Teknetics T2

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.42
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Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.44
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.44
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The newer T2 really is a BIG winner

October 17, 2006
I got my T2 from First Texas in July 2006 and at first it drove me absolutely nuts. Then I figured out, with customer support, that the connection from the coil to the box was loose. From that time on I have gotten better with it every day. It has now become my favorite detector. My other two are a Soverign GT with 180 Digimeter and SR inline probe, and a Tejon. The T2, once you learn it, will outperform either the Gt or the Tejon on most sites. The Tejon may be on par with it on a clean relic site but in trash the T2 kill's it. I consistently find more with the T2 than I do with the GT. I have tried them side by side, marking finds with paper and using all three detectors and the T2 is better at ID and find's more deeper stuff. You MUST be willing to put in the time with it. If you are not ready to put your other detectors aside for a month and use the T2 exclusively then maybe you shouldn't buy one but if you are willing to put the time in, it will greatly reward you. FWIW, the newer T2s are shielded and much better near interference. Under low power lines I hear a pulse but 10 or 15 ft away there is no problem. The pinpoint on the T2 is dead on. I can pinpoint with the T2 and put my finger right on the spot where the target is every time. I can swing it with two fingers and the batteries last so long you can't believe it. I have found a LOT of great relics with it. Both the quanty and the quality of my finds have gone up since I have learned the T2. I still use the Gt and the Tejon from time to time, the GT for it's ability to lock right on to a target and the Tejon for it's ability to find targets and surprise me. Sometimes with the Tejon I dig a target on a hunch and it turns out to be good but I am never certain. I think to myself... how did it do that?
One thing about the T2 that you have to really get used to is it's inability to lock on to a solid TID number in high iron ground. It will, for instance, on a minnie, read 73 but it will jump from the low 60s to the high 70s with a random 73 every few numbers if you are in high iron... you dig those! In clean ground it will lock right on to 73. A nickle read's 57 but a pulltab reads 58-63. If it does not read 57, don't bother. The 3b setting is really great if you are in a yard full of crown steel bottle caps. In 2+ or 3 you will get a good tone but in 3b you will get a good tome and an iron "grunt" unless the cap is mashed flat, then it may sound good all the way. I dig a lot of "iffy" targets anyway so no matter. Just be aware that you MUST be ready to put in the hours of work with the T2 for it to reward you. You will find good targets from the get-go but you will find even better and deeper targets with experience. If for some reason I had to get rid of two of my detectors and could only keep one... I would keep the T2, no question.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


T2 is a very hot detector

May 30, 2006
I have only used the T2 for a few hours, but so far, I can say that that Andy's Review of this detector is very biased and not completely accurate in my opinion. Yes, this detector does suffer from electrical interference just as the Coinstrike does, but it can be managed by lowering the sensitivity down & switching frequencies, and ground cancelling also helps. Now, I have had to lower the sensitivity down to 50's for this reason. BUT, this is a very hot detector and will pickup a straightened out paper clip 6-8" deep with no problem.

The T2 is hotter on small items especially gold then the Xterra 70 with stock coil. The tones are preferrable to me then the Xterras. The depth is better then the Xterras as well. It's also better balanced eventhough it weighs a few ounces more.

Pro's = Light weight & well balanced, easy to setup, very hot and sensitive on small items & gold. Nice tones. I also like the earphone jack in the back. It is very well constructed and even the shipping box is of hi quality.

Con's = Yes, the T2 suffers from electrical interference just like most all hot detectors do.
It could stand to have a stronger audio. It needs to have the ability to save programs so you don't have to reset everything when you turn off the machine and turn it back on.

If you want a hot detector, which is good on small targets, Deep & sensitive, then give the new Bounty hunter/Teknitics a try, I think you will like it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not worth the money........

May 28, 2006
This detector looks nice and is well balanced. The idea is great but this detector has serious problems with electrical interference. It is that bad that you can NOT hunt where you want like within the city limits. It may work somewhere in the middle of the desert.
In the city you have to set sensitivity to 25 out of 99 to make it work but than you have the depth of a 60$ China detector.
You may have read all the good stuff about this detector on the T2 Forum.....but read again....all the bad posts get deleted because a dealer runs that forum. I think First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Teknetics) should stop selling that detector until they solve the interference problem. For 800 $ the worst detector (performance) i have ever used.
If you read my other reviews here you will see that i use any brand that works but this T2 is sure NOT top of the line.

Overall Rating 1 star


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