Teknetics T2

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.43
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.54
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.38
Maximum detection depth

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Light, Easy, and Deep

March 17, 2007
I like to try all kinds of detectors and believe it or not, they all do exactly what they say: Find metal. Some will find unwanted metal and most will find the kind of metal that you bought a metal detector for:silver, gold, copper, brass, or lead. The T2 might be the best all around detector that I have ever used. Does it do everything great? No, but it does everything good. When you factor in the ergonomics, adjustability, and performance, you have a great detector.

I had heard that some of the first off the line were having trouble with electrical interferance, I stayed away. The factory came up with an upgrade that cost the owners money and I think this was a poor business decision on First Texas's part, they should have bit the bullet and payed for all the upgrades. I believe that this soured many on buying a T2. Within months of coming out, they were showing up on the classified forums for a cheap price. I bought one and it was the bargain of all bargains in my time in the hobby.

I have some health issues with arthritis in my wrists and the T2 felt like a Tesoro Umax in that regard. With just a knob and button, the adjustments are SIMPLE, unlike some other programable detectors.

The GB is the quickest and easiest around. Pinpointing with a DD coil is not like a concentric coil, but when you understand where the hotspot is, it is simple. Battery life borders on unbelieveable, I changed the first set(4) after 25 hours because I didn't believe the meter.

So after all these great features, how does the T2 do finding coins? I coin hunt only, so the relic hunters have to pipe up with their opinions, which they seem to do on the forums. It appears that the T2 is a great relic hunter also. I have found silver coins every time out with the T2. I am not a techno geek, but I understand the the tone menu, determines how targets are analyzed. I have found the greatest depth and accuracy with the 2+ mode. It has multitone mode that others might find better for them, but I seemed to get less depth in this mode. The large VDI numbers are very accurate and stable.

I have not found any gold yet, but the T2 is the deepest nickle finding detector I have ever used. The Sovereigns and Cz's are good, but the T2 is deeper on nickles and I assume gold.

I have not used the T2 since Dec. of 06 because of winter, but the last couple of times out I found a silver quarter at an honest 10 inches and it was not in sand. The signal sputtered slightly, but the number was right on. I was finding the regular wheat pennies at 8 inches and this is as deep as I have found them with Explorers and CZ's.

I have a feeling that with the release of the Fisher F75, there will be loads of T2 for sale cheap. Do yourself a favor and jump on one of these bargains.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


What's all the fuss about????

December 14, 2006
Got to use the T2 for a two month period. It is really nice looking....and light, but there is really not a lot of performance. At least in the areas I hunt, most of the time the electrical interference was mind blowing!!! Had to run it at twenty....goodbye depth!! I think more work should have been done on this detector before it was released....sure glad I got to borrow one..... this would not have been a "happy" purchase!! I know it works some where but not around here!!! Sorry!

Overall Rating 2 stars


Not impressed by the T-2

December 13, 2006
Tried it, didn't like anything but the balance and feel. People who really like it just never used better detectors. I'm more impressed by the Ace 250 for $212.50 than the T-2 for $800.00.

Understand that I beach and inland hunt so I look for a detector that I can do both. The Explorer XS is the deepest detector along with the Soverign Elite with the Soverign probably being my favorite because I can swing it as fast as I want. The XS is great when I feel in a slow mood.
The CZ-70 and the Coinstrike when my back is feeling weak. All these detectors cut through any soil

I have a Coinstrike, CZ-70, Explorer XS, Soverign Elite, for the top of the line detectors. A Garrett Sea Hunter for the surf and under water.

We also have a Predator III and a Ace 250. These detectors have blown my mind with their finds, one detector at a cost of $200.00 and the other $300.00.

Right now the CZ-3D, the Soverign GT or the Explorer SE would be the only units I'd even think of. It seems like the detector companies are going the wrong direction, no salt mode, no tones, and single frequency. I want a detector that does it all without having to buy many different coils.

Remember this. I have made great finds with the cheapest detectors listed here. Gold chains, fine gold braclets and fine gold rings read as foil on every decector I've see except a tweeked CZ-3D.
I take detectors people say aren't working for them and make great finds. So whatever detector you have, learn, learn, learn.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Do you want a Teknetic's T2 Detector?

November 29, 2006
My favorite detector up until the T2 was the GTI 2500. I mastered the 2500 but it took me a year and it is a really great detector. But like I said until the T2!
Today the T2 goes deeper than other detectors, finds coins and targets even with Iron present, The T2 will double you finds. The T2 has a lighting responce time to targets and to ID them. Sound's like I work for them guys, but really I'm just a hobbyist.
Now there are electrical interference issues but you can solve them by turning the sesnsitivity down. The detector sets it'self up with a sensitivity setting of 60, even turned down to 30 you won't loose much depth...Try it and see, you won't! But the electrical noise gone!

