Garrett Infinium LS

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Infinium Handy Hints

October 04, 2008
I have had my infinium for a while now and it continues to outshine my other detectors for depth at the beach and in the goldfields.

Here are some handy hints by Adrian SS from the Garrett Infinium Prospector Network Forum.


Adjusting the disc control above zero may help quiet some ground noise in the gold fields, but setting it above position 3 will reduce response to gold by about 50% at a rough guess which will all but kill your chances of finding small gold between 0.3 and 1 or 2gms.

When you start getting some ground noise, re balance over that spot (MAKE SURE DISC IS AT ZERO BEFORE GB,ing) as best you can and also, switch to slow or fast track settings as necessary.

The discrimination control is normally used to get a rough idea of what type of metal you may have detected when searching the beaches or parks etc; When you get a signal, keep scanning the target and gradually turn the disc control up until the signal goes quiet or just changes from HI/LO to LO/HI or visa versa and note the position of the disc control at this point. By experimenting with various targets both in the ground and as a bench test and by learning the signal drop out or tone change point of your favorite target types you can now use the disc control to help identify these targets.

The best way to identify natural gold from iron in gold field conditions is to DIG ALL SIGNALS that are HI/LO or LO/HI in normal mode that REMAIN OR CHANGE TO HI/LO in Rev Disc at a REDUCED signal level or that disappear completely.

You will find that the signal from most small nuggets and large deep nuggets will disappear in rev disc; It is when you are getting close to them that the signal in REV DISC from gold will be heard as a HI/LO tone which is why you have to dig these reduced level tones; They may not always be gold but it is better to be sure than to leave a nice nugget in the ground.
You will find that the signal from rusty tin lids and some rusty nails will disappear in REV DISC but when you get close, the signal from these items will be LO/Hi....YOU WILL NOT GET A LO/HI FROM NATURAL GOLD IN REV DISC.

Adrian SS

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Some things are just too danged good!

September 28, 2008
I started reading all these reviews of the Infinium LS. Everyone who wrote a review loved the one they had for this reason or that reason but no specifics. At least not to many this did it better and that did it better. Well folks here is a little bit different review.

The first thing I found in the first hole Was a Large metal Clip. It was down maybe only an inch. It had been a while since I detected anything so I almost forgot to double check my self. I just took a second swipe and still had a small sound to the hole so I started my double check. I scooped everything into my plastic scoop. Gee it was in there. I figured it must be a small nail or maybe a screw from the clip. Well it turned out to be a rock. I spit on it. Sorry I do not stick lawn dirt in my mouth as I have several dogs and cats. The rock felt a little heavy and it started to show some white quartz. OK this is different. So later on it turns out to have a fine very fine line of color thru it. I am saving it for now.

Next day out I found a large chunk of what later turned out to be lead. It had a funny white coating on it though. OK it was big weighed at least an oz. It was about 1 in x.5in.x.25in it did start to show some shiny surface after I scrubbed off one end of it. Yep lead. must have been from a bullet. I had not searched more than a couple of feet from where I was until it screamed at me again. I search and dumped it on the ground twice. I then started using from hand to hand. It got down to the size of a number 6 bird shot. Yes that is exactly what it was. I have even found some areas of black sand and maybe a few flakes. Still no big nuggies but what the heck it has only been three weeks.

This is fun folks. Good luck to all. I would not trade mine. 73

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Black Sand

August 23, 2008
I've always liked the VLF detectors for their pinpointing ability. But there are many areas here in S. CA that you just can't hunt with a VLF due to heavy concentrations of black sand. It is liked you are being locked out of certain areas and that always bothered me. I've only been using the Infinium for a few weeks now but can honestly say I don't feel locked out of anywhere anymore. The tones and the pinpointing take some getting used to but if you want to walk through heavy black sand areas like you own them...then this detector gets the job done.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


False Signals

July 08, 2008
I have noticed a few people on other infinium forums and this one who say that they get false signals while operating in water. I wonder if these people are having some cable/coil shielding problems. My infinium is an older model but I do not get false signals while operating in saltwater beaches, that is,I do not get HI/LOs or LO/HI tones, I do get some very weak wavering of the theshold as the water level moves up and down the shaft which does not cause any problems, and I only have to re ground balance two or three times in the day.
I am pretty happy with my machines performance at the beach; It consistently locates Aussie 5 cent coins at better than 15 inches in the wet sand while using the 10x14 DD. These coins weigh around 3 grams and are about 0.05ins thick x 1/2ins diam.
One thing to be sure of when ground balancing the Infinium is that the DISCRIMINATION IS AT ZERO, and AFTER GBing the disc control can be moved up to around the 2 position if necessary to reduce the effects of the salt.If it set higher than 3 you will loose sensativity to gold.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


18 inch mono/ Phantom No voter?

