Minelab E-TRAC

Price: $1500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.12
Based on 68 reviews

Avg. Durability: 3 stars3.50
Avg. Ease of use: 3 stars3.20
Maximum detection depth

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Its OK

March 18, 2013
I have owned many high end detectors over the past 40 years. I sold the Etrac on Ebay after a year and purchased the Garrett Ace 350. So simple, great depth and doesn't sound off near as much as the Etrac, the Etrac is a good detector but by no stretch of the imagination is it worth $1250.00 more than the ACE 350. I went to my favorite spot with the new Garrett for a few hours and pulled two wheaties out at 8 inches, more clad than I ever dug with the Etrac. What more do you need? Can hit coins I drop in 10 inch holes with a clear bell tone. Why spend another $1250.00? What more can it possible do for $1250.00? Its ridiculous.

You have to be R2 D2 to decipher all the sounds coming at you from the Etrac when you lower the discrimination. I know how to setup the detector, been metal detecting for 40 years and I'm an electronics tech, its what I do for a living.

A $297.00 detector with VID, 3 tones for iron, nickels and silver, depth meter, DD 11" coil for singling out targets, super light. 95 percent of what your going to find will be less than 10", much less. Not near the chatter of the Etrac, a joy to use. The Etrac wont do anything more than the 300 dollar detector (for 98 percent of detectorists) I have and its much easier to use and lighter, when in coin mode I can hit 8 and 10 inch coins and discriminate out junk. Detector technology has not changed any in the past 20 years.

Still the same old core technology with some bells and whistles added with color LCD's and fancy bar graphs. But there is no technology that can single out a coin with a nail on top of it and it not sound like junk.
I don't care if you spend a million dollars on one, its still going to be a broken tone with a big ol QUESTION MARK by it and you have to dig it see what it is anyway. I'll spend the extra $1250.00 on a detector when it can tell me there is NAIL and a Merc dime in the same hole, until that day comes, save the money and buy something cheaper.

Just hunt with no discrimination and dig everything and save 1300 bucks. That's what I like about the Ace 350, simple and when you get a good repeatable bell tone. ITS A COIN, and it tells you what kind it is and how deep. Anything else is a questionable dig which is EXACTLY what the Etrac did. I sold it for 1200 bucks bought the Ace 350 and pocketed 900 and I'm enjoying the ease of use and finding more with the simple Ace.
I thought the more I spent the more I would find and it would be easier. WRONG! Don't believe the hype. I'm sure Ill get bashed for my input but facts are facts no matter how you slice it.

Overall Rating 3 stars


TTF MODE rocks

January 12, 2013
Hey all, I spent some time badmouthing my etrac but when I looked back over the past year my silver count was way up from the year before. It takes practice for sure.
I discovered that the depth in TTF mode is about 5 inches more then using discrimination.
I went to a union camp here in NC that had long since been hunted out but they had some dirt moved around and I dug over 100 bullets, 20 buttons and several other relics and lots of camp lead all in about 16 hours of hunt time. Some of the bullets had to be 14-15 inches down. TTF mode is deep here in NC soil.
I have heard the Etrac has problems in some soils but here in my NC soil it rates a 5.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


E-trac deep silver

January 11, 2013
This is my second Minelab my first was a Safari. With the E-Track you will dig less trash to concentrate on the goodies, you can swing it like a beep and dig.
I have dug silver coins with rust stains from a nail and with nails in the same hole, my best coin was a 1889 o silver dollar. This machine really locks on silver and with your settings it will give different sound then a regular clad coin.

My only complaint is the id numbers are hard to see some times in the sun or with sunglasses on, tone id is the key with this machine. If your looking to buy a E-Trac go for it you wont be sorry. You will find what all the other machines have missed, in my opinion I would use no other brand Minelabs are the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Detector Truths !

June 29, 2012
Well, I have tried almost every top end detector on the market. I have noticed that each detector will detect differently. For example, I can detect a virgin site with a Whites V3i and find stuff. If I then take an E-trac over the same spot, I will find more stuff. If I then take a XP Deus over the same spot, I will find yet more stuff that the other 2 detectors had missed and Vice-Versa.
BUT, what does this tell us?

Well- basically just one thing. It just means that each detector has it's own specific way of detecting. i. e one will detect a coin on it's side better than the other and the other will detect a different coin or object better or worse than the other detector. It does not mean that one is better than the other - it just means that each detector has different strengths and/or weaknesses. The trick is, to get a detector that you are comfortable with, stick with it, learn and master it and then really you will find everything that you possibly can - providing you walk over it. It really is that simple. Is a $1500 dollar detector better than a $200 detector? Yes - and no. Is a $200 dollar detector better than a $1500 dollar detector? Yes - and No. Get it?

Overall Rating 5 stars!



May 26, 2012
I hav had my Etrac for 8 months, 40 hours, 40 coins 1754-186x-1954

Overall Rating 4 stars



March 18, 2012
I will tell you the whole true and nothing but the truth about the etrac.
I got the etrac and the first time I used it I was
Not impressed at all and was very mad and wanted to sell it this thing was acting crazy. (I was at a crappy place).
Then day 2 I was so impressed with this detector
I found 2 gold rings, a cross charm, and 2 silver rings, and about $6.00 in change. I had it listed on the Internet for sale and had to call about 5 people back and tell them that I changed my mind about selling it, this machine really impressed me today and almost paid its self off with the gold rings found today.

So if your thinking of buying one and have the money to afford one I would say its got my approval. It is kind of tricky and takes time to learn it but when you learn it is great .
I had a minelab explorer 2 for a couple month and is very similar but better.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


E-Trac coin hunter

March 09, 2012
Been on holiday this week so detecting every day for about 4 hrs apart from Tuesday when it rained. Got permission off a local farmer to hunt in four fields used for a fair. I have managed to do just under half of the first field and have found just over £80 pounds in change. It has never been hunted before, because I presume, the amount of trash just under the surface.
What's great about the E-Trac is its precise discrimination which allows you to hunt for discrete targets. At the moment I have mine set to detect 1and 2 pound coins 50p and 20 pence coins. There is a lot of blanking and I am sure I am missing a lot of targets because of this, but without the very high level of discrimination what you hear is a blizzard of signals.
I am fairly new to detecting, so I don't know if there are better detectors out there. All I can say is that I am very pleased with my E-Trac.

Overall Rating 4 stars



February 12, 2012
My friends V3i is constantly finding coins at depths around 10 inches that my E-trac will not locate.
My opinion is this machine is all hype without any bite and mine is on its way to retirement cause I've been skimmed too many times
Whites V3I is in my near future! !!

Overall Rating 1 star


Deep Silver

January 17, 2012
Finding silver my white's spectrum xlt missed. Especially in grassy areas of parks where the silver and older pennies are deeper than 6 inches. Once you get a little time in and read your manual you will be happy. With both my minelab and my spectrum in hand, I was able to recover deep targets that my whites did not register. Most of those deep targets were old coins.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


E Track peformance

December 26, 2011
My E Trac is a great machine, Had it for just over a year now an am still learning all it's capabilities. I use 3 different size coils for various applications such as old mining sites/camps to beaches. It's performance in locating small targets shallow or deep (8 inches plus)is very good. I use it with a good harness and bungee cord and the weight with a 15 inch coil disappears.

The only negatives I have with the machine is the difficulty to see the LCD screen in full sunlight and the fact it will not pick up small link chains at any depth unless there is a decent clasp attached. Wonderful machine but I feel slightly overpriced.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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