Automax Precision v2

Price: $140
Avg. Score: 3 stars 3.26
Based on 35 reviews

Avg. Durability: 1 star1.00
Avg. Ease of use: 1 star1.00
Maximum detection depth

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Good for $14.95 not $149

February 05, 2006
At $14.95 with the purchase of my Sov GT it's a good deal. It works fine with 1" or so depth for coins. It has both tone and vibrate plus a red LED. The unit is on the large side and the build quality is a little cheesy, but it will work until you can get something better.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Basic performance with many features

January 08, 2006
The Automax V2 has a surprising number of usefull features with a few negatives.I like the long probe very much for searching deep holes and it slips through loose soil easily enough.It has three modes for signaling presence of a target.These include sound,vibration,and a red LED light-a simple sliding switch lets you choose.The Automax V2 has a sensitivity dial for tuning to different soils.Battery life is amazingly good and I have had no problems with dirt clogged controls.Depth of detection is adequate in my opinion but I wish it were a bit more.It does 1 1/2" in air on a dime but varies with soil conditions.The unit is long and bulky, which is another drawback,but it has a handle and a belt clip.One can accidentaly switch it on by bumping against the sliding switch.Construction is solid and reliable but $140 seems a little high.It is often available for much less as part of a package with a detector purchase which is how I got mine.

Overall Rating 4 stars


A nearly perfect pinpointer

November 04, 2005
The AutoMax V2 works well for me. It has good depth (1+ inches) on most coins and more for larger targets. It it also sensitive along a wide area from the tip so it can be scanned horizontally to cover a fairly wide area. You can choose either vibrating mode or audible beep mode. For me, the only negative is it's large size but I can live with that.

I usually find targets quickly with the V2 and that's what counts.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Works as well as any other, but why is it so Big?

July 02, 2005
I've had a couple Wizards, the Tinytec, Automax, and the Treasuremate. I now have the Vibraprobe 560 and I'm keeping it. I'd say the Wizard is a best buy at around $15. Other than the Treasuremate, all these pinpointers work the same /equally well. The treasure mate was a little more complicated to me (too sensitive). The Automax - An inch of detection depth is all I'm looking for when the target isn't in the hole. A couple controls to mess with, but its easy to calibrate.

It'd be better if it had a metal point on the probe, like the Tinytec. Instead of just a flat plastic tip.

Not small enough to carry in your pocket. Too big if you ask me. My first impression was, "why is this thing so big?" Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a holder. I carried it in a backpack for the short time that I owned it.

It does feel solid / well built.

Did I mention its BIG?!

Overall Rating 3 stars


The Perfect Pinpointer

March 31, 2005
This pinpointer is excellent in its
Performance. It help me find small jewelry such as
ear rings which falls through the 1/2" mesh screen of my scooper.
When I first got it, my family was
amazed at how well it worked. It was able to find
nails in our wood table.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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