Minelab Explorer II

Price: $1200
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.33
Based on 97 reviews
Helpful Tips: 3
Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.40
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
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Explorer SE..... Complex , But Logically designed

October 09, 2007
Yes, The Minelab Explorer SE has a lot of gadgets, bells and whistles. Some may not actually help you find what you are looking for. However, I have programmed telelphone systems for the last 25yrs. So I really like all the software adjustable options. It makes me feel more in control. And after all it is a toy. The SE is my first detector (purchased 10 months ago)so I don't have a comparison. I have found hundreds of coins, Oldest 1818 Matron head penny. Nothing of much value but Great fun ! It takes a while to discern all the rapid tone changes when you encounter mineralized soil or multiple metal. You get a tremendous amount of audio and visual data rapidly. The Explorer SE is a sleek and beautiful machine but somewhat heavy or possibly misbalanced. Overall I like this instrument very much now that I've forgotten the price pinch. RATING: BUY

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Don't Give Up

September 28, 2007
When I first got my Explorer SE I thought I was going to go out and just start finding coins every swing. When I turned it on for the first time and heard long nulls and flute noises as oppossed to the beeps i was used to hearing and it just sounded like a bunch of noise, I had buyers remorse and wanted to send it back. But since i just paid 1200 bucks for this thing i figured I might as well give it a chance. Well I stuck with it, and before I knew it I got the hang of it. I always hunt in All Metal Mode so the nulls don't bother me and you can hear everything in the ground. At first all the different flute tones will drive you crazy, but after awhile you brain will just kinda block out the low Iron tones and just process the good high tones. I have found dimes at around 10 inches, but they won't read out as dimes that deep, but the digital numbers will be pretty close and jump around a little bit. Anything shallower than that this machine is almost dead on what is in the ground. Only time i ever have problems with ID is when Iron is near the coin....Ferrous and Conductivity numbers will be off some, but the tones will still let you know there might be something there. Also at first pinpointing is a nightmare with this machine, but once you get the hang of it you'll know right where the coins are under the coil. This detector is really really heavy, but hey, it gives you a good workout.
You do have to swing it slow cause its response time sucks. If you hear a high tone in ferrous mode you have to swing the coil for like 4 or 5 seconds to get the digital numbers to update. This i wish Minelab would do something about cause it's a pain. Anyways, If you get this machine and have buyers remorse, just keep at it for a few weeks and you'll be changing your opinion of it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Explorer One Good Machine

August 29, 2007
I have had my Explore II for 2 years. I do mostly beach hunting.I found that by placing the audio to FERROUS and using the detector for all metal, not using any discrimination including iorn mask.
What you do use as discrimination is your own ears. A very high pitch is Ferrous and lower pitch is iorn. When I hit rings and coins, I get excited knowing what it possibly might be. With This setup I also increase my sensitivity to the highest value without getting too much noise.This way it is able to find things very deep. I find coins in areas worked for many years that are deep and by looking at the condition of the coins one can tell it been there for ages. I like this this machine sooo much I would buy another Explorer.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not what its hyped up to be

August 11, 2007
First up, I've been metal detecting for a lot of years and used a lot of different detectors. I have used the Explorer on the beach and inland and will say this about it.
If you want a machine to use on the beach that will go deep and handle salt conditions, then buy the Explorer. It is a great beach machine with a reasonable learning curve, take your time with it.
However, If you want a machine to use on old house sites and parks etc, I would not recommend the Explorer. It does not perform well in high trash areas. The response of this detector is too slow, even with the fast recovery switched on. Also, It does not handle all ground conditions well. Another problem with the Explorer is the weight, too heavy on the coil end.
In my opinion there are better detectors out there. Maybe Minelab should spent more money on R&D and less on advertising. Has the potential to be a good detector.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Explorer Detectors are good - over priced though.

