Minelab Explorer II

Price: $1200
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.33
Based on 97 reviews
Helpful Tips: 3
Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.40
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.00
Maximum detection depth

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First coin james vi 1606 hammerd silver

May 17, 2010
Bought minelab ex 11 last week, first trip out found James v1 hammered 5 inches down on edge. Not yet familiar with settings but seems straight forward, also picked up silver watch face 9 inch down bit heavy but so what, love it already. Can't wait for next trip, no patience needed with this detector just large finds bag.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Nice Machine, but they don't last more than a few years

March 12, 2010
I am on my second Explorer II machine. The first one I purchased I used heavily for about five years. Performed above and beyond what I expected especially for the money I paid for it.

I had upgraded from a Bounty Hunter detector. No comparison in those two, Explorer trumps it. BUT, I think after heavy use it starts to break down. I purchased a second unit because the first one would beep on things that were not in the ground. The screen ended up going out on it and Minelab wouldn't repair or replace it siting that I went above 'normal wear and tear' by using it constantly. That I don't get. I used it for probably fifteen to twenty hours a week during the summer and stored it in the winter. I did use it heavily, but if the Explorer II can't take that kind of use, it should be taken off the market. Plain and simple.

I have tried the Ace 250 from a friend and while it is a great unit, it doesn't give me the depth that I want while the Explorer does. I pulled a Merc from 10 inches with the Explorer and I set up a test with the Ace and it couldn't detect the same Merc at 7 inches. So in my opinion, Explorer is very good, just don't expect great customer service from Minelab when something goes wrong with it.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Explorer XS

September 07, 2009
I have been detecting for over 20 years. Started with a Whites Coinmaster and graduated to a Fisher 1265x (which still works!). I read a lot of good things about the XS and decided to purchase a used one because it had target ID and because it can handle saltwater mineralization. If all I detected were beaches, I would rate this a 4. Too heavy and not balanced well enough to earn 5 stars. Impressive depth and backlight is great for early morning hunts. Also, works in wet sand..... I mean, really works!

Now the bad news.... 1/8" adapter stinks, and it broke, hard as hell to pinpont using the stock doubleD coil, heavy, not well balanced, coil works loose and is sloppy, mostly plastic, damn noisy machine with all those tones, and ugly color. I really think these machines are overrated. I used it for a 1+ year and thought it was very difficult to pick out the good tones from the junk. Also you will be swinging very very slowly. This machine is in no hurry to reset.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Best salt water

September 02, 2009
I've had my explorer 2 for 4 years now, I have to say its stability on salt wet sand is revolutionary. I have used loads of detectors on the beach, all bar this one sounds off all the time. Don't get me wrong the fisher 1265 was good, but you had to get used to the chatter. This one is quiet until a target is found. I don't know why its classed as a "learning curve machine". I just switch on and go. Deepest I've ever used.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Minelab vs.Tesoro

August 17, 2009
I was shocked to read Greg-Michigans´ report on the Minelab After-Sales Service! 000 dollars for a repair. I love my Explorer (not the weight) and have had some great finds. I just hope it does not go wrong as my Tesoro did, just beeped at everything, but then it was getting on(at least 7years old). I sent it off to Tesoro England (I live in Germany) and they sent it to the US. I got it back in perfect working order and it did not cost me a penny. That is After-Sales Service. Don't want everything for nothing but be reasonable, WAKE UP MINELAB.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Only as good as the person behind the detector

August 10, 2009
I don't understand why people would knock the explorers for. I just started detecting about 2yrs ago and my first machine was a Whites I will say I made a few good finds with it. This past March I purchased a used Explorer II from a friend of mine and all I can say is WOW! My silver coin finds have tripled from all of last yr. I think a lot of the problem is people see others finding stuff and end up getting one but not wanting to take the time to learn it you have to move slow where as with a Whites you don't have to go as slow.

I have seen a few purchase a new Minelab and a wk later are ready to sell it "LOL" News Flash it will take some time but if you be patient it will pay off big time don't think just because you got a $1000 + detector the coins are gonna jump in your pocket cause it just is not gonna happen. Remember there is no easy shortcuts I will tell you it is not as hard as some make it out "Remember the detector is only as good as the person behind it" Good luck and HH

Overall Rating 5 stars!


One Great detector..

August 04, 2009
I've been detecting about 10 years, Used a Whites XLT for 7yrs & had some decent finds, but finaly decided to trade it in for a Minelab Explorer II.. That was 1 year ago, it was the best thing I ever did..Found a barber dime & ruby ring my first time out, Now I have a box full of silver coins including-Silver dollars, Half dollars, barbers, sitting liberty, mercs & even half dimes..It does take some time to learn but well worth it..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A very pricey flute band.

June 18, 2009
I suspect the positive reviews for this detecter are by Minelab employees. Like flute music? Then this is for you! If you want a detecter you don't need a Phd to use forget this one, I'm selling mine and getting something that actually works.

Overall Rating 1 star


Minelab rocks

May 21, 2009
After owning a DFX for 1.5 years, I decided to sell it and purchase an SE Pro. If anyone is unhappy with their iron falsing Whites, buy a Minelab. Since I've purchased my SE Pro my coin finds have gone through the roof. I actually have to hit the same spots that I did with my DFX. I recently hunted a small front yard that I pounded to death with my DFX. I immediately pulled a 1945 Walker-half which was at 9 inches. Why didn't I find it before? I didn't find it because the DFX aka all Whites products are good for finding shallow coins and iron.

Don't believe the hype about the learning curve with the SE. If you are an experienced hunter you'll get the hang of it quickly. Another plus is that you don't have to adjust 100 settings like you do with the Whites machines.

Anyone that tells you they can pull coins from 9+ inches with a Whites is lying. If you want to find the deep coins get the machine with the FBS technology.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


EXP II learn and start digging.

May 14, 2009
It is no doubt the EXP II is a top machine. It addressed a few problems associated with the original EXP XS. If you put a new lighter 11" pro coil on it you can cut a little weight. I have had the same problems as others, split screen and cutting off. I sent for repair, they replaced the main board and sent a new battery holder. Mine cut out when I put is down or hit anything , even a light tap. The batteries were moving in the case and a momentary loss of power turns of the machine. If you get this problem check your battery holder and the contacts in the machine.

My repair was under warranty, the only cost was shipping to them. I did return my warranty registration card when I got it. Recived a 2 year warranty plus 2 years for free for a total 4 year warranty. It was a smooth repair process and took about 12 days. It actually sat in a UPS termnial for 3 days. Minealb turned it around at there place in three days. So far I put my money on the EXP II and it and Minealb have had my back.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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