Automax Precision v2

Price: $140
Avg. Score: 3 stars 3.26
Based on 35 reviews

Avg. Durability: 1 star1.00
Avg. Ease of use: 1 star1.00
Maximum detection depth

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March 12, 2014
This thing is junk when it comes to finding a coin, silver or gold. It will find a nail though. Total wast of good money. I should have looked at reviews on this pointer. Stay away from this junk!

Overall Rating 1 star
Durability 1 star
Ease of Use 1 star
Would you recommend this to a new user? Yes, absolutely!

The v4 is a waste of money!

June 18, 2013
I have owned an original Automax for many years. I have broken the probe off and used JB Weld to mend it. I have worn a hole through the tip of the probe. But, it just keeps on working! About a month ago, I decided it was time to look into getting a new one just in case my original decided to die.
I checked with Kellyco and found that they were not carrying them anymore. So, I went to Ebay and found several that I bid on. I ended up buying a new-in-box v4.

Man, was I disappointed when I got it. Oh, it is new and looks great, but when I turned it on, I immediately sensed that something was wrong with the sensitivity knob. It just did not operate like the old one. I thought I would just need to get used to it, but it only got worse from there. The longer I used it, the more broken up the sound was when adjusting the sensitivity. Now, the only way I can use it is with the sensitivity turned completely down. Wish I had read some of these reviews before I wasted $45.00!
I hope that I can a least salvage the probe to use on my old one.

Depth on a coin Depth Max Depth: 1 inches on US quarter

Overall Rating 1 star
Durability 1 star
Ease of Use 1 star
Would you recommend this to a new user? No, not really.

Worthless Junk

January 03, 2013
Never used a Pinpointer before, but decided to get this one from Kellyco along with a new detector. It is totally worthless. I had to physically touch the item with this pinpointer to get it to register. Called Kellyco to make sure it was working correctly and the nice gentleman confirmed that you do have to physically touch the item. After checking some other sites I found this is not how most other quality pinpointers operate and I needed to take all "reviews" on Kellyco with a grain of salt.

Overall Rating 1 star


Automax Pinpointer

April 29, 2012
I used to own an Automax. I thought it was overly large (about 16 inches long), hard to carry around when metal detecting, and clumsy to use.
By clumsy to use I mean you have to tune it when you use it. You don't have to do this with other pinpointer brands and you shouldn't have to do this with the Automax.
Other pinpointer brands out are smaller, easier to use, and,work just as well or better than the Automax.
If you're looking to buy a pinpointer, I'd recommend getting a Garrett Pro Pointer. It's rugged and small enough to carry in the side pocket of a pair of carpenter jeans. You don't have to tune it.
If you want to step it up another notch, buy a Sunray inline probe. The Sunray inline probe fits into a clip on the side of your metal detector, and uses your metal detector's electronics to pinpoint. The Sunray in line probe is the only pinpointer that can discriminate between different metals.

Overall Rating 1 star


Not recommended...

March 09, 2012
I got mine free like most people from kellycodetectors. It's very big and akward, it reminds me of a star wars light sabre! Also if you turn up the sensitivity even past half way it starts beeping, even while holding it in the air. The clasp belt attachment is very flimsy, my pinpointer fell off after half an hour. All in all a very disappointing machine. It works ok as a pinpointer, but for me it's just to big. I now own a garrett pro pointer and can't speak highly enough of it. . . but that's for another review.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Long stem

February 12, 2012
Got my first Max through Kellyco free with Whites MXT. Love the longstem which goes deep in hole and you don't have to push a button on. It tells you when you are about 2inch way from target. Had a PistolProbe but had to hold button while getting it in hole and it it picked up all in the area. The Max only picked up about 2inch way from target. My TDI does the finging, My Max does the Pinpointing. I now have 2 Max. Try IT YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Very happy after modification

November 06, 2011
I bought the Automax v4 a few weeks ago. I feel it was an excellent purchase for the money. I looked at the reviews and agree with most, that the electronics were good but the design was not as good as it could be. I made these modifications to it and now I'm very happy with it. First I cut the handle off and relocated the vibrator. I then removed the middle of the pointer shortening it 1/3. I used a small piece of styrofoam to hold the coil in the tip off the pointer as it rattled. I then epoxied the remaining sections of the pointer together and filled the hole where the handle was removed. Now it's only 11 inches. Very happy with it.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Overpriced noisemaker

August 02, 2011
Got one as gift, it is unstable and requires constant tuning, reacts strongly to mineralized ground.
Kansas soil is mostly neutral never oer seldom
require GB of detector, but the pinpointer still reacts..
don't bother wasting time, recycle the box, and trash the PP, on second thought why waste
valuable dump site space, just hang it on the wall.

Overall Rating 1 star


Piece of Chinese Junk

May 24, 2011
Like others I got this awkward piece free from Kellyco. Don't need something to sit and adjust and readjust and then have to be careful with while I'm out enjoying detecting so after careful consideration purchased a Garrett Pinpointer to replace this aggravating piece of junk.

Overall Rating 1 star


V4 Lasted all of four months:

February 28, 2011
My V4 was a free gift from Kellyco (minus shipping costs), fortunately I didn't pay their retail price of $89.95... Almost from the very beginning I started having issues with the V4 and was always needing to fiddle with the sensitivity to get it to work properly. It was easy to see that it was very cheaply made and wasn't going to hold up over the long run and sure enough the first time I got caught out in a light shower, it quit on me for good.

Anyhow I didn't even bother returning it to Kellyco, but bought a Garret Pro-pointer online for $109.00 and it is still going strong over a year and a half later... If you want to baby your V4, then it will probably be okay for use as a lite-duty pinpointer (if a free gift), but I "use" my Pro-pointer and don't have time to baby it!

Just for the record Harbor Freight sells one which is very similar in size, shape and features to the V4 for $16.99 which gives you a truer idea of its actual worth.

Overall Rating 2 stars


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