July 21, 2007
The explorer detectors are probably the worlds most over hyped metal detectors in living history. No question about this. They are good detectors yes but are not as good as the hype makes you believe. My deepest coin so far has come from 6 -7 inches , no 14 inch deep coins as yet , some have claimed 14 inches is possible on deep coins but i have to say i have not got past 7 or 8 inches on a coin as yet with either explorer 2 or the se. The discrimination abilities of the explorer detector are fantastic though if set right, you can teach the detector to detect only certain coins , if set proper this feature is honestly deadly accurate and you can detect and dig virtually just the coins you have programmed in and dig no virtually no junk at all. This is a feature that i love on trashy sites and gives me the abilty to cherry pick coins out from trashy sites or any other coin shooting site- speeding up finding lost coinage. The explorers are nice detectors but are over priced . Minelab must be rich from just selling this detector range alone!.. All in all its a great coin shooter but is massively over priced which is a shame. The batteries soon get flattened too - no matter how powerful your batteries are - these detectors are very thirsty for battery power (and that incluseds the se).Always fully charge your battery pack before going out detecting because the battery voltage will drop off very fast once your battery level indicator gets to 50% down. Good points :- The explorers will find coins on sites you thought you had worked out with your old xlt or dfx or other detector, especally silver coins , the explorers are superb on silver coins - really good. Watch out for bad SE coils , they go faulty quite often. The se is not quite as deep as the explorer 2 and lacks about an inch depth on coins compared to the explorer 2. On smaller targets the se will beat the explorer xs and explorer 2. Iron rejection on the explorer xs and 2 is excellent but not as good on the se. Heavy on your elbow so don't say i did't warn you, you get arm ache from the elbow with these detectors which makes detecting for more than an hour really uncomfortable. I have arm muscles like a gorilla but i still get aches pretty quick honestly..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Now we are talking

June 22, 2007
Fabulous whatever way you look at it, loads of programmes to choose from. ok its heavy for some.but what you gain in performance more than makes up for...i run iron mask at -6 just becoz i havent got time digging iron,and this baby still hits the hammereds..just swing slow its a thoroughbred pure and simple..and its deeeeeeeeeeep.loads of programmes you can use or mess around with,or just stick the one you want in and leave it alone,then its just switch on and go,remember this always press noise cancel now and again as soil conditions change in all a world beater.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Explorer SE is a piece of junk

May 30, 2007
The reason that this a a piece of junk because, my ace 250 works better is more accurate and goes deeper. I regret spending moneyof Explorer SE. i could have bought 6 ace 250s instead for entire family. SE is a very slow machine does not work on all soil condition and it is only ok for beach that is it, do NOT buy it I REGRET OVERPRICED

Overall Rating 1 star


Don't give up

April 02, 2007
At first I was going to throw ExII in the trash, due to I've been using all major brands of metal detectors since 1989, and this machine was totaly a diffrent machine. Even from the Pluse Star II I own ($2500 machine). But I worked with it until I finnally got the trick, forget about all you have learned with any other metal detector. Start as a beginer and keep at it.
Get a harness, 8" DD coil for trashy areas and a 12" for open deep areas from Sunray, also a good set of headphones from Sunray. "GROUND BALANCE" AND GO PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE. Those Spanish reals will be coming out of the ground sooner than you think. White's you better wake up, Minelab is sinking it deep in to you.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Big Profit Margin for Minelab

January 07, 2007
Amazing that Minelab can take a piece of low quality composite Plastic and charge $1200.00 for it. I bought it based on the hype of all the different freqencies that it was putting into the ground. Sad part was that after 15 minutes of swinging this thing, my back and shoulders were killing me.

The learning curve is a nightmare and the quality is simply terrible. The Lower shaft would actually wobble when you were swinging it and the lower shaft that connects to the upper shaft started getting hairline cracks in it!

Unlike the Whites Detectors, the ONLY Metal on this thing is the battery pack in it. It's made of a composite of some type, yet again, the balance and weight are awful. After 2 weeks of use, the display went out. I contacted Kellyco and they were great at replacing it within a week after I sent it back. My new one lasted 1 day and the same thing happened again! "I'm not Kidding"....I was so disappointed. I returned it again and they gave me credit towards a Whites DFX. At $300.00 less, it's made so much better..Whites actually uses Metal for it's case and shaft and it's so much more Balanced and lighter than the Explorer.

I hate to bash something this severely, but this machine was such a waste of my Money and time trying to use it. It can however build muscles and find any and all pieces of worthless Junk that was ever swallowed up by the ground. The time I was able to use it was spent digging so much trash that read out as being good targets? I prefer digging coins and such....Buy The DFX, you won't have ANY Regrets.

Overall Rating 1 star


Minelab ex II review

January 03, 2007
I have now owned my ex II for the past two years. I can tell you that after really learning how to use it I have increased my finds greatly. I find coins and rings in areas I used to go over with my whites spectrum xlt. I was thinking about keeping my xlt, but I went ahead and sold it as much as I hated to. The way this detector hones in on silver targets is nothing short of amazing to me. The things this detector can do absoulutely amaze me everytime I use it.

In year and half that I have owned it, definately payed for itself. In one year alone I found over 900 bucks in change, and that is not from everyday use. Not to mention the silver and jewelry that was found. There is a learning curve issue with the machine, all it took was a little time to learn it really is not that hard. This detector has a been a pleasure to learn and use. I like it very well. I see myself purchasing another minelab product very soon. Good detector in my opinion.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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