Whites Spectra V3 and V3i

Price: $1500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.42
Based on 38 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.83
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.50
Maximum detection depth

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Great detector

June 12, 2012
It kills me to see some of these people complaining about the price of the v3i and they have never had there hands on one! If you have never owned a detector before don't buy this one! If you are 65 and older and complain about detectors that have too many functions don't buy this one.
If quality product backed by the industry leading service and you are willing to put in the time to learn how to use a PROFESSIONAL. Metal detector then this is the One you've been waiting on.

The time and effort that whites put into this detector clearly shows the second you open the box. I have owned detectors that were 99 percent plastic that were recket making pieces of pure crap. This machine is built to last for decades not a few years. Again its not a beginning machine. In the hand of someone who has learned the unit it WILL OUT PERFORM ANY VLF DETECTOR ON THE MARKET TODAY.

I get killer performance and the polar plot and sizing functions are great. Its screen is incredible!!!!! My favorite part of. This detector is its versatile and capabilities are sound to NONE! IN My search for the detector that fit my needs I went through all the top brands.
After lots of headache and cheep plastic I came back to whites. I had the dfx and anyone that has had a dfx knows what they could do well the v beets dfx hands down. But most important advice I can give anyone who is really hooked on treasure hunting and has no problem learning the detector putting in the time it will repay you're efforts with results.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


31 years at the same spot

May 10, 2012
Well been detecting since I was 11, 31 years ago. Started with a ww2 mine detector then a Whites old (new then) buzz box, another Whites, then a Tek, then a Mine, then 6000, then MXT and now the v3.

I started hunting at my old elementary school in 1972 and have hunted it with every detector I've owned and several others friends had with us. Same ol' school with the MXT I found another 5 silver coins adding to the well over 100 I've found there over the past 30+ years. One day with the v3 and added 7 more silver all more then comfortable digging depth with the good'ol garden hand spade. I'm going back there this weekend with my Mil. spec. folding shovel.
Best thing I've found is the depth and its ability to detect near to trash items.
One find was 2 dimes and a nickel wrapped in aluminum foil. Funny thing is I'm sure I know the kid that lost it in 1969 as I was the kid that collected the milk money from the class and his mother always wrapped his money up like that slowing down the process haha.

Only bad thing so far is that I feel I've wasted alot of days detecting with other machines. . . . gotta go back to the same areas and do them again with this v3.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 27, 2012
I purchased my V3i in March of 2011 from a dealer in Eastern Ohio. I had been using a White's QXT Pro for about 7 years and although it is by far the best machine I've ever used, I wanted to upgrade. Big mistake! I should've saved my money.

I've had the V3i for a year and I haven't found anything of value with it. I've ran it on every setting possible and it doesn't go deeper than any other machine. If so, then I must have a dud or it's malfunctioning. I buried an Indian Head penny in my front yard at 6 inches and the V3i wouldn't even touch it! I ran the loop of my QXT Pro over it and it may as well have jumped out of the ground! I tweaked the settings on the V3i and still nothing. Needless to say I'm going to be selling mine soon. What a disappointment.

Overall Rating 1 star



March 06, 2012
The Spectra V3i a great system, any body that complains about the price of the unit is a penny pinching low life, The Spectra Vsi is the Cadillac of metal detectors, in the real world you get what you pay for, The Seectra V3i is worth every penny and more.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



December 05, 2011
What I really want to know is will the v3i find more stuff that my DFX couldn't? I have hunted with people who use minlab top of the line and they didn't find any more goodies than I did and some times they found very little compared to the DFX. Its a lot of cash to put down for something that will only do just as good as what you already have.

Overall Rating 3 stars



September 27, 2011
Theres a lot to say about the White's V3i, I've owned mine for a year.
The V3i has got to be the king of settings, it has a setting for just about everything, and even the settings can be broken down to fine tune the setting.

After having said that, it really is a turn on and go machine. Just pick your program for your hunt and go.
I have 3 favorite programs, the Coin and Jewelry, High Trash and Deep Silver. With each of those programs I make a few simple adjustments for the area I hunt. I'm starting to like Mixed High Pro the more I use it.

If you just want to make basic adjustments it's easy to do on the fly or if you want to dig deep into the machine's settings and set it up to find coins only on Mars you could probable do that also.
One of the nice things is, if you get the machine way out of whack with wrong settings you can restore the program back to factory original and start tweaking all over again.

I haven't found anything real deep but I was impressed I found a zinc penny measured at 9 inches lying at a 45 degree angle. I've also found coins that I have passed over with other machines in the past because of nearby trash or trash in the same hole.
It really is a great machine and worth ever dollar paid, it sets the bar high for other machines to follow.

