Whites Spectra V3 and V3i

Price: $1500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.44
Based on 41 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.89
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.44
Maximum detection depth

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Very nice features, Very High tech

January 29, 2010
I've had this detector only a few weeks now, and it is very much a different machine than my old DFX, it is much deeper, and the target ID is really good, I really enjoy the graph feature that shows size and probable target and I LOVE the wireless headphones, I agree with some of the other users that the price is sort of outrageous, but I bought mine used for much less than Whites retail price, I also agree that the stock DD coil is marginal at best, but I acquired a 950 V rated coil and a super 12 V rated coil and those 2 are all I will probably ever need.
There is quite a learning curve to this machine, so certainly give it some time before you give up on it if you buy one.

Overall Rating 4 stars



December 24, 2009
If Whites wants to invent and sell a detector where you read lots of new meter information, it should be accurate. After looking/hearing all the new bells and whistles, does it find more? All I can say is - Not yet! I should have tested one before buying. After all is said and done, it better find more than my $100 detector (which it does not) or something is wrong here. Yes, White's needs to pay the bills so it's up to the buyers to send a message - IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE!

Overall Rating 3 stars


Happy Whites Owner

November 01, 2009
I purchased a new Spectra V3 and within hours was out searching for lost gold and much to my suprize within ten minutes I found a gold wedding band . This machine is simple to operate . As a Old friend once told me "You Pay with Peanuts you get a Monkey to do the Job ! " So this machine is worth every penny I paid for it! Very pleased owner .

Overall Rating 5 stars!


What we really want from a unit...

October 28, 2009
I have been detecting since i was 14. I am 60 now. I have had all the best whites detectors ever built. So I think I know what I am doing in the field. But I just want to let you know what "most" in this hobby Really Really want out of a good unit...
1. a great silver coin detector !! Forget the discrimination! Make one that goes very deep just for silver alone. Hey it's almost the year 2010... Imagine, no bells and whistles, no tweaking-- no "getting use to" machines, no false signals. Just Silver--Then you would see us paying your asking price with out any sighing- If this idea is not for the other small percent of users, then keep your difficult machines for them to fool with. For most though, we can't stand digging up a quarter or dime signal and getting a cut piece of aluminum can or a piece of copper pipe... just for once, can we have something we want and can "really" depend on? Thanks.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Great company

September 30, 2009
Had a problem with my spectra, sent it in and Whites, much to my surprise replaced it with a brand new unit, plus coil. The turn around was great, and I am one happy detecter person with the great service.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



September 08, 2009
I agree with a lot of other people that the Spectra is very much over priced. I will NOT!! pay that price for it.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Priced Right.

August 17, 2009
There are so many advanced features in this detector. I am surprised it is not priced over $2000.00. Thank you White's.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



August 08, 2009
Whites. I owe you respect for your great detectors, but come on, this price for your spectra v3 is out of range. Come off your price and more people will buy your spectra v3.

Overall Rating 1 star


Great Detector With Not So So Good Coil

July 07, 2009
This detector is without a doubt a step above the DFX. I have spent the last 3 years with the DFX and when I finally got my hands on the V3 it stood up to all the hype. This is a very deep running detector with great features. The amount of feedback available on a target is simply amazing. I have used older versions of the 950, 6x9 Eclipse, and the Super12 coils on the V3. They can not handle the TX boost at higher gain settings, but other than that they ID and run well on the V3. On the down side, the stock D2 coil has a high rate of failure. I went through 2 of them before replacing it with a Super12 coil. The D2 coil is certainly not up to the White's standards that we know and have come to expect from this company.

There service as usual is second to none in taking care of their customers. This is a great detector for anyone. From beginner to advanced will find this unit a keeper.

Overall Rating 4 stars


White's best detector to date

June 17, 2009
Have been using the V3 for more than 6 months now. As usual you see people selling there V3 after just a few weeks of use. This machine takes several months to get a feel of and I am constantly learning new things about it each time I use it. Not a detector for someone just starting in the hobby. This is a great detector you just have to be patient with and listen and watch what it telling you. Use only V optimized coils as the regular DFX/MXT/M6 coils do not report correct target information. It's a very advanced machine and will deliver outstanding results when operated correctly. It's not a revamped DFX and is much more advanced than any other detector I have used. It's excellent in iron and has very good depth. It has every feature that you could ever want in a detector and you won't likey ever outgrow this detector!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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