partners we have the senior citizen parking pass.. now if they just had a beer bar pass !!

We use Gary's Mobil Home head up North first then beachcomb all the way back down to San Diego

Well all have fun and keep on doing what you like.. to us the mark2 P.I. detectors do a darn good job.. and the price is right, we have seen the NEW white's P.I. in action, but will stick with what we KNOW is producing finds for us.. to each his own..

Take care and stay safe..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not to Rub it In BUT Thank you TIM !!

May 18, 2010
While at the beach day after Thanksgiving 2009, we were using the mark2 and Bingo a NICE white gold ring just came up , well I quit that day and headed home.. the retail value for one similar to it is $999.00 here in the Santa Monica jewelery store and thats the sale price.. was at lot five south, this month & we were up by lot 3/4 north and hit my first BIG sized ring, I mean a BIG sized one -- put it on my thumb and it would slide right off.. had room all around my thumb !! xeu marking.

Garrett tuned the mark2 up and thanks to Brad at Garrett's it came back as always in clean condition.. Thank You Brad. now TIM is a Beachcombing , Gold, and THer Professional, he has been doing this along the east & west coasts & in between since 1983

So if you bump into Tim tell him hello for us, he KNOWS his detectors and how to use them to there full potential,he has helped us & others as well, thanks to him we were able to save on our beach parking fees, hello senior citizen parking pass, L.A. county, he is one that is business first beachcombing, you will be glad you have met Tim, we are. Remember your sun block and do please keep well hydrated and pack a light beach chair and a small chair umbrella

So you can rest & sit down in your chair, NOT the sand. People have been injured by broken glass laying just under the surface.. so be safe, one of our bc buddies almost got his rear cut, he was happy his wallet was in his back pocket, now he totes a chair.. take care and find all that lost jewelery.. bill h

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Slip & Slide Update

July 16, 2009
Time do fly when your having fun!!!! Have been out with my fellow beach buddies, Vivian, Brad & Gary. We like to beachcomb. Now I read Doug's review he posted June,27th and I cannot understand what went wrong with his H2.

We had a nice five weeks using our own H2 and brad has the older H2 which has NO discrete elim and he was doing quite nicely on the beach and in the water.

Now yes bobby pins will give you a good signal, so will Gold and Silver chains, rings least this IS what we have experienced with our H2's..I/we like to head into the water waist deep and do pick up a few rings, and yes junk earrings, ankle bracelets, a church key Bud the king of beers and other items even cell phones. Seems some folks think a ziplock baggie is safe for their phones, keyless car locks etc.. the OLD hint put a magnet in your scoop IS a good one.

Now yes Junk abounds at a beach, pop tops, bottle caps, trashed batteries, bobby pins, etc. and it can be a PAIN in the rear at times, yet when one finds a Real 1948 copper wheat penny at 14+ inches deep at low tide, with the smaller coil (not the 10" x 14" coil at that) well I have to say GREAT !!! And a liberty dime at 7" + deep in dry sand a good 200 feet from shore.. keeps me on my toes for more. The best part IS the H2 is a do all, for the land, sand, ocean or fresh water detecting !!

No we did NOT find any BIG ticket items like a 12KT diamond ring etc, but let me just state we have had a nice run from Venice beach all the way up to Malibu Surfrider Beach. The last 5 weeks. People lose things from small pierced earrings to Ipods.

Getting to KNOW one's detector such as the H2 can be a Problem due to what some call the one tone only, yet I can just about tell 70% of the time what is going to be in my sand scoop! Brad the youngest of our group tells me it's due to my age & ears. Brad the wise one speaks. Well we wish you All a very good summer and find the BIG one with your H2. Until the next time stay hydrated and do not forget your sun block

Bill H.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Doug from nj

June 27, 2009
I bought a sea hunter mark 2 two years ago from a Florida dealer. I ended up selling this detector and loosing 450.00. I was not happy with The sensitivity to gold (very poor). This machine will deafen you when you hit a bobby pin, but forget about gold. The discrimination is not good at all, as you swing the coil it changes tones or volume. I have read other reviews, with the same complaints. I can't believe Garrett would sell these. I have read some of the other reviews and cant figure out how they can give this machine a thumbs up. Thanks, Doug from central jersey.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Slip & Slide May 26th 2009 Update.

May 30, 2009
UPDATE for May 26th 2009

Hit the Santa Monica Beach. Now after a 3 day Holiday weekend, well competition was HUGE !! Tim with his Minelab and Joe who runs the SMB pier bait shop were doing their thing, I counted at least 8 more beachcombers, scooping and sweeping, my little H2 was a winner for me as the others only hit the shore line, picked up all total $17.78 in coin. At 78 years old my hearing needs the stronger tone. I am using my H2 in Standard Trash Elimination ONLY as want to be ready for the Summer.. practice makes perfect, on the elim knob I use it between 3/4 later 4/5 MAX- Tone I like 2/3 and 3/4 hey it was windy up until almost noon time. This baby rocks! I went out waist high as I did not bring my wetsuit pants, and the waves were a little catchy..

