Whites Spectrum XLT

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.57
Based on 49 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.86
Maximum detection depth

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Whites Spectrum XLT

July 22, 2004
ive used the XLT since it hit the market. theres not a better machine made. it is NOT a beach machine.

ive found generally, the bad reviews on it are all by peple who tried to use it on the beach. it CAN be used in this way, but you have to set it up for beach hunting. also, why can't any of you use "puncuation"?....you know, those little funny shaped things you see on the end of sentences? <-(like this?)

i would imagine that its the guys who have no punctuation at the end of there sentences that are having the problems, it looks as if they didnt finish the first grade! <--see that...thats "punctuation".

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites Spectrum XLT

July 20, 2004
Reading a few of the negative reviews if a simple detector is wanted, try walmart remember you get what you pay for.

The xlt does have a learning curb but once mastered its a great machine that you will never out grow

Overall Rating 4 stars


Whites Spectrum

May 04, 2004
i've been hunting for 7 years this machine is very hard to understand
you gotta stop and screw around with it all the time. way to many settings on it. very hard to use not user friendly at all.

the display is a joke on it it's good for one thing. break it up and take it to the scrap yard. worst machine i've ever used.

Overall Rating 1 star



February 16, 2004
I am a beginner. I bought a Bounty Hunter to find a ring that I had lost some time ago. I found it. But, I had to dig up a lot of junk, along with it.

I bought an XLT. It is really super. Yes, it took a bit of reading, playing, tweaking, etc, to learn to use it well. But, it was much better then the Bounty Hunter, straight out of the box. Now that I have learned how to set up the XLT, it is a dream.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites XLT

January 12, 2004
I love my Whites XLT I have spent alot of time with this machine my finds speak for themselves. The pinpointing is great, the target I.D. is amazing, I play guitar and it took lots of practice to play good same with this machine. I have spent so much time with it I can hear a dime next to iron now. I'm in S.E.
End of year coin totals 2003
This was my first year detecting I got my detector in april, clad total is, 2714 coins
1333 pennies 323 were wheaties
214 nickles
806 dimes
349 quarters
12 kennedy halfs all found in 1 spot under a swing
Old and Silver coins!!!
1 1766 King George copper hybernia vg
1 1773 Spanish 1 Reale vg
1 1781 Spanish 1 Reale f
1 1787 Nova Ceasarea vf-xf
1 n/d cut in 1/2 nova constellatio
2 n/d coppers "unidentifiable"

US coins
2 Draped Bust LC 1797, n/d
1 Classic Head LC 1810 g
4 Coronet Head LC 1831 g, 1838 xf, 1843 vg, 1844 f
1 Flying Eagle Cent 1858 vg-f
5 Indian Head Cents 1865 xf, 1874 xf, 1876 vf, 1883 yuck , 1900 vf
1 2 cent piece 1864 f
1 Half Dime 1853 g
1 Liberty V Nickle 1898 yuck!
3 Buffalo Nickles 1924,1938, n/d
12 War Nickles "11 from same yard"
1 Bust Dime 1832 vg
2 Seated Liberty Dimes 1838-O no stars vf, 1875-S in wreath vf
15 Barber Dimes 1897 g, 1900 g,1903 g, 1904 vg, 1905-O vg, 1906-O g, 2 1907 g,vf, 1907-O g, 1908 g, 2 1910 g,vf, 1910-D vg, 1911 vg, 1914 vg.
368 Mercury Dimes "very large silver cashe found june 7th 2003, 11 barbers,266 mercs,98 roosies were in the cashe"
227 Roosevelt Dimes
3 Seated Quarters 1857 vg, 1876 g, 1891 g
27 Washington Quarters
1 Barber Half 1910 f-vf
6 Walking Liberty Halfs 1937-S vg, 1940 vf, 1942-D xf, 2 1943-S f, "1945 vf, my first silver coin found april 4th 2003."
1 Franklin Half 1961 xf
1 Kennedy Half 1964 f
3 Morgan Dollars 1882 vf, 1889-O vf, 1901-O f
TIP: If you gonna primarily detect a beach then buy a beach specific detector :) J.D.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites XLT

October 24, 2003
The Whites XLT is a hard machine to master...yes it is! But what do you expect. If it was a "turn on and go" machine, you wouldn't be paying $$$$$$ for it. Read the instructions and take time to master the wealth of settings...I have found it a real boon, and I haven't started to master it yet!

