Garrett Infinium LS

Price: $1200
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.14
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars3.60
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.60
Maximum detection depth

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Best all-rounder and a top contender.

October 31, 2007
Well I may only have had the Infinium LS for a short while and I am well pleased with this unit. I have used many types of detector in my 14yrs of metal detecting,both vlf,and pulse induction units. I can honestly say that the more I use it the more I like it. After using the SD2100 for years on the gold fields of Australia, the Infinium is a treat to use. It is extremely quiet, with a threshold that purrs along. The depth on the gold fields and on the beach and in the salt water is fantastic, I have found two 50c pieces at a measured depth of 18" 5c pieces in the surf came in at over a foot deep, it is comfortable to use and I am only 5'3" and 65kg, with the unit mounted under the cuff, it is well balanced. It is half the price of a minelab unit and a dedicated all rounder. It will find .3 of a gram, I recommend learning how to use it properly, before bagging it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Ground Balance This PI, Tune It Properly And Start Hunting.

October 31, 2007
If you are a somewhat seasoned hunter, and want to find DEEP targets in both mineralized and non mineralized environments, ( and water)the Infinium is a great choice. It really shows it's strength in regularly or hunted out environments. After about a 10 hour learning curve (I have previously owned a PI) and getting used to the LOW-HIGH/HIGH-LOW signals, it just started pulling out both gold and silver rings missed by other hunters real DEEP. The proof was in my results from using this machine. This past season (2007) was my highest gold ring count ever in nearly 15 years!

I am not a dealer, so I don't really care if you buy one or not. However, I did a lot of research on this machine, read the good, the bad and the ugly and came to the conclusion that the greatest problems were due to user inexperience and a pre-agenda to post bad reviews.

Overall Rating 5 stars!

9310 but not go

May 31, 2007
I returned to trying out the Infinium as I thought there may have been some ongoing development in the last couple of years. Unfortunately the last few weeks have proved little if anything has changed.

Depth. Good but not great on mineralised soil. If you have just used a VLF on bad ground in the past you will think the depth is impressive. If you have used other P.I.'s you won't

Discrimination. Low-high tone or high low tone. Trouble is good targets register as either so unless your prepared to miss good finds you can't rely on it.

Weight is to much with the stock coil making the machine really nose heavy. Not to pleasent for a woman/small man after an hour or two. Minelab (who are just as bad) and Garrett should remember that we are not all weight lifters!

There's better relic machines and better gold machines. The attempt to be a jack of all trades means master of none.
Relic depth with the stock coil drops off dramatically. For larger items at depth the Lorenz or Pulse Star will detect 100% deeper.
On the wet sand a Pulse Developments P.I. will search deeper without the noise and weight of the Garrett.

On the plus side its cheap and very well made and will get you into the water to a depth where most P.I.'s can't go.

Some good ideas but Garrett failed to follow up and may now have missed the boat with true discrimination P.I.'s just round the corner.

Overall Rating 3 stars


No Bad Press here the Infinium LS is a great P.I. Detector

April 06, 2006
I have read way to many reviews that people say this unit gives false signals, eratic etc. Well it comes down to this they did not know what they were doing. I have had my Infinium for less than a month, I have used it in the water and on land. If you know how to ground balance a detector then you will not have a noisy or eratic unit. I have found this unit to be extremelly quiet and easy to use. It gives the Lo-Hi and Hi-Lo signals just as it is advertised. This unit is cutting edge P.I. technology, you do need to figure out how to pinpoint with it do to the Lo-Hi / Hi-Lo signals. I did my research I read up and asked questions about it before my purchase. Go to the
forum read and learn. I did and I am no pro but you will not see me saying I did not know what I was doing so I waisted $1000.00 bucks of my money, and by the way I bought mine brand new for $850.00 how is that I shopped around. This is a top of the line P.I. unit and you cant go wrong with it unless you think you can just turn it on and go, it is not that kind of unit. Buy it if you want to be able to go Nugget, Relic, Coin and beach and water hunting, yes there are specific VLF detectors that do much better for specific purposes but this unit can and will do it all!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Infinium, some good some bad

December 28, 2005
I have tested one of these and think the unit it self is well made, good discrimination and thats about it.