For some all the chatter of the T2 is more than they can comprehend. BUt listen closely, most of the time all that chatter is because of Multiple targets in your ground, usually detectors don't lie, You just have to dig it to believe them.

The T2 is light, easy to use, the T2 swing is awesome, it's one you really can swing all day!

Remember give this detector a chance to prove it'self...Dig every target for a while and you'll learn how to speak it's langugage!

Hope this help you...it is a great detector! Top notch all the way!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at kck@wowway.com with an information titled T2 Talk

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The newer T2 really is a BIG winner

October 17, 2006
I got my T2 from First Texas in July 2006 and at first it drove me absolutely nuts. Then I figured out, with customer support, that the connection from the coil to the box was loose. From that time on I have gotten better with it every day. It has now become my favorite detector. My other two are a Soverign GT with 180 Digimeter and SR inline probe, and a Tejon. The T2, once you learn it, will outperform either the Gt or the Tejon on most sites. The Tejon may be on par with it on a clean relic site but in trash the T2 kill's it. I consistently find more with the T2 than I do with the GT. I have tried them side by side, marking finds with paper and using all three detectors and the T2 is better at ID and find's more deeper stuff. You MUST be willing to put in the time with it. If you are not ready to put your other detectors aside for a month and use the T2 exclusively then maybe you shouldn't buy one but if you are willing to put the time in, it will greatly reward you. FWIW, the newer T2s are shielded and much better near interference. Under low power lines I hear a pulse but 10 or 15 ft away there is no problem. The pinpoint on the T2 is dead on. I can pinpoint with the T2 and put my finger right on the spot where the target is every time. I can swing it with two fingers and the batteries last so long you can't believe it. I have found a LOT of great relics with it. Both the quanty and the quality of my finds have gone up since I have learned the T2. I still use the Gt and the Tejon from time to time, the GT for it's ability to lock right on to a target and the Tejon for it's ability to find targets and surprise me. Sometimes with the Tejon I dig a target on a hunch and it turns out to be good but I am never certain. I think to myself... how did it do that?
One thing about the T2 that you have to really get used to is it's inability to lock on to a solid TID number in high iron ground. It will, for instance, on a minnie, read 73 but it will jump from the low 60s to the high 70s with a random 73 every few numbers if you are in high iron... you dig those! In clean ground it will lock right on to 73. A nickle read's 57 but a pulltab reads 58-63. If it does not read 57, don't bother. The 3b setting is really great if you are in a yard full of crown steel bottle caps. In 2+ or 3 you will get a good tone but in 3b you will get a good tome and an iron "grunt" unless the cap is mashed flat, then it may sound good all the way. I dig a lot of "iffy" targets anyway so no matter. Just be aware that you MUST be ready to put in the hours of work with the T2 for it to reward you. You will find good targets from the get-go but you will find even better and deeper targets with experience. If for some reason I had to get rid of two of my detectors and could only keep one... I would keep the T2, no question.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


T2 is a very hot detector

May 30, 2006
I have only used the T2 for a few hours, but so far, I can say that that Andy's Review of this detector is very biased and not completely accurate in my opinion. Yes, this detector does suffer from electrical interference just as the Coinstrike does, but it can be managed by lowering the sensitivity down & switching frequencies, and ground cancelling also helps. Now, I have had to lower the sensitivity down to 50's for this reason. BUT, this is a very hot detector and will pickup a straightened out paper clip 6-8" deep with no problem.

The T2 is hotter on small items especially gold then the Xterra 70 with stock coil. The tones are preferrable to me then the Xterras. The depth is better then the Xterras as well. It's also better balanced eventhough it weighs a few ounces more.

Pro's = Light weight & well balanced, easy to setup, very hot and sensitive on small items & gold. Nice tones. I also like the earphone jack in the back. It is very well constructed and even the shipping box is of hi quality.

Con's = Yes, the T2 suffers from electrical interference just like most all hot detectors do.
It could stand to have a stronger audio. It needs to have the ability to save programs so you don't have to reset everything when you turn off the machine and turn it back on.

If you want a hot detector, which is good on small targets, Deep & sensitive, then give the new Bounty hunter/Teknitics a try, I think you will like it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not worth the money........

May 28, 2006
This detector looks nice and is well balanced. The idea is great but this detector has serious problems with electrical interference. It is that bad that you can NOT hunt where you want like within the city limits. It may work somewhere in the middle of the desert.
In the city you have to set sensitivity to 25 out of 99 to make it work but than you have the depth of a 60$ China detector.
You may have read all the good stuff about this detector on the T2 Forum.....but read again....all the bad posts get deleted because a dealer runs that forum. I think First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Teknetics) should stop selling that detector until they solve the interference problem. For 800 $ the worst detector (performance) i have ever used.
If you read my other reviews here you will see that i use any brand that works but this T2 is sure NOT top of the line.

Overall Rating 1 star


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