Teknetics T2

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.43
Based on 44 reviews
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.50
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.50
Maximum detection depth

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T2 se review

February 24, 2013
Very nice detector.
Very good depth.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


T2 the best in the west

June 18, 2012
I have had the t2 for three years upgrading to the SE last year. A wonderful machine. I have used many different Tesoro machines which are great hoovers. A Minelab explorer. On a site that I tried the minelab with my usual settings I was finding nothing, yet a few yards away I had found Roman coins!.
I went back with the T2 and I was falling over the finds at a tremendous rate. 30 Roman coins in 20 minutes plus three brooches. The finds keep coming.

On a favourite grass field which I had considered played out with all machines. Wow the T2 made it live again. A Medieval latten spoon at 13 inches. My settings in the main are sens 75 disc 15 sounds 2+ but now I tend to use the boost all the time so the 2+ is replaced by that setting AMAZING !

Overall Rating 5 stars!


English searcher

February 20, 2012
I have owned a t2 for more than two years now. Starting with a 6 chip t2 found it great. My main site is littered with iron nails but this baby got near to them and still found roman coins. In autumn 2011 I bought a t" se . What a difference when in boost! on most of my sites I run it in boost all the time at sens 75 disc 17. I sometimes have to check small iron signals but soon move on. Deep I should say so.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


T2 is a fantastic detector

November 22, 2011
Just bought the T2 and I have to say I am amazed at how good it is and is ideally suited to our detecting conditions here in the UK, its very light especially after my DFX that I have been shooting from the hip for the past 5 years it was getting a little heavy for me.

Setting up takes just seconds, sens 70 Disc 5 Tone 2+ and you are away detecting and all you need to worry about is the 2 sounds grunts for iron and higher pitch for good stuff and thats it really.

I just love detecting with this machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


T2 SE Review

March 11, 2011
I purchased the T2 SE in February 2011. I spent several months reviewing this detector and the F75 LTD. I have been civil war relic hunting for eight years now.

I have used and still use my Minelab Etrac, Tesero Tejon, White's XLT, and all the Minelab Explorers from the S, XS, and II. With this experience and the amount of relics I have found during this time, I feel that I can give a fair and honest review of a metal detector.

I would really give the T2 SE 4.5 stars, but they do not offer that here. When I first got the detector I found it to be a very simple machine to set up. I really liked the sleak look of the T2 SE and the all black appearance. The weight was unbelievable! You can swing this detector from sun up to sun down and your arm feels great. Try that with a Minelab. The four AA batteries really helped the relic hunting budget also. You can get two full trips out before you have to change the batteries. When I say trips out, I mean 8 to 9 hours of swinging.

My first trip out with the T2 was almost a disaster. I was so angry that I would have proablly sold it for $500.00 if someone would have offered it to me at the time. The machine would just chatter and chatter and chatter. This is in an area that I have hunted for years and never had a problem like this before. So, EMI and any metal that may be on you or your boots will be picked up by the T2 SE. The depth was not there like I had read on the forums and reviews. I felt cheated and frustrated by that. I found relics with it, but nothing like I expected. So after this trip, it was back to the drawing board with the T2 SE.

At home, I took the machine out and ran through all the different settings and other functions. I read the manual over and over and went back to asking questions on the forums. My homework paid off!

The next week I found the T2 SE as a beast and I have been so excited since then. I found my perfect setting on discrimination mode set at 15, running on +2 tones with the sensitivity set at 92. When I do hit a target that does not hold the pitch or tone, I switch over to Boost Mode and it ALWAYS hits hard and holds the tone. The depth came alive also. Getting an honest 7-10" is common with the T2 SE. What I found wrong on my first trip was that I keep it in Boost Mode and ran the sensitivity around 95. This kept the T2 machine unstable and hitting on very small pieces of metal.
I only use the Boost Mode to clear up soft and deep signals and to enhance a questionable sound. Tall grassy areas is a place I have used it with success in the recent past and it worked very well. I had to swing the detector at a slower pace, but it was stable.

The T2 SE is now my first weapon of choice over my Etrac and Tejon. The speed at which it recovers is unbeatable. The sweep speed is great for those areas you just want to blitz to see what is there. The depth meter is the best I have seen so far. Pinpointing was easy for me since I was used to the DD coil. The large display screen is easy to read and the target ID is dead on.

My only negative issues is the EMI and not being able to hunt near my friends since they all use the Minelab Explorers. Way to much interference! I have to stay about twenty yards or more away from them so I will not get an ear full of chatter. The EMI was well explained to me before I purchased the detector, so I was aware of this issue. When I get around strong EMI intereference I adjust my sensitivity and switch channel from F1 to F4. It helps and the chatter is easier to work with.

