Minelab E-TRAC

Price: $1500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.12
Based on 68 reviews

Avg. Durability: 3 stars3.50
Avg. Ease of use: 3 stars3.20
Maximum detection depth

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This is NOT a Plug and Play Machine

June 20, 2009
When I first received my E-Trac, I HATED it. I thought I had been ripped off. I used it a few times and found only a few clad coins. I ended up boxing it up and putting it in the garage.

A few weeks later I saw a guy using one at a park. I was curious about how bad his results were. Interesting enough, he was digging deep and finding great targets. He said the key was learning the machine and listening carefully.

I went home and actually read the manual and did some practice runs in my backyard, burying coins at different depths to get a grasp of the sounds and graphs.

What a difference!

In the past three months I have pulled countless Mercury and Roosevelt dimes from worked out sites. The Wheaties are numbering over 100 found so far. I even pulled THREE standing Liberties from a field that I personally worked to death for a year.

The E-Trac is an incredible machine that hits coins 8 to 12 inches deep WHEN YOU KNOW the machine. If you want a great machine and are willing to learn how to maximize the results, then the E-Trac is for you. If you want a Plug and Play machine, then forget it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New e-trac

June 20, 2009
I have had the e-trac for 2 weeks, it is light, powerful and a joy to use. I have a 10 inch silver dime in my test garden and it was too easy to find. Have been over my lawn with a Ex-2 a dozen times and I still was able to locate a 1944 penny in 10 minutes at a depth of 6 inches. Its a Mercedes. Solid smooth tone, makes it so easy to hear the lightest of signals. I am going to redo my test garden down to 12 inches deep to see just how deep this thing will go? Very well built and solid but light. This has got to be the top of the line of anyones line of detectors...........And its mine, all mine he-he-hee! Oh sorry, I got carried away. You get the point.

Overall Rating n/a



May 13, 2009
First detector I've had since the 70's with a white's coinmaster really.
First day I thought what a piece of junk.
Second day after watching the video's on MLOtv I started to get it, and wow this machine is awesome! After a week I only dig coins now mostly, sometime's I want to dig because it so deep down on signals I know arent coins and found a 1915 porcinlin red seal battery sign in good shape 2 feet down. I see lots a great future ahead.
Would recomend it for a beginner just study all you can and time out in the field will pay off. Get a small coil for trashy areas.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My experience with the E-Trac

March 30, 2009
I bought the E-Trac as a user of the Explorer. I found the E-Trac to be different and somewhat intimidating at first glance. However once I got into it, it really can be turn on and go, and you can run it for a bit and get used to it as you use it, and it gets easy before you know it.

This is a powerful and deep machine. My first target dug with it was a 1927 Mercury dime about 7" deep in a park where I had not found silver in 20 years, and in an area I've gone over with every other machine I've owned. I should mention that I use the 12x10 SEF coil as I prefer it to the pro coil, but in my opinion the pro coil is very good.

I've seen a lot of negative reviews on here, with the writer just saying to the effect "trust me it's garbage just because it's garbage", and while I realize this detector will not please everyone, that's got to be the lamest thing I've heard in quite a while. Truth is, this detector will re-open your worked out areas. Don't trust me or take my word for it - try it for yourself and see. I saw for myself and I can say I'm impressed with it.

I would recommend getting an aftermarket arm cuff for it, Jeff Herke makes a great one. The Sunray X-1 probe is wonderful too and after using it you will wonder how you lived without it. And the selection of aftermarket coils is unmatched by anything else I'm aware of.

What would I improve? Honestly not much. It IDs as accurately as depth as anything out there, goes as deep as anything out there or deeper, and once you get used to it, is not that complicated in my view. I suppose I would buy Jeff's arm cuff and sell that standard with the machine as the plastic one they give you with it is a joke. But otherwise these are built solid.

I hope this helps someone who is considering the E-Trac.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 11, 2009
I have had and used many different detectors from Whites, Garrett, and Minelab. They all found stuff, and they all have their good and bad points.

The E-Trac is Minelabs best detector to date. It is in my opinion the most technically advanced machine out there. Does that mean it will find more good targets out there? Not necessarily. The person swinging the machine finds them. But if you want something that goes deep and separates trash from the good targets, this is what you want.

The E-Trac is a new product modeled after the popular Explorer series but with a faster processor and added features that allow you to customize it to your specific needs. not everyone will need this but if you do, then look at the E-Trac if you are thinking of buying a metal detector.

Overall Rating 4 stars



February 15, 2009
I've had my machine for about 6 months now and what chris from north wales said is so true, their is a big problem with this machine, for £1400 I've dug up more rubbish than good, I would say about 70% of rubbish, so now am selling mine and going back to my fisher75. minelab your product is very poor for the price.

Overall Rating 1 star


Tested the ETRAC

February 13, 2009
I have tested this machine for about 6 weeks and have had all sorts of problems with it to many to put down all I can say is it is not worth the money and the performance is not that good. Minelab have got a big problem hear the more I have looked in to this the more the machine is sub stranded in build Quality and performance as it will not pick up all sorts of good targets ranging from a German five mark coin which is silver to a hole host of other things. This is bad news that a machine costs this much money and it cant perform to a simple test like that.

Also is the build quality of this machine I have had 2 knew coils from minelab cos the new pro coil as let me down 2 when you look at the coil for instance it is very baldly made and I have read that some people have to use silicone on this coil so water will not get in this is not right at all it only time will tell that this machine will have all sorts of problems so if you are thinking of buying this badly engineered detector then please think again, do not make this discussion that I have you will be sorry there is a other problem with this is that is suffers with moisture in a few weeks I am going to conduct a test with is machine to let people know the issues that this detector as and the very low performance it as compared to other machines and you will all see how bad it is.

Overall Rating 1 star


They don't own one or wish they did

February 08, 2009
This is an update and not a trashing of others.

I have owned my E-trac now for about 4 months.
Over those 4 months, my silver finds have become more common with more deeper finds than ever before.

Those who say it is not worth it do not say that they own an E-trac. They say..."My friend has one" or are very obtuse about their opinions about the E-trac that makes me think they don't have one.

Yes, cheaper detectors can find stuff too. But the technology offered by Minelab allows for better time management. I can identify better what I am over than any other machine out right now. I don't need to dig all the junk. That is a waste of time. And time is money.

I also can buy a very cheap hammer and yes it will drive nails. But a better quality higher priced hammer will do it better and longer. A metal detector is a tool. Better quality tools are an investment. Cheap tools are a waste of money.

All I can say is that I have owned many, many top of the line detectors from every manufacturer and the E-trac has exceeded every other multi purpose detector I have ever owned.

The E-trac is by far the best I have ever seen so far.

I have owned many mid range and low range detectors and all I can say is that you get what you pay for.

The E-trac is more stable, deeper, more accurate in pin pointing and have found in just a short time more silver than any of the other detectors.

Could it be that they don't want anyone else to buy one because they want to find it all?

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 04, 2009
Fact. This detector is not worth the money. All you need to buy is a simple detector that goes deep. Trust me if your over the object your deep detector will find it. All this high tech stuff you do not need. Trust me, been their and tested it. So dont waste your money.

Overall Rating 1 star


Waste of money, do not buy.

February 03, 2009
I have a musketeer and I would not change it for anything else, the stuff I have found with my musky to the stuff my friend has not found with this machine.(this patten and that patten)rubbish. The diffence between my machine and this one is I MAY DIG A LITTLE MORE RUBBISH UP.WOW.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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