June 24, 2008
I wonder how long it will be before we get an 18 inch mono for the Infinium. Gold will be going up in value soon so we will need the best chance possible of finding those deep nuggets.

I wonder who the gutless wonder is who keeps saying no to these reviews but won't say what he/she doesn't agree with. Come forward turkey and say your piece.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Garrett Infinium LS

May 20, 2008
I am not new to detecting, been doing it for over 20 years. Mostly on the beaches of Florida. The Infinium so far has been a pain to setup. You need to keep the coil wire wrapped tight to the rod or if worn on the waist don't let it get above the coil or you will get false signals. You must stay on top of the ground balancing and may have to do it multiple times during your hunt.

I would not recommend this unit for a first time user. If you are going to buy this machine join some forums and read read read.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Gold in Iron ore

April 27, 2008
I have had my Infinium for a while now and although I said that I felt it was not as good as my Sovereign on saltwater beaches, I think I am beginning to change my mind.
What I have found though is that this machine is a brain snapper in highly iron mineralised ground, and no kidding folks, this thing can find gold nuggets inside solid iron ore; Show me a VLF that can do that!
Sure the Infinium works great at the beach but there are plenty of PI detectors that do that but only a couple that will find gold in iron mineralised ground, so if it's gold you want and your ground is highly mineralised then give the Infinium a go because you won't get anything better for the price.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Pulse Detector!!!

February 01, 2008
I think the Infinium smokes!!! I use the machine in tough black sand on the N. East coast without any issues. Where the Infinium shines is in the surf and water! The disc and iron check do work and help to really reduce junk found. This is a pro level machine and does have a learning curve. If you read the posts online you can reduce that curve alot. I also use VLFs and think they make a great pair working together as no one machine can do it all! You will dig more trash with a pulse, but out in the water targets a fewer and the good stuff is deep. The Infinium is so stable and deep detecting when adjusted correctly, that not much could touch its performance. Another trick is you can just dig the high-low signals while using the reverse disc and Iron check to just get the gold (you can cover alot of ground quick this way)! The detector is built like a tank and just works great in the water with the 8" mono-coil! I'll grab it in areas that have been pounded or are sanded in, as you'll probably walk away with something good. I have all the extra coils and plan to do some relic and nugget hunting with it too. It's a great detector to add to any serious hunters collection of water machines!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Infinium L S Best All Rounder

January 26, 2008
The Infinium can't match my Soveriegn on salt water beaches, but in the goldfields it's a killer.
It outperforms all but the best Minelab P I,s
and one or two high frequency VLF units that are designed to find tiny bits of gold within a couple of inches of the surface. If you want to find gold and can not afford the way over priced Minelabs, then get an Infinium, it will work pretty much anywhere.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The Infinium....plusses & minusses!

January 22, 2008
Having owned one, had a friend who had one and then field tested a good one, I can honestly say that there are very bad ones out there....quality control must have really died at Garrett!! My unit and my friends unit were very poor. Crap sensitivity (.22 bullet was about as good as it got) and false signals when in hot ground. Both myself and my friend sold ours ASAP. Have now seen a really good one and I am impressed! Can hear a .2 gram bit of gold at 3" with the stock coil and matches a Minelab SD2200 for depth on most targets with similar coils. Much better response on hot ground too. Very poor design for the stem as it wobbles like a 1970's machine, the stock coil is made for diving and is far too heavy, no decent range of accessory coils are available and the headphone system is completely stupid as you cannot use your own, you must use a Garrett set with a dumb ring connector only! Overall, a very poor design but when you put up with the flaws and find a good one that works as promised, it performs. The Iron discrimination is quite good and reliable on solid Fe items, even at full depth. For the price, it is a good first timers unit and great for ladies who want to hipmount the control box to save weight on your arm....make sure you get a 10X5" DD coil though!

Overall Rating 3 stars


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