Minelab Explorer II

Price: $1200
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.33
Based on 97 reviews
Helpful Tips: 3
Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.40
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
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Explorer two , make your own search patterns

December 08, 2006
If you use an explorer, get a sunray probe, and you can make search patterns by running the prob over the item a few times, like In have one screen for pound coins only, will all so give signal for other coins same size.
Plus you can use the same system for canceling out , pull rings , screw tops ect, more accurately , than useing sellect, makes the best machine better

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Two years already with increased hunger for more finds...

December 05, 2006
Two years ago I wrote a review for Minelab Explorer II and scored it right away with the maximum of 5 stars even not knowing its full capabilities . And I was right like I found later through the time. I?ve been using this detector in any weather conditions-in the parks, on the beach or in the woods on ancient sites in Europe? Recently bought Sun Ray X-1 Target Probe premounted to the upper shaft and now have extended range and convenience and security in my judgment about the target?s location and quality before digging. I am keeping my Garrett GTI2500-one very good detector in the closet for this all period since owning the Explorer because always have more enjoyment, pleasure, fun and challenge with the EX2. And deeper finds too! Some favorite settings I use are:
1.Advanced ?smart
2. Audio:
-Max limit-7
4.Sounds: FERROUS
5. Options:
- response: Audio1 or NORMAL, depends?
- recovery: DEEP ( or FAST-in trashy areas)
6.Select: reject NAILS
7. Iron Mask-OFF
Here is an option: SELECT:CLEAR and Iron Mask: -15 (ON of course)
8. Sensitivity: MANUAL 30 or as high as possible.
Note: Use SEMI-AUTO setting for trashy areas.
Always use NOISE CANCEL with the coil on the ground and no metal under it, of course!
Always ware harness with a bungee cord to neutralize the weight. Could be made from an old military harness( surplus store around you will carry some things I hope..) and a bungee cord bought at the nearest dollar store?.
Every single setting for this amazing detector is individually suited and depends of the operator?s experience and understanding. I will refer www.minelabowners.com like the best place to learn and share information with the others about this extraordinary detector.
Good luck and happy hunting to all of you!!!
Aurelius in Seattle, WA, USA

p.s. If this is possible I would score this metal detector with more then 5 stars!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Explorer II owner for 1 1/2 years

November 30, 2006
I now own two of these machines.

What I like:
Open ended programmability and exceptional performance in almost any conditions.

What I don't like:
Pinpointing could be better even considering the double "D" coil type. There is a trade off for wider sweep area vs. smaller pinpoint.
Looseness of lower cam lock. The cam locks should have a tension adjustment.
Rubber battery compartment door needs a better screw / fastner. I added a washer.
Unit chirps / pops when coil is bumped even slightly. I have mentally tuned it out, but it's still annoying when hunting any brush or stubble fields.
Depth indicator should be larger.
Recovery in trashy areas can sometimes be a little slow. I hear it has improved slightly with the faster processor in the new Explorer SE.

Weight & Balance - yes could be improved, but it is designed for the coil to be ON THE GROUND, thus alleviating the weight.

Steep learning curve - It is an excellent turn on and go machine when used in the "quickstart" mode. Once you have used it for a while and go into "advanced programming" it is not bad at all. What takes the time is having enough experience with the machine to make programming changes according to the hunt conditions. It is still a turn on and go machine even after it is programmed. There is so much "variety" that some people tend to get a little "lost".

Best Accessories (Aftermarket)
SUN RAY X-1 probe (Buy this if nothing else !!!)
Control box cover
Sunray 5" & 12" coils.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not as Hard as Everyone Says!

October 01, 2006
I found the unit quite easy and manageable. After reading the manual and watching each of the videos several times, everything began to click in only a afternoon of use. I have limited experience with detectors, but I have patience. I found the technical learning curve some what time consuming but seem to be getting easier with everyuse. Using the advanced features is not to hard with the aid of the instructional video. I found designing my own programs with the discrimination saved me a lot of digging and gave a higher success ratio. The 8 inch coil is very easy to pinpoint with and is easy to work in trashy areas. The better I know the macine the more enjoyable and productive it becomes. Every time you dig you will find what the machine says it is.I highly recomed this unit and cant wait to try out the next generation.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Deeeep and sensitive

August 30, 2006
I purchased the Minelab Explorer II for my wife. It was too heavy for her and could not get use to the sounds. She is use to our son's Garrett Ace 150. I have used the Minelab over this summer, practicing in our own yard.

