Whites Spectrum XLT

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.56
Based on 48 reviews
Helpful Tips: 1
Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.83
Maximum detection depth

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Great Deep Relic Machine

January 01, 2011
I used the Spectrum XLT for about 4 years crawling the hill of Vicksburg. Bought it used for $350 from a preacher and it was the best machine I ever owned.
I've dug tons of relics and shells with it. Very hot on iron and shell. Darn good on brass and lead too.
Made my best find in 2000 with it, a medium lead filled CS buckle pictured in E&W Treasures April 2000. Found in a CS camp beat to death with all kinds of machines. Whites even used my pic in their add that month.

Just scroll on down to Relic Mode and do a little tweaking and just glide that coil all over and up next to trees and gullies ever so smoothly and listen. Just an awesome machine. You don't have to whip it like a step child like other machines. Best deal going these days with everyone claiming to have the best and selling over priced plastic junk for upwards of $800-$1000. Its like they set their detector prices like gas prices at the pump, future digging I suppose.

A good used XLT can be had for a realistic price of $300-$400. If your like me and are sick of every detector maker claiming theirs is the best nowadays just because they put a bigger than 8" DD coil on their new machines and call it "revolutionary", then get a XLT. It was way ahead of its time and its better than a lot of the top of the line crap today. Get one, you won't regret it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


You will never out grow it

May 19, 2010
Going on my 7 year using the XLT, I don't understand why everyone don't have one of these machines, I can adjust the settings to hunt every type of soil condition, even wet sand, I'm looking to buy two more for back up detectors.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Five yrs an still going

March 02, 2010
Hi all, I use this detector to hunt for coins, mostly clad. I really don't care for it's nickel issues, not real accurate on those. I have a garrett ace 250 that kills on nickels. Other then that I see no down falls. Depth reading is pretty good, pin point take some getting used to.

I have to admit I haven't played with the settings a lot, mostly use preset programs. Depth I feel depends on the soil, seems to go deeper in sand. One thing I have noticed is when the ground is wet expect a lot of dimes why I don't know. It is heavy compared to some. Display is good. Rechargeable battery pack didn't last but a couple yrs, maybe thats normal. It is a pick up an go machine. I would buy another one, hope this helps.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Great Detector!

October 13, 2009
This is my third detector and I bought it used as is a 1998 model.It was sold to me with a bad coil so after adding a new one, this machine has been excellent! Some complain of its complexity but you can use one of the pre-set programs and turn it on and go! Once you get comfortable with the machine's language you have lots of tweaking you can do. A little on the heavy side but performance makes up for it! I will recommend it just keep in mind it is an older model but a good working unit will do as well as any of the top of the line units!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 15, 2009
I've used this detector for 10 years theres no dout
I've found more than i can count with it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A very capable machine

December 28, 2008
I spent 2 years with a fisher 1266x-a powerful, non computerised detector. After several months with the XLT, these are my impressions:
1)The four pre-set programs are good, if a little lacking in depth. It's possible to increase sensitivity & pre-amp gain to get a bit deeper. The coin program still will only get you about 6-7 inches on a dime/sixpence. This is your limit for a trashy park.
2) very sensitive on hammered & small items-very useful for the ancient & medeival sites we have in the uk.
3) The use of mixed mode with a enhanced relic mode really shows the XLT to be a depth monster!
Silver threepence at 7 inches gives a huge signal!
This program not possible on aluminium infested parks, only quieter fields. Also the mixed mode operates like a goldmaxx, not nulling out a coin next to a nail.
In short a great detector. It will take a while to be at full speed with it, though it will be worth it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The good and Bad

July 29, 2008
My third detector, owned it for 4years, I kind of liked the long learning curve. When I get bored I start tinkering with new settings and testing them on test targets. However the XLT seemed flimsy to me, the display eventually went bad (missing lines) but it was still usable. The part that attaches the coil to the shaft broke. The batterypack crapped out on me. so I fabricated my own NMH recharble batterypack that actually worked great. Finally sold it to a pawn shop for a 100 dollars. and was surprised he gave me that much for it. Now I an living on an old pirate island (don't laugh it's true) and plan on buying a Excaslibur II. I practically never see anyone using one here.

Overall Rating 4 stars


XLT--Excellent detector well balanced easy to use.

June 28, 2008
I have used this detector since late summer of last year. At first I was wondering if this was a good choice. After checking the XLT Classroom forum I was able to pick up lots of tips on the operation of this machine. I'm able now to change the settings and get the best of the XLT. I mainly use the coin and jewelry program with different settings. (VCO -on), (Tone ID-on) for example. These two settings really help, other settings are secondary .
I think this is a great detector because of the many features if offers.
Another great feature is the battery, easy to change and as I have the Whites BHID can also interchange batteries with this machine.
Would highly recommend the XLT .

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Machine

January 31, 2008
I have a White's Spectrum XLT, I am very pleased with this machine. I have owned my Spectrum since 1998 and since owning it hunted in all kinds of weather and terrain. It is consistant with its targets and accurate for the most part when it gives an ID. With my Spectrum I have found 2 seated 1/2 dollars 1846 and 1852 both in pristine condition. Of all the machines I own the spectrum is my 1st choice when I want to find the goods and do it comfortably. I also own a Garrett 2500, Minelab Sovereign, Whites Classic I, Fisher Aquanaut, and a Discovery (Bounty Hunter 3000). Again the spectrum is a great MD and perfect for the novice or the advanced Ther.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Mine never let me down

January 26, 2008
I hunted with a Spectrum XLT for about 10 years, and loaded up on good targets. Due to health issues, I went to the lighter weight Tesoros(and I really like them). But, I miss the performance of the Spectrum.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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