Automax Precision v2

Price: $140
Avg. Score: 3 stars 3.26
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Avg. Durability: 1 star1.00
Avg. Ease of use: 1 star1.00
Maximum detection depth

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Frankenstein Pin Pointer

February 23, 2011
The Automax Precision V4 is a good unit, and I am sure if used properly it would stand the test of time. Mine came as a gift with the probe broken. Being kind of cheap I decided to fix it with epoxy and a 3/4 in pvc pipe. It looks as about as the dirt it explores, however it functions perfectly. I use it to pinpoint at the local lake beaches and I have had wonderful luck recovering items that my detector has indicated. I have even found a small piece of gold earring that my detector had missed but the V4 picked up. Happy Hunting.

Overall Rating 4 stars


3 Years and Still Going Strong!

July 25, 2010
I thought it was time that I updated my original review.

Why is it that some people dislike and/or manage to destroy this fine instrument? Let me point out a few things concerning the Automax V4 that may help:

1. It's not a pogo stick, so don't jump on it.

2. It's not a walking stick or a cane, so don't lean on it.

3. It's not to be used for pole vaulting, nor is it to be stepped on.

4. It's not a toy, so keep it away from the kids.

5. It's not a crow bar, don't use it to pry your finds out of the hole. You have digging tools for that purpose.

6. Its long probe was designed for scanning deep holes with ease as well as keeping it's control box out of water-filled holes.

7. Be gentle sliding its 3-position switch, it's made of sturdy plastic, not tempered steel.

8. The probe can be immersed in water all the way up to within an inch or so of the control box, but the control box cannot be immersed.

9. The Automax V4 is of the blunt-nose variety of pinpointers. Don't jam it into the soil trying to reach your find, blunt-nose pinpointers are designed only to TOUCH the walls and bottoms of holes as well as sift through loose soil.
If you absolutely must pierce the soil to locate your find, then use the proper type of pinpointer for the job such as Intex System's Cache Probe CP 250. I own one for just such purposes.

The Automax V4 is very sensitive, it'll detect shards of foil if you set it correctly. Turn the control knob until the unit alerts, then turn it back slightly and you're all set. Recheck the adjustment for every hole.

You also have the choice of an audible or vibrating alert. I prefer the vibration because it alerts only me and not everybody in the vicinity.

The handle, control knob, control box, belt clip and probe are all sturdy and should remain so if the above recomendations are adhered to.

Unlike my Vibraprobe 560, which crapped-out on me after 3 months, my Automax V4 goes on. I got the Automax free when I purchased my first detector. When I purchased the second detector, they gave me yet another free Automax - which I haven't had need to use because I have taken such good care of the first one!

Take care of your Automax V4 too, and it'll serve you long and well.


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Ill try this one.

September 22, 2009
I havent bought one yet but if you look on ebay there as cheap as $22.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Very flimsy and arkward to handle

November 20, 2008
Got the pinpointer free with a MD purchased from Kellyco. It works fine and is very sensitive. However the case is very flimsy and the probe is easily broken if pushed too hard on the ground. Its size, while great for getting deep in the hole, makes it very hard to carry. The clip doesn't work too well for attaching to the belt and it doesn't fit well in the coin pouch.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Expected better design!

November 06, 2008
The Automax pinpointer has impressive electronics but the casing could have been better designed by a 6 year old! The probe part of it is nice and long and has good sensitivity on both tip and sides. The body and handle could have been sensibly condensed to at least half of their width, which would have made this a 5 star pinpointer. If that was the case they could then have supplied a clip to attach it to the shaft of your metal detector for ease of carrying!

All in all its a good pointer with a bad body. Never fails to pick up even the smallest bits of metal but then when I want to put it away or on my belt its just a pain!

Overall Rating 3 stars


Good pinpointer but big and the clip is bad.

June 14, 2008
The good points: This pinpointer is big and durable in the way that you can jab it through the dirt fairly vigorously. It has vibrate and audio modes and good sensitivity adjustment.

The bad points: It's BIG so it's not something you can really stick your pocket or your detecting apron/pouch. The clip is poorly constructed which is almost the only way you can carry this thing around is to slide the clip onto your belt or pocket. One screw placed on the clip has fallen out. The clip is also bent so it doesn't grasp that well after half of a season.

I don't think the positives compensate enough for the downfalls. But if you can deal with the size and the shoddy clip it's a good pinpointer.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Best Buy for the money

May 14, 2008
I have had mine for over a year now can't say anything bad about it. The only thing I did to it was I put electrical tape around the bottom of the probe to protect it from any glass that may be in the hole. I will buy another just for a back up.
5+ stars.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good basic pinpointer

April 06, 2008
I've had the Automax for 2 years now - it came free with my detector. It works well enough that I don't want to spend $100+ to get another one. I had one problem with it. It started to vibrate all the time, no matter where the knob was set. It was out of warranty so I took it apart (I'm an electronics tech). One of the wires to the coil was not stripped and it was globbed in the solder connection. It did work for more than a year like this. I de-soldered the connection, stripped the wire and re-soldered neatly. It has been fine ever since. I noted that it has surface mount components but it looks like it was hand soldered which is a bit strange. The soldering looks a bit sloppy but it works. The plastic probe tube looks like it is made of reasonably thick plastic but I haven't used it to pry anything.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Automax, needs structural help.

March 01, 2008
Got mine free with new MD. Read that it was flimsy and it was. I bought 3/4" plastic pipe and epoxied it over. Now it's virtually indestructable. Works great, very sensitive, can even scan the ground for surface objects. Good battery life, just a little long and awkward. No complaints, it is what it is and does what it is designed for. Reinforce it off the bat and no one will have a reason to complain.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Good electronics, but not satisfied

February 23, 2008
It works good, but too much hassle in adjustments... I bought it used very cheap (for like $60) for my son. I use a Vibraprobe, which IMO is byfar superior... no configuration, no swicth, no sound... just vibraton on your hand.

Overall Rating 3 stars


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