Poor wobbley shaft,coil way too heavy, way too many false signals etc, it may be a deep detector but it would drive you mad first, I sold it and will go back to a MINELAB.
It was not a bad try mr Garrett at your attempt to take on minelabs PI's but who ever proof tests the quality in R & D should be fired.

Back to the drawing board and revamp it asap, as minlabs pricing and trading ethics SUX.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Minelab GP 3500 comes in second.

October 01, 2005
I have been putting the Infinium and GP3500 to the test for 6 months now. In the WA gold fields.
Finding a small signal with the GP then changing to the Infinium to see the difference and via versa. So far everything the SD hears so does the Infinium. I run the GP on noisy ground adjusted the sensitivity on both detectors to smooth the thresh hold. And the Infinium gets the targets where the GP fails.
I dig every weak signal and all ways have. I been checking the Discrimination on both. The GP is useless. But the Infinium works to the weakest signal. Very impressive.
I been a minelab lover from the day minelab started. I have all their detectors.
Both detector cost about the same moneys to manufacture. So what are you going to about that Minelab. You must of predicted this would happen one day. Why not do your normal tricks. Go steal this Discriminator.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best All-Around Detector! Can't Touch This!

July 19, 2005
If I had to choose and detect with 1 detector for the rest of my life, I would choose the Infinium! 2nd would be the Tesoro Tiger Shark and 3rd the Fisher CZ 20. As a pulse detector the Infinium beats the other 2 vlfs, because it can handle ground conditions better. With an Infinium one can hunt for gold nuggets one day and then jewelry in the ocean the next and then relics in the fields and so on... All of this rain or shine!

The Infinium can be chest or hip mounted. I prefer the chest mount and utilize Fishers wonderful chest mount harness, with the supplied Infinium hip pouch. OK, so the Infinium might not find tiny gold nuggets and thin chains. Who cares? I don't! When I prospect I am not looking for nuggets a tweezer is needed to handle! In the sea I am looking for gold and platinum rings with stones! Yes the Infinium can be noisy. Just turn the sensitivity down (discrimination up a bit). And yes, the discrimination is not as precise as a good vlf. But it is good enough and forces the treasure hunter to dig more targets, thus find more good stuff!

So far my favorite coil is the 14" Mono. It seems more sensitive and is lighter than the 14"DD. Yes the lower rod wobbles a bit- but so what?

The Infinium is for an adventurer, who seeks treasure of value and wants to be prepared for every type of treasure that comes their way. Yes it must be swept a bit slower. And yes you must learn it and experiment with reverse discrimination. After you do, you will realize that the Infinium is a detector for the professional and will reach for it first!

My only wishes are that larger coils were available for the Infinium. 18, 24 inch. Also an open center 10-12" and factory 1/4" headphone jack adaptor, so aftermarket phones can be used. Also coil covers for all the coils! If you want a coin machine buy one.

If you want a treasure hunting machine that is built like a tank, get an Infinium- then read everything about it you can and learn it. My Infinium makes me dream of far away places, romance, treasure and adventure! Garrett put it best- "If you prefer the road less traveled, far removed from the concrete jungles of civillization where man is but a mere guest of nature, the Infinium LS is the detector for you"...
P.S. If I could have only 2 metal detectors to hunt the world with, they would be the Infinium and the Whites MXT with several coils! Good Hunting, CC.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Rubbish LS

June 23, 2005
Hi my name is Rafael and I am From Mexico.
I do not recommend LS because is very, very erratic.It is really a expensive and disappont rubbish. Take a careffully whit it

Overall Rating 1 star


What a Machine

April 23, 2005
What a machine it is stable sturdy and well built. No idea on what the other person on here is on about. The machine itself is great to use.
Good Buy Minelab and Welcome Garrett

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Garrett Infinium LS

January 17, 2004
Being one of the first to buy it on the australian market,i found it to be junk. Poor depth,stem on it wobbles like a snake,false signals i had it for 2 weeks and sold it at a considerable loss

Overall Rating 1 star


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