Tesoro Silver uMax

Price: $250
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.95
Based on 60 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!5.00
Maximum detection depth

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Popular and best selling detector

October 08, 2007
Rafael the detector man at shiloh relics in tennessee says this is one of his very best selling machines. It performs very well for finding silver coins,gold and silver rings indianheads and wheat pennies. For 250 dollars it packs apowerful punch.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



October 04, 2007
This is a wonderful machine! A lot deeper than expected. Runs very quiet and discriminates very good. Get this,5.75 coil and the 9x8 coil and it will be all you need for most hunting. This is the only machine I will be using for a while. Thanks Tesoro!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Enhance the performance of this wonderful machine

September 26, 2007
If you love this super little coin grabber.enhance its performance with the 9x8 and 10x12 coils. They cover more ground and go extra deep. You wont have to buy a more expensive machine, it is comparable to the tejon and cibola.
Especially if you are on a budget.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Perfect machine

September 18, 2007
The silver umax does a fine job on coin and jewelry and relic hunting. Does terrific in competition hunts. I would like to see a frequency shift switch added to this machine in case you run into another detectorist that has the same frequency that you do or the same model of machine. All in all this machine is a wonderful gadget.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Dandy detector

September 11, 2007
I took the silver umax to the fairgrounds this week after the fair. Spent four hours digging lots of coins.I can't believe all the coins that people drop and not know it. This turn on and go detector does a fine job. All you do is set the discriminate and sensitivity and start swinging.light weight for hours of fatique free joy.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Even Better Than The Tejon

September 07, 2007
I'm a Tejon lover and often refer to it as the near perfect coin/ring/relic detector.

However, recently I tested two old Silver Sabre detectors (I&II) and one new model Silver uMax machine. I was blown away by the depth and smoothness of these detectors! I had always thought of them as toys.

I'm finding targets just as deep or deeper than I found with the Tejon.

The Silver is much smoother than the Tejon and you don't get all those clicks, pops, chirps, etc., like you do with the Tejon set on maximum sensitivity. The Silver sounds off with a nice clear mellow signal if the target is worth digging. Not a lot of background noise like is often true of the Tejon.

In our part of northern Michigan we have plenty of hot rocks and loads of iron trash. The Silver is excellent at target separation with depth I'd class with that of the Tejon or better. That Silver uMax stock coil is perfect for hunting heavily trashed sites. It works like a rifle shooting between the trash to hit hard on rings and coins.

Silver uMax expected coin depth with stock 8 inch coil would be 5 1/2 to 8 inches (depending on soil and coin size).

Expected coin/ring depth with 12x10 concentric web coil would be 8-12 inches deep. With this coil I'd say it beats the Tejon by inches even in higher mineralized soils.

That's not bad for a $239 detector!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro Silver U-Max

September 02, 2007
I have had a lot of detectors in my day starting with the tek 8500,Mark 1 ,3 ,1280 x fisher to name a few..When I got the silver Umax my arms felt like they were in heaven do to the light weight of this machine..what I can't believe is how it snips out the smallest of jewelry mostly silver..One thing I need to get for it is a smaller coil so I can get closer to the metal poles in the tot lots..The other thing that would be nice to have is a inline probe maybe in time someone will come up with one for this machine ..all I have to say it's one fine machine for the price

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simple in performance

August 29, 2007
I like the words around the discrimate knob the added max boost feature on the sensitivity knob. I also like the toggle switch which has three positions battery check..discriminate..all metal. Simplicity at its best and turn on and go.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Silver umax

August 21, 2007
I like these good reviews on the silver umax. I have used mine for three years now and have made some very good finds myself. I have found numerous silver coins and lots of wheat pennies. Great detector for the price great discrimination and sensitivity.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro Silver Sabre U-Max,with pinpoint button .

August 12, 2007
I bought this Tesoro Silver Sabre U-Max metal detector,with pinpoint button back in September of 2001. This Tesoro Silver Sabre U-max hasn't let me down! It's found a 1877 Seated liberty dime,1892 Barber dime,1916 Barber dime, 4 silver Mercury dimes (1930's - 1944.), 1946,1955,1956,1957 silver Roosevelt dimes, 1907 Indianhead penny, 1840 Novia Scotia large penny, a skeleton key (silver) 10 inches in length,one women's 24 K gold wedding ring with diamonds,14 K gold cross, 75 wheat cents (1913-1958), 1867 English Schilling (penny),numerous silver rings,necklaces,silver heart locket, etc.

To the people that say that this Tesoro metal detector can't find gold...you are wrong! This Tesoro Silver Sabre U-max detector loves rings & old coins! One week ago this Tesoro sniffed out 15 quarters in one hole under a oak tree! The pinpoint button on this Tesoro is awesome! My friend has a Garett treasure Ace 250, and he can't pinpoint at all with his detector,50% of the time,he asks me to take my Tesoro over to his divot,and use my pinpoint button on my Tesoro,to find his coins! This detector rules!! Also a heads up on this Tesoro,if you put the sensitivity setting at 10 or Max boost,you can go deep, but the detector tends to chatter a lot. I read in my tesoro directions (owner's manual)that if the detector chatters a lot at a high sensitivity setting (10 or max boost)lower the sensitivity setting to around "6 or 7",that way you'll get all the coins close to the surface,and this detector won't "chatter" a lot! Tesoro technicians have even verified this with me over the phone. When you lower the sensitivity settings to around "7 " you'll get a lot more coins! if you still want your Tesoro to go deeper,adjust the sensitivity setting back to "9 or 10",and switch back to around "7" to get coins closer to the surface (shallow targets)! I hope this helps people out a lot!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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