Garrett Infinium LS

Price: $1200
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.14
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars3.60
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.60
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No Guarantee

December 30, 2010
My detector was faulty from the day of delivery. Appears that it has a change of mind each time it is switched on - on some occasions it works, other times it is all over the place

When I reported this to the Garret agent in RSA whilst the unit was under guarantee, I was fobbed off completely (I purchased the unit elsewhere.) Later, when I complained to Garret directly, I was again fobbed off, as they claimed that it was no longer under guarantee! This, even though they admitted that their agent should have repaired the unit when it was first reported.

The detector now no longer works, and lies abandoned in my cupboard. I have never had a single useful days work out of this detector - a complete waste of money, and the Garret backup service is appalling.

Overall Rating 1 star


Not good to find gold

December 18, 2010
We held a vile of raw gold approximately 22 carat near coil and it didn't even sense it! Takes a small nugget of about five grams to set it off. As for finding relics it is good but I bought this detector to find gold and for that it is practically worthless.

Overall Rating 1 star


Infinium L/S Great Detector

October 14, 2010
Purchased mine about a year ago from Garrett. This is a Detector that takes alot of hours to get use to how it works. Read up on everything about this machine. It takes awhile to get to know the HIGH/LOW and LOW/HIGH tones. Practice with a bunch of items to get use to the tones.

I do a lot of relic hunting in Northern Virginia where the soil is like powered rust and this machine is amazing. The factory shaft is junk, it wobbles and drove me crazy. I Bought a straight shaft from a guy named Reid Bridges, see the video on youtube under Infinium Straight Shaft by SC Digger. Also if you do alot of hunting by the waterproof headphones for this, it is worth it. I went to Cabelas and purchased a neoprene range finder cover I use for a chest harness and it is more stable then the stock harness. This is a great beach machine also. You can't go wrong if you take the time and learn this machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Infinium a great salt water detector

October 07, 2010
I was hesitant on purchasing an Infinium for salt water beach hunting due to reading some articles stating it was not stable. After learning that the newer issued models had the cables upgraded, and the fact that you have to learn how to tune it for the specific area you are hunting, I ended up getting a used one.

I purchased the 10x14 mono coil for it since it was the recommended coil for beach use.

On my first trip out, wanting to dig everything, I found the unit very smooth on the wet sand. In the suds, the threshold did rise and fall as the waves went over the coil, but nothing that would make one not hear a target.

Setting up the detector was easy. After finding the quietest frequency to hunt in, I ground balanced in Slow then Fast mode, and once the unit leveled off, put in in Lock and that was it. Most times I could hunt in 0 discriminate setting, but if the salt water was causing the unit to run a little unstable, I raised it to 1 and every thing was fine.

First time out I found a 14K heart pendant...first gold in a while so I was happy. After an hour or so, I began to hear the differences in the shallow iron like nails vs non-iron targets. The Infinium hits hard on nickels, tabs and aluminum in the wet sand...a very good sign ! All those targets hit as a hi/lo signal, even a depths of 14-16 inches. Elongated nails and shallow wire most times give a double hit signal as well as a drawn out one. Good targets like nickels and gold give a solid, sharp, narrow hi/lo. Quarters and clad along with some iron give a lo/hi tone. Kinda cool and once you get the hang of it, you can learn what the machine is telling you. DON"T MISS MUCH !

The second time out, on the first beach I hunted, I found a big 14K earring. On the next beach I hunted that day, I found my best find ever in my 25+ years of hunting. A 14K gold ring with a 1 carat, super clean princess cut diamond in it that was appraised at 6K-7K.

Awesome machine in my book ! The only negative I have is that the stock configuration is not that well balanced so I had to buy an after market straight shaft. That and the fact that you can only use Garrett headphones due to the propriatory headphone connector. I still give it a 5 and would give it a 10 if I could.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Water, Land, Prospecting, Relics, Coins, Gold...FUN!!!

