Whites Pro XL 6000

Price: $600
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 27 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.67
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.67
Maximum detection depth

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One of the best detector ever made !

November 12, 2007
It is my fourth XL PRO, in past I also used Garrett, C Scope, XP, Tesoro, White's and many others.
I usually don't have more than two or three detectors at the same time, so every time I want to try a new detector I have to sell one of the team. And every time I try a new detector I end up to buy the XL PRO again !
It isn't one of the deepest, but you can use it almost everywhere. The meter is perfect, and the audio too. You have four search modes, everyone has its place. With the 6 inches coil (Bluemax, Bullsey or Blackmax) and the SAT mode you can search in the worst ferrous environment.
It is a great cherry picker, you can only dig the locked targets, so you can cover a lot of ground in a little time and you will dig every good target in the first 8 inches.
The Hot Rock ID is very effective and it pinpoints very well.
The two things that I blame are the absence of a manual ground knob and a volume knob.
I really don't know why they stopped it. I don't think that digital boys can be as nice as this model.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's 6000 XL Pro Is Still The best Machine!

August 25, 2007
It is obvious to me that this guy that put down the 6000 as having defects and shorts on the board, must be a dealer selling new White's machines. I have 2 of these machines and have yet to find a defect. Yes White's stopped making them, but they still service them. Yes they have some great new machines, I own them...but I still return to my 6000 for the serious work. If White's stops servicing them I'll re-work the boards myself....I hate seeing
propaganda left as a real opinion.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


6000 xlt pro isn't as good as the older models.

August 13, 2007
I have tried the new 6000 xlt pro against my newer detectors and I must admit, The 6000 xlt pro, although smaller than the older 6000 models, The 6000 xlt pro isn't near as good as the newer detectors whites has out. This in mind, I wouldn't recommend this detector at all. Whites no longer makes this detector as it had some serious problems with the circuit board having shorts in it after prolonged usage. If you are seriously interested in getting a good machine, You should go with a newer whites detector with all the new updates, I would highly recommend getting the Prizm V or IV as they offer a lot of great features at a bargain price. Whites offers a lot of newer detectors which are great.

Overall Rating 1 star



July 18, 2007
This detector, in my opinion, is the best that White's has manufactured. It totally surpasses those digital style detectors. One, this thing goes super deep. Two, this thing, literally, helps me to find more than my detecting buddies. You get the hint!


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Finest detector I have ever swung, period.

July 19, 2006
I have used a metal detector since 1980 and the White's XL Pro is the finest I have ever used. I cannot imagine hunting with anything else. Every other top brand or model I try only makes me glad that I was able to get my XL Pro before White's quit making them in 2005. Until I find something equal or better, I will hang onto this one for a long time.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The best discriminating detector made

December 08, 2005
I have been coin hunting for over 30 years. During that time, I have tried nearly every machine available. The Whites XL Pro has, without a doubt, the best discrimination circuitry available. The large number of accessory coils available for this model allow the user to get the most out of this hobby in nearly every situation. Coils are interchangeable with the QXT, IDX, XLT, Classic III, 5900 and 6000. Unfortunately, Whites has decided to manufacture discontinue this model. I am glad I have one in my detecting arsenal and can't imagine being without one.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Pro XL 6000

June 19, 2005
I have had the Pro XL for about 1 month and I would not trade it for two of any other machine I have ever ran, I have owned most of the high end detectors on the market. After starting out with the Whites 6000D about 25 years ago,I have always been partial to an analog detector. They do respond faster and once your used to the way they work, digital seems quirky. I thought I would like to try a hopped up version of the analog detector so I bought the PRO XL. I just dug a pocket watch at 14" today and a lady's 14kt wedding band at 6".

Among the other detectors, I own the new top of the line (Down under detector) I've spent countless hours experimenting with and reading tips online, I've created my own discriminating programs, used all the various sounds, tried no discrimination used and every possible setup I can imagine trying to make this machine the top performer it claims to be.

I even bought an assortment of hot coils. What I've succeeded to learn is this detector responds slow, feels like a 2x4 in your hand and makes more sounds than a 2 year old on a cheap casio keyboard, the crosshairs and the numbers jump around and as far as I can see is rarely a reliable ID.

If you like complicated and being frustrated go with the (Down Under Machine). If you want simple, reliable, comfortable and just as deep(in my opinion) get the analog PRO XL. In case your wondering -- no I do not work for WHITES, nor am I in anyway associated with WHITES other than I give them my money, and as soon as I sell this over priced overrated (Down Under Machine) I plan to give them more of my money for another PRO XL to fit my 16 year old son's hand.

Thank you Whites
From another satisfied customer.....

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites pro xl 6000 working in Germany, walchensee

May 23, 2005
Absolute automatic finding, very helpful and very easy, simple to handle. Super! Deep searching.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My White's 6000 and me !

April 28, 2005
I have owned my 6000 for about five years and have grown very happy with the MD. After working with it awhile it has treated my fine. Have found items in as much as 6 inches of sand. I do not disc. but keep the settings in the normal and have had good luck. I guess my best find was this last winter when I found a charm braclet in 6 inches of dry sand in excellent condition. Valued as " when new " at about $1,600. I dig all hits and am glad to help clean the beaches of trash.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Pro XL 6000

November 09, 2004
I love this machine. Accurate ID, very ctable meter, quick response, and in my opinion greath depth if you know how to use it properly. I've picked up dimes at 9" which is nothing to scoff at. I would have given this machine a 5...but like another poster, I find the knobs often move with the slightest touch which can be annoying.

A rain cover for the unit would be a plus, but I don't believe there is one made for it. Other than that...this machine gets the job done as good as any other, and without the cost of all the bells and whistles.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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