P.S. Guys, try using some punctuation eh? Makes things easier to read!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Whites XLT

March 18, 2003
I found the xlt to be very difficult to understand when it came to some of the adjustments. Like you had to stop everything you were doing in order to switch hunting technique. ex. switching from strictly coins, to jewelry and coins, then there is the problem with hunting the beach.

You can't get anywhere close to the wet sand with out the machine going crazy. it couldn't take the heavy mineralization of the sand, and there was no way to correct it. it had great depth and it pinpointed perfectly, but the machine was not made to hunt in all conditions.

I found the reject and accept and the learn features were very hard to understand and adjust to, so to make along story short I found someone with a brand new fisher cz7-apro which I love and it's a dual frequency machine

Overall Rating 2 stars


Spectrum XLT

March 12, 2003
I bought my first detector about 2 months ago. I fooled with Garrett's some in the army, sniffing out landmines, so I bought a used GTA 350 for 200 dollars. It's a nice machine does everything it says it will, but I live in Southeast KY coal capitol of the U.S. and the GTA was digging me to death.

I didn't know about ground mineralization. then I found out from Garrett's, so I started studying and searching. I was torn between the Minelab Explorer, the Garrett GTI 2500 and the Whites XLT.

Well the only dealer close was a Whites, so I went and he demonstrated an XLT. I had already talked to my uncle that had GTI 2500 Garrett, and my brotherinlaw in Florida has a Minelab Explorer, and both agreed try the Whites XLT, and if ya dont like it, one of us will trade with you.

I'll put it this way, I'd ask quite a bit of boot from either of them. I bought the XLT and I am crazy over it. I love my XLT its been right 98 percent of my digs, and I just love the ease of everything. Now I am in no way putting down Garretts or Minelab they both have excellent products, matter of fact in October for my b-day my wife is gonna buy me a Minelab Explorer, he he She just dont know it yet.

I love Whites XLT though I only need some accessories, and then I'm set. A small coil for trash areas, and a hot shot 15 inch bohemuth for seeing what's in China then I'm happier than a coondog with a big ol bone hope I've helped.

See y'all ponylee.........

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's XLT

March 12, 2003
OK, I need to tell y'all a few more things. I've read the other reviews like I said I live in KY and have the bad ground mineralization problem on depth and identifying.

I was at Laurel lake spillway beach last week, I got a number off the charts on my xlt it went into overload then i passed over it a little faster and at a slightly different angle, and it showed me a dime I pin pointed both, the piece of flat iron was at 11 and 1/2 inches just were it said. But here's the kicker, the dime showed to be 13 inches deep at the other angle, so i dug them and looky here, at exactly 11 and 1/2 was the iron but here's the kicker, exactly 1and 1/2 inches below the iron wich was 10 inches long and 8 inches wide was a 1966 dime, and i didnt have ta ask nobody with a garrett to pinpoint it. lol

my garrett gta 350 also went off on the iron but not the dime, my wife was speechless so much the next target she aquired she asked me to dig it for her, so i got down and was diggin when i heard a loud beep. i looked up my wife had my xlt 25 yards away smilin and I had the garrett next to me for a leanin post.

I had ta follow her around the rest of the day diggin her finds she wouldn't gimme my xlt back. just like a woman lol.

Hope i've helped someone, you cant expect to compare a brand new 2003 whites xlt to a 1995 garretts gta 350 i understand, but i will say i have hunted with my uncle and his gti 2500 and his mouth waters every time the xlt goes off.

You be the judge, different machines will act differently in different soils or states i learned this the expensive way..laters ponylee.........

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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