April 10, 2010
Got the Infinium L/S last year. Found 53 rings and 3 necklaces. Third time out and found a 3/4 Diamond ring, 14 caret band, appraised at $5300!
Deep seeking at 730 pluses per second on 32 separate channels, read the specs, this machine makes detecting in mineralized soils child's play. If you want to find it all including necklaces in the water get one, talk to the Minelab boys and you will find out the Excal can't come close to the Infinium. Do your homework before getting on here or a forum telling folks lies about something that works for a change. $5300 ring?

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Infinium is designed for GOLD PROSPECTING!

February 07, 2010
The infinium was designed for GOLD PROSPECTING. Many people buy it for beach and surf work and find it unstable. It is VERY sensitive machine compared to regular beach PI's. It can be just fine in the surf if you know what your doing. If your not going to go nugget hunting get the Garrett Sea Huter Mark II so Garrett doesnt have to hear you compalin about it not working great in the surf as it is a NUGGET HUNTER with DIVING as secondary function.

I have paid for my Infinium with gold nuggets in its first three months of use in the goldfields of California. It ignors all the nasty mineralization that a VLF detectors might go crazy on. The smallest nugget I have found is at .4 grams using the 8" mono coil.

It is not as sensitive as a $5000 Minelab machine but I wouldnt have paid for the Minelab in 3 months either. Very happy with my Infinium and hope they add some updates to it soon for more sensitivity to smaller gold.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Mis named, Not L&S , it is not for the Sea

August 16, 2009
Will not work in sea with waves. It simply goes crazy in salt water with the slightest wave action. Un-usable in the surf zone. Mine is brand new and i will try to return it. It works satisfactory on land but the tone is maddening. I would much prefer a mono tone machine. It's called a discriminating machine but you will soon learn HiLo or the LoHi signal could be anything . I feel like I just trashed my allowance and have purchased a machine mis represented by it's manufacture. I will call Garrett tomorrow to see if something can be done. I purchased it mainly for surf hunting and mine will not function at all there.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Infinium LS finds the gold and silver!

June 24, 2009
I bought my unit used with the 8" and 10"x14" coils. It was falsing so badly and driving me crazy and I'm a very experienced MDer. I finally sent it to Garrett and they were great. The unit had a bad EMF filter, needed mode E and, new o-rings and they replaced the coil all under warranty.Now the unit is very quite and I haven't had to change anything on it in salt water. I hunt neck deep in water and it doesn't have any problems at all. It's a great unit and I wouldn't get ride of it for any other unit. I have found 9 rings in the last four trips! So, if you have trouble with your unit send it to Garrett and have them check it out. It will be worth the wait!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New up date

June 08, 2009
I posted earlier about false signals etc. I placed a call to Garrett and ended up sending the unit in for repairs. They replaced the coil and complete control unit. The unit is now quite and works well, it really is a deep seeking machine. I dug the back of an earring at about 6 inches.

Overall Rating 4 stars


The gold in my safe says it all.

March 19, 2009
I was saving for a Minelab to work my claim. I barrowed my dads Infinium and found a one gram nugget in just a few minutes. This creek is highly mineralized and I have not seen a vlf machine that could handle the job. The Infinium operated silently up and down the creek. I raced home and bought my own. That summer I found countless nails, bullets, and six nice nuggets. One nugget was 12 grams. Only a couple rocks gave me a problem with a slight signal, but thats nothing compared to vlf machines.

I dig everything, forget hi/low or low/high. Don't try to test for Iron unless you want to leave the gold for someone else to find. As nails and other metalic objects work there way down a stream they fall into the same cracks in the bedrock as the gold. Three out of six nuggets I found were shareing the same crack with a nail. The 12 gram nugget was in a large crack next to a quarter pound nut from a bridge. The rust on the nut stained my nugget. I got a signal 3 feet away and it was screeming low/hi. I found the nut first and tested the hole again and got a hi/lo. I pulled out the 12 gram nugget and let out a little hi/low of my own. If I used a discriminator I would only have found two nuggets last summer. My smallest nugget was without a nail and weighed a half gram, found at two inches. Any smaller than that and I can't pick them up. Anyway, great machine I highly recommend.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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