I was able to detect one area that was very trashy, where two houses had once stood. Approx 50 yards from this location is a power station, which I found drove this detector crazy. I was still able to find nickel, pennies and other CLAD coins, a hand made belt buckle and lots of trash (i.e., copper pipes, faucets, window casings, etc.)

When using it on the beach, I get a quiet and smooth constant tone. But, the machine is so sensitive, that my metal scoop has to be behind me, as the Minelab will pick it up if I hang it off my belt.

This is a testiment to it's sensitivity and contemplating purchasing a plastic scoop.

I was able to find a penny at about 18" in depth. I have found pennies in both wet and dry sand. We also have been able to find alot of CLAD, costume jewelry, pull tabs, and bottle caps. I have also tried the 18" coil on the beach, but found it to be too sensitive to use and I was getting sparatic tones.

This machine is highly recommended for beach use and works well in the surf.

In our own yard, I have found a ring and CLAD, along with lots of iron, bullet casing, and even pull tabs.

I do, however, always use factory settings.

Looking forward to doing some open field detecting this fall and see what it can really do. I will apply the 18" coil to my field detecting and test it's sensitivity without power lines interference. This may not bethe best detector for in a city but may be the best for depth and sensitivity out in the contry and open areas. Very plased with its capabilitys.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Great Machine

August 24, 2006
I have been a minelab user for a over a year. I first had a quattro. I traded my quattro for a EX2. My first week with the Ex2, I found my first SLQ and loads of silver dimes and wheats. It goes a bit deeper than the quattro. yes there is learning curb, but patience is key......... If you lack patience, this is not the machine for you. But once you get the hang of it, you wont look back.. Quattro is a great machine but the Ex2 is a different beast.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Still Learning...

August 11, 2006
Just like a lot of users have stated...all the noise is hard to handle at first.

I have used Garrett metal detectors for 15 years and was spoiled by their patented 'belltone'.

I have always felt like I was missing stuff with them tho, and the Explorer 2 has proven that.

I have been hunting in areas that I have hammered with my other detectors, but keep digging up old deep coins. The deepest so far was 10". No it's not the 16" others are claiming, but I know one thing...the deepest coin I have ever found with my Garrett's was 6".

Four inches is a huge difference in the metal detecting world. I am still not completely understanding what this detector is telling me all the time, but I definately have the confidence that I will find the deep coins other detectors just can't locate.

Once you get past all the noise, you too, will be digging coins at depths you never thought possible. I know I am!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Explorer 2

August 09, 2006
At first I wanted to wrap it around a tree, But then something happend. I Started to understand its language and the DEEEEP silver started to show.Take your time to understand this amazing detector, it WILL reward you.If you dont have the time or patience to understand this machine or do the research on where to hunt "for old deep coins" then buy something else. Old deep silver takes research to find. good luck

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Explorer best non-military in use

July 09, 2006
I have been using detectors for 55 years and have a military background with same.
To find the deepest coins,I use only the Explorer..with all the cons it still finds the deepest coins..period!
And in trash .
Yes, you need to go slow,understand what it is telling you,get used to the noise and use a harness.

Read,learn the parameters in a good test bed.

I have retraced earlier areas and have found a whole new layer of coins..all 4" to 9 " deeper than before and in the SAME exact area of my earlier finds.
I found 5 Spanish silver pieces at 15" to 16" at an old Mexican Army camp site (1820's) that I have worked for 6 years and holding these in my hand was made posible only with this heavy,noisey, unballanced,plastic detector.

I was not really sure at first but dug and found the first coin at 14" .

When I got the next my buddy came over with a White and did not get any indication at all.
No noise in his headset..but no hit either.

He now has an Explorer.
He does not like anyting about it but the fact it finds him deep coins.
Yes, it has a curve but get in sync and take your time,hunt in trash all you want and start going deep.
I admire White,Garrett and Fisher but do not use them for fear of losing the deep ones!
Good luck!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My view of the EXII

June 18, 2006
I have used many detectors threw the years and now the explorer II.
I find it not very good in trashy areas it just makes too much noise even with the Sensitivity turned down. I also find it odd to pinpoint with making Plugs that are to big for parks. I have found coins to about 8"'s and I don't beleive the hype of 15" coin finds that is just dealers trying to sell a product! It is also a heavey detector on the arms so be prepared. It is just a good average detector that I find no better then the DFX,CZ's ETC ETC.

Overall Rating 3 stars


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