So, with the T2 SE you get one powerful detector that you can use all day without arm fatigue. The T2 SE is deep, reliable, easy to use (after you read the manual a couple of times), fast and not a power hog. I am sold on this machine! Please visit my Youtube channel, wesnvirginia, and see for yourself. Also, please visit wedigdixie.net to see my still photos under Wes-N-VA. Thank you and good luck with your decision.

Overall Rating 4 stars


First Day out

February 20, 2011
Have had many types and makes of detectors but this one takes some beating. First day out found two hammered silver coins, a Roman bow fibula with traces of silver still on it, a coin weight 14c beehive thimble belt attachment and loads of lead some very small and all gave good tight dig me tones. Only dug two deep iron tones.

Did get some chatter as the field was under a power line and lots of iron in the ground but just lower the sens and the t2 settled down, could use right under the power line with no trouble.

Settings used in the stubble field was sen 65 dic 5 tone 2+ the field was a well used field that has been gone over by others but the t2 was getting loads of good dig me tones say no more.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Best detector I've used

October 04, 2010
I started detecting with a viking , then moved on to a bounty hunter followed by a whites classic III, Whites MXT, Minelab sovereign, Fisher CZ 6a, Teknetics T2, Whites V3 and my current detector is a T2 Ltd. Of all the machines listed the one that has found me the most is the T2. It loves silver hammered coins, and is equally as good on ploughed and grass land. I was a bit skeptical of all the ads claiming that the T2 Ltd was much deeper but I went ahead and bought one. I'm very glad I did as the depth is unbelievable - it's put some new life into some of my fav sites that I thought I'd cleared out! I wouldn't want to be without my T2!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



September 15, 2010
Very good detector. I have owned one for 1.5 years and in that time I have found:

A gold posey ring reads: A friends gift
Loads of roman from worked out sites
7 x celtic staters from diffrent sites

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Teknetics T2

August 28, 2010
I bought the T2 after long hours on the net doing research on the best buy for me. So I could not find any second hand T2's out there (new model 6.0 software) this is always a good sign, you do not sell it if it works!
So on my first outing being a total novice I did the GC and set it to tone 2+ sensitivity 60 and discrimination on 10. I got these settings of the net as well and it is for use in heavily contaminated ground, iron and lead. And I was stunned at the results! My first tone was a thimble, second was a silver George the V florin 1920. I found a spectacle buckle and a market weight a square coin weight and loads of lead!

Then on my last outing the 3rd I dropped the discrimination to 5 and the sensitivity to 50 and I was flying! I found several Boy Bishop Tokens an 1816 silver sixpence George the III and plenty Vicky pennies.

The T2 is the ideal machine for the novice and the expert. A Roman coin at about 8 inches sounded clear and crisp and the meter read 92! I learned from a friends demonstration not to pay to much attention to the meter but to trust my ears and boy did it work! When in doubt dig it!

The depth on this machine is amazing and it has a build in pin pointer operated by the trigger it tells you where to dig! I found silver on two out of three outings and I must admit it will take me a few months to master the T2 but it is worth it the battery meter has dropped one bar and I have been out for about for 23 hours!

If you are wondering what to buy this is it you can't go wrong with the T2.

Sine my first few times I had a chance to get to know the T2 a little better and I am learning more every outing. It is a very good machine but there is a little chatter when you are close to power lines. Ignore this but listen carefully for the high pitched sounds on 2+. It usually is a winner! Good luck! I might get a chance to test the new Detech SEF (Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field) coil, once I have done this I will post the full report here with pictures of the coil and finds! Oh yeah slow down lads lets test it first!

Suggested settings for the T2
Beach: Tone 3b Sens 90 Disc 40
Relic hunting: Tone +3 Sens 90 disc 10
Iron contaminated ground Tone Dp Sens 75 Disc 18
Iron contaminated ground(2) Sens 70 Disc 15 Tone 2+
Stubble Tone: 1 Sens 60 Disc 25-35
Ancient Sites: Sens 70 Disc 15 Tone 2+
Hard Ground: Sens 75 Disc 18 Tone Dp
Coin Shooting: Sens 95 Disc 35 Tone 1
Riverbank: Sens 90 Disc 35 Tone 1
Pasture: Sens 85 Disc 5 Tone 2+
Dig everything! Sens 70 Disc 5 Tone 1
Good hunting!
New update!