Later hit the shore & went down the stretch of the beach all the way to the north end of it & back.. I hate bobby pins, and yes the lovely ladies must have lost a lot of them as well as discarded double AA batteries,
Picked up a Strong signal, found a cigarette case, around 4/5 " deep..inside was my little prize.six $5.00 bills and 2 Maryjane rolled & ready to smoke, so I trashed them. One thing it PAYS to listen to what other Beachcombers tell you as I now have the senior citizens parking pass and it is $2.20 for the permit.. & a renewal each year free. Thank you Tim for the INFO.. also I can get an L.A. county pass as well.. I will save over $400.00 a year.. in parking fees. The Tone setting is great for me, those with sensitive hearing well I am sure Garrett will come out one day with a volume control.. before I left for the day I did go into discrete trash elimination as I headed back to my ride and picked up a few extra coins but nothing to brag about. I used 7 on the elimination knob as well. This baby IS a winner for the cost, I use an army issue pistol belt as i can carry other items such as my mini plastic 1/4 " hand scoop, water bottle, & Velcro trash apron. My best liking with the H2 is land to water without all the B.S.! One just walks, wades or snorkels in. Will be heading back out if all goes right next Wednesday... you can drop us a line at Bill Haymen care of Shoppers friend P.O. box 4407 Burbank, Ca 91503-4407 if you like and let us know how you feel about the H2 and any small interesting finds you have or water. stay safe in the water.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Slip and Slide Update May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009
People wonder why a guy my age (75) detects, well took this baby out Monday 5/18/09 and found a few little trinkets, like a Tiff & co. REAL ring and lock charm attached, a CK silver teardrop earring, dimes deep, quarters & pennies give off a nice tone.
I hit Will Rogers beach where they sift the sand but coins lost years back were deep> it IS a BIG long stretch of beach, the tiff & co ring is in the 60$ range only, but it more than pays for my gas and park fee of $5.00. Now nickels well they come in pretty strong as well, and NO I am not using discrete trash elimination, still practicing in standard elimination..,((( tone wise I now like between 3/4 or 4/5 setting,))) elimination depends on what area of the beach area I'm hunting, 3/4 usually and 5/6 at times up near the still closed concession stands this baby rocks, those with sensitive hearing, it might be best for you to use 2/3 on tone..

I was not able to get out and in the water this time, Memorial Day weekend, is now here, so will wait until Tuesday morning 5/27/09 & hit both Santa Monica and Will Rogers, it will be 6:AM to 9:PM for me ..
Battery life, well Garrett's estimate is close, I change batteries on all my detects after 12/14 hours of use..more so in colder weather. The H2 is a Powerful worker & once you become familiar with the tones your on easy street, EXCEPT there IS always the " What the heck " sound(s), my sample collection now has over 200 different coins from various countries, + the usual pulltabs, bottlecaps, arcade & transit tokens keys, you name it I bet I have a sample in my box.. use them on all my detects... Garrett is a winner here with H2 BOTH in Price & Workmanship, price wise it is $260.00 less than white's surfmaster dual field at $899.95 & $360.00 less than the beach Hunter300 at $999.95.. with the H2 you can change the coil from 8.5 to the 10 x 14 inch ((( with white's well you cannot change coils ))) You will be Very Happy when using the 10 X 14 coil.

Your scoop arm will be in overdrive, so one should use the discrete trash elimination, as this baby is Very, Very Sensitive which I LIKE a LOT,, you can hit elimination at 7 if you like, well all have a great Holiday weekend & if your out Santa Monica way on Tuesday stop by and say hello.. Take care.. Bill.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Love the S.H. 2

April 20, 2009
Well okay more of I LIKE it, still learning and have had a lot of lookie loo's all over the beach and out to a good 15/20 feet down, snorkle nuts are nosy as all heck.. also got the Prizm 6T as a back up for the sand BUT I like the H2 for the dry to water as NO hassle just dive or wade out chest high.. Must be the economy, as have found NO rings, chains etc heck even the old dimes are slow in coming up, and I have been hitting Santa Monica beach as well as up by the Malibu pier, etc.

But no matter this H2 is a winner... all have a great summer come June and Find, Find, Find those lost items... happy hunting

bill h.

Overall Rating 4 stars


So easy!

February 14, 2009
Amazingly simple. My first find was for lady who dropped her $8000 engagement ring into the lake off her dock. I have found many coins and rings since. My only complaint is it is so sensitve I have found items as small as a 1/4 inch fine fish hook! Be careful not to turn the sensitivity too low. I only use this detector for scuba and snorkling searches and this machine is slot of fun.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A Dream Machine for the Beginner

April 07, 2008
I cannot tell you how many articles I have read on the numerous PI machines available on the market. I decided on the Sea Hunter for the ease of use plus the ability to take the detector underwater. I have not been disappointed with my purchase from Sports Authority, which was running a special on this machine. Additionally I purchased the larger coil from Kellyco. I hunt the Treasure Coast beaches and have found numerous coins, including a Spanish Reale cob since September 07. Be prepared to dig all, I never turn down a target, especially in this area. The Spanish Reale was a light signal and was very deep. I highly recommend it as a moderately priced machine that is very easy to use, especially for the beginner.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 24, 2008
I loved my old Sea Hunter, 500 and brought it with me to the virgin beaches near Jaco Beach Costa Rico.I chose this particular detector for searches in primarily black sand. Before I unpacked, I fell striking my head on my majogney bedframe, causing a subdural hematoma on the back of my skull. I was in a full coma, for three months, then 4 years later, I was told by my rehab doctors that walking in waste deep water was therapudic, and armed with my Garrett. It would be perfect as I fell allot, and their detector apppeared 'Eric proof'I finally found my detector, unfortunatly the charger, headphone and assories were somewhere left in the jungles of Costa rico. I immediatly call my heros at Kellyco here in Florida. Unfortunatly after 5 years these accessories were no longer in stock. They suggested that I speat with Garrett directly to whom I immediatly called and to whom I recanted my plight. 'hold-on'Back on line and offered me the newest model, for half the the price. all i needed to do was send them what was left and a check and ill be back grazing the sands of our treasure coast. Im getting back my long missed favorite hobby, and thank kellyco, their staff and famiily, and forever The Garret Family who care. God Bless the Diggers!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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