It has a few draw backs that I can see:
It's a heavy machine, took me 2 weeks of swinging before I didn't notice its weight.
It's easy to get lost in the menus, I think White's could of done a better job on it's lay out.
Last thing is, for the life of me I can't figure out why they didn't make it so you can plug it into your computer. That would have been a cool feature. Design a program and upload it into the machine or share with others and everybody could tweak on it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Deep Silver? Yes Deep Gold? Yes

March 21, 2011
My house was built in the late 1800's and have over an acre of land. I have detected my yard since I bought the house 10 years ago. I first used my trusty MXT, great detector, pretty much cleaned out the yard.
But I felt I was missing more stuff in the ground, so I gave the Explorer SE, very good detector on silver, I found 6 more silver coins at 8-9 inches, didn't care for Minelab service as much as Whites.
It took Minelab 3 months to fix and return my Explorer, so in the mean time I bought a Whites Spectra V3, this detector gave new life to my yard, 4 more silver coins at 8-9 inches and one at a little over 10 inches. In my opinion the V3 is the best of the best detector out there.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


V3i Beats Out the Competition!

January 28, 2011
It has now been more than a year since purchasing my V3. I resisted purchasing it originally, feeling that the DFX had been very good to me. That all changed, however, when a two week old V3 which was only used once appeared on the local classifieds at a price I could not ignore.

I quickly purchased it and sold my DFX setup. I must say that my first impression was not favorable. I could not see any advantages over the DFX and found the configuration settings of the V3 to be overwhelming. I decided to give it some time, and I am so glad I did.

This past year (2010) has been the best year of metal detecting in my 10 years at the hobby, and I owe it all to the V3i. (I upgraded the firmware of the detector from the V3 to the V3i in the fall). I have found more gold, silver, and artifacts over the past 12 months due to the V3i's ability to find small, deeply buried items that other high end detectors could not detect.

The Polar Plot feature helps to distinguish between coins, buttons and trash targets. Digital filters help penetrate mineralized soil while filtering out EMI.

Three frequencies are able to ID targets remarkably well, with a target accuracy/probability number to help even more. I prefer using one of the single frequency modes to squeak out a bit more depth.

The detector has dozens of features and configurations to maximize your detecting experience, but for the novice there are several simple, "Turn on and go" presets available.

Although many people find the V3i a bit overwhelming at first, those that stick with it and read the manual will find it is an amazing electronic device.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



November 14, 2010
The v3 is not a machine I would recommend for novices. OK,the factory programmes are good, but to get the best out of this machine you really need to be able to make several adjustments. This means you need to understand each of the parameters you change, and what is needed for the land you detect on e.g. looking for hammerds between the nails or deep coins on quiet pasture.

After 7 months with this machine it feels I can now tailor my programmes for the environment I want to search in.
The depth is great. This is a very powerful unit you can be certain of. It's also very sensitive to small items, particularly with the 22.5 khz.

Recovery speed can be fully adjusted, though the faster the recovery the less the depth(a question of physics)-Though it still hits deep when set fairly fast.
I prefer to hunt in middle frequency(7.5)-great depth and sensitivity. Here in the UK the 22.5 khz does seem susceptible to emi. I recently had mine upgraded. I read on the forums this helps with this as it's a more stable unit. I've yet to goto my roman sites and test this-before I just couldn't use single 22.5khz, though 3 frequency and 7.5 khz where nice and quiet. Still got some hammerds and small roman bronzes with the 7.5 khz.

The target id is brilliant. The polar plot is of great help in telling you it's large iron, even if the vdi number says it's a good target. The machine can give you so much information that it's exciting just digging to see if your guess was right!
Yes it's expensive, but if you are passionate about this hobby I would say this machine is a good investment.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My v3i

September 15, 2010
THIS DETECTOR IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST VLF MULTY FREQUENCY DETECTOR ON THE MARKRT TODAY! I have had mine for 6 months now and yes there is a learning curve on the unit. Every trip adds to your bag of tricks, your depth and you understanding of all that whites put into this splendid machine useable features are everywhere.
All the bells and whistles have a purpose you will see in the field. Its the best detector for the money anywhere in the universe. Little green men couldn't have done better than the engineers at whites did. And service after the sale is what whites has been known for from the day they opened the doors in Sweet Home Oregon. I would have gladly paid more to have a machine this versatile. Its simply worth EVERY penny!!!!!!!!!!!!If u r a hard core th'er this unit will amaze you every day in the field. And talk in adds is cheep whites put their money where their mouths were. GET ONE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeremi mann

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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