Well I had time to get to know the T2 and if it is coins you want here are the settings for it. Sensitivity 70. Discrimination 10. Tone 2+. Happy hunting and don't worry about swing speed just make sure you keep the coil on the level while swinging as close to the ground as possible! Listen for the faint signals and silver minted coins come up as 70 on the meter small hammered coins come up as 66. Happy hunting!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Teknetics T2 vs Garrett GTI2500 / more $$ vs less $$

February 09, 2010
Teknetics T2 review.

As we are all the same, me after readings reviews about T2 I was haungry to have one. I have also Garrett GTI2500.
I thought if I sell GTI2500 first and than buy T2 should be OK and I should be happy as all people who wrote very
positive reviews about T2. But as always I told myself better buy first T2 and than sell GTI2500. So I wait until I was able
manage finances to that point.
If I will sell GTI2500 first and than buy T2 I will cry?(swear) on me every day till my last day. It would be biggest mystake
of my life ever. I have GTI more than two years and I know how to operate that machine even as sleeping. I had many detectors
and found many good and rubbish items. I was owning T2 for 2 month, doing tests side by side, at home,fields,goldfields and beach,
as one was to go.

T2 is but beautifull machine,pleasure to have it,and if you have no chance to compare it will be keeper for you,
because sometimes only one rule rules, What is yours is the BEST. But I had the chance so I am giving it 3 and 1/2 stars
due my chance to compare it with GTI2500 and due to points as stated below.:

T2 vs GTI2500

T2 :
--needs to be ground balanced manually in many situations, which GTI handle even on automatic GB
--has no as many coils to use as GTI and if you do not know,coils are first Input important devices for finding targets
--is not deeper detector than GTI, they are neck to neck if using same size coil. If you use bigger coil on GTI,T2 is lost.
And if you use two box multiplier on GTI2500(I tested main) which goes several feet down 15-20 feet. T2 is gone.
--T2 is not as easy to switch from All metal mode to Disc.mode as GTI 2500
--has no better separation in trash area than GTI,
--is not better on the beach, (needs manuall ground balancing)
--has no backlight, nearly useless after dark, GTI has backligtht and talk,
--is lighter than GTI,
--battery last no longer than in GTI but GTI uses 8 AA batt. T2 uses only 4AA batt.
--T2 has no graphical target image size showing just ID numbers,
size showing on GTI2500 is more usefull than any other ID used(example: scanning target one direction shows small size,another direction big size,
means nothing round,no coin,no round ring, above you see conductivity, no stable reading? so iron Nail or similar, or pulltab or similar,

--T2 has no on display screen shown if target is Gold or Silver target, just RUBBISH signs and US coins.

!! So no conductivity and their compability of targets are shown,very clever,so nobody can swear that was mislead and dug
pulltab under golden ring sign !! etc,etc, as you can read about it in reviews, T2 will mislead you too,because conductivity
of ring is as conductivity of pulltab in many cases, so ID number is also the same as tone.

--has more tones to hunt with over 2 tones GTI, but if you hunt with T2 on more than 3 tones or on defaults all tones you go n????
and you will be out of chance to hunt properly,you will be thinking you nut or T2 is going nut. Useless on max tones settings
better said confusing
--has no talking abbilities ,which are usefull if you blind and want use detector, or use detector without light in dark,
confusing in very trashy areas,but you can switch it off anytime
--has no notching abilities
--has no any preprogramed hunting programs to start for novice or experienced hunter
--has no any ability to set up own hunting custom program which can stay in memory
--looses setting after switching OFF( I know can be setup in 20 seconds,but is disturbing if you low on battery and needs to be switched often)
--T2 costs more than GTI2500 what is for me perfect,because I could buy for less money GTI which is in my opinion better machine generally
as I know now.
--T2 is overpriced as compared to Fisher F75 and GTI 2500 which has similar features as GTI2500 except graphics analyzer.

I hope I just covered basics why I prefer Garrett GTI2500 over Teknetics T2.

Conclusion: my T2 was sold currently for retail price $ 899.00 as new condition(not for $2000.00) and I was happy I got my money back.
GTI2500 is keeper over T2. But be aware is my review and is me who likes read manuals and who knows how handle GTI2500 and T2 properly.
T2 can win competition in some areas over GTI if both are running in discrimination mode. But T2 will hardly win over GTI2500 if they run full blast
All metal mode. This is way users of GTI should always hunt on All metal mode,(in this mode GTI is more reliable and stable than T2, )and GTI is showing
in All metal mode not only conductivity but also size and is switchable to Disc mode and back to All metal mode within 1(one)second.

Happy hunting- 09.Feb.2010(sorry about my english I know is not perfect as second language,but I hope my review will help you + or _ )

Overall Rating 3 stars


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