Minelab E-TRAC

Price: $1500
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.12
Based on 68 reviews

Avg. Durability: 3 stars3.50
Avg. Ease of use: 3 stars3.20
Maximum detection depth

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Minelab e-trac on silver

August 16, 2011
I can't understand people that would buy a pricey machine and then bag it for being a "bad" machine, the e-trac continues to just purr along sniffing out silver after old silver hunting a old gold site yielded a 1816 & 1829 silvers, I have used garrett, tesoro, whites, and I wouldn't go back this machine is smart are you, is all you need to ask.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Minelab e tac and whites dfx

July 27, 2011
Bought the e trac as I have only owned the whites dfx, its twice the price of the dfx, tried etrack on a couple of the fields I have permission to detect on, tried loads of different programs screeching screaming sounds like a musical instrument , found nothing good I must of found everything avalible with my whites dfx so the dfx done the job.
Whites machine has found me a lot of good finds on the fields and beaches, also I think the pinpoint is not as good as the dfx, I have had a lot of hours out with e trac and have not found a deep find yet, maybe I have not walked over a deep target. In my eyes I like the dfx out of the two but I am not going to give up on the etrac yet.

Overall Rating 3 stars



June 23, 2011
Well it's been quite a journey since I last added a review, been hunting on and off as work permits..and reading Andy's book, made a few backlights come on since then I have been low and slow, the ground here is really tough and because we have to dodge the park guys as they don't seem to like us taking trash and coins out of the parks, strange...out again today with the e-trac and I love the way it sniffs the silvers from around the steel.

I have found 63 more old English silver coins since I started, some dating back 150yrs which is a big high every time I dig a good find, found a Victorian half penny 1858 today and mike got a really nice one shilling 1882..these coins a getting harder to get as we only have a few parks to hunt...but the thing that I like most is there is always another good find out there if you take the time...cheers minelab a wouldn't be without her now I know just how good this machine is.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Etrac,nothing better for coins

June 15, 2011
Picked up my Etrac a while ago and all can say its a better coin machine then my V3I. I have pounded a few sites w/the whites machine, went over them w/Etrac and found coins within minutes that I went over many times with V3I. Silver coin pick up depth is wicked. I would buy a 2nd for backup if I had the cash...lol

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The dogs wot sits

May 13, 2011
What can I say, other than it don't get much better than this. Brilliant all round detector, professional deep discriminating and very versatile.
Only fault was the weight as is the problem with all the explorer safari se and e-trac range. Now sorted though I now use a (freedom one for all bungee harness) sold on ebay. Detecting is now a pleasure again weight of detector nil, number of finds through the roof, brilliant.

The E-trac is the crem de la crem of detectors. Team it up with this great harness. And you got the perfect detector combo. Highly recommended 10/10 well done minelab.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


From X-Terra 705 To E-Trac

May 06, 2011
I owned the 705 for about 2 months and got a chance to really learn the machine.

I was afraid the E-Trac was going to be much harder to learn and didn't know if it was going to be worth the money.

After three weeks of detecting with my new E-Trac I could not be happier. When you pick it up it feels and looks like, and most of all behaves like a high end detector should.

The quality and workmanship is second to none. The dealer sold me when he said if everyone owned an E-Trac there would be no more coins to find in 5 years. After finding old silver after old silver I agree with his statement.

This machine has the ability to latch on to a good target that is surrounded by junk! I am amazed and a very satisfied new E-Trac owner.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Lack of quality for the price

April 30, 2011
The E-trac's user manual is useless. Lacks detail & has NO INDEX ! The book 'The Minelab' that came with some E-tracs is better than the manual, however, it also has NO INDEX! So both texts were stupidly designed.

The XCHANGE software that comes with the E-trac IS EXTREMELY PATHETIC. Has no pattern editing ability at all. Apparently written by a high school dropout. Not that I am putting down high school computer programmers mind you. I actually wish they had hired a high school programmer that would have done a much better job than these guys did.
But software with a $1500 detector should do 10x more than this software can. The XCHANGE software said that the detector automatically turns off when you plug the E-trac into a computer, but it does not. The E-trac continues to run & beep while your using the program even if you're many feet away from anything metal.

And as usual Minelab doesn't have a good company run FEEDBACK SERVICE. So that E-trac users can bitch at their stupidity. The detector itself has a very cheap feel to it compared to much less expensive detectors I've used.
The armrest is very poorly designed, feels & looks cheap. The elevated support for the detector when laid on the ground is poorly designed & looks cheap. Forget trying to keep it upright with any debris around. The pinpoint function should have a dedicated separate volume, but does not.

The backlight is pathetically dim. In this day & age with super high quality white l.e.d.s on the market, they really put in a useless backlight.

The detector's detection electronics does weed out good coins amongst trash. So at least that is a fraction of good news I can give you for the money you'll blow on this machine.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Etrac the machine that flat (WORKS)

April 20, 2011
I have had my etrac for just over a year now, I hunt with loads of whites, t2, and garret guys, hands down the etrac kicks butt, I have found over 180 silver coins with several in the 1800s, with most in hunted out parks.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not finding anything

April 02, 2011
I have an etrac and its terrible...only finds surface coins and no deeper than 6 inches..my ace 250 did the same thing..had the etrac for 4 months used it everyday and I have a total of 4 no good clad coins and looottsss of trash. Its good at finding pull tabs and foil.

It falses a lot with sensitivity turned down to half and Its very heavy...Fisher F75 is like a feather in comparison. finding gold is impossible to pick up or else my 14k necklace is a fake (which its not) never knows what is old silver coins (1500's) or foil...normally the numbers are the same and its foil.

Overall Rating 1 star



March 30, 2011
This is an awesome machine. I have found nothing that I am not happy with. I've had whites and other minelabs but none that compare with the etrac. I love it!!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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