Tesoro Vaquero

Price: $550
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.38
Based on 76 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars3.79
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.25
Maximum detection depth

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Treasure Cowboy

September 12, 2007
We have all seen many advances in technology over the past 15 years that have been truly amazing. I say 15 because that's how long I have been familiar with metal detector technology. We have also seen some cheezy machines and gadgets come along.
The Treasure Cowboy (Tesoro Vaquero) rates high in amazing and gets a zero for cheezy.
The good: It's the deepest detector I own.
Perfect ergonomic design. (weight and balance)
Quick reaction and recovery time.
Ground balancing is a pleasure, not a pain.
The bad: The pinpoint function.
While I have used it and it works OK, it is not a needed feature for this particular machine.
This machine can pinpoint with ease using the standard 'X'.
What I would like to see in place of the pinpoint button is a notch switch like on the Cortez or G-Max. Only the notch toggle would be necessary. Let the excellent discrimination knob do the rest.
Set disc. to Tabs and narrow notch and look out nickels. Or set it below nickels and wide notch and look out gold jewelry. Or... oh you got it.
Did I mention this machine was deep (ow my arms)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Tesoro Vaquero

May 24, 2007
I live in the UK and have had my Vaquero for 10 months now and am well impressed with it, its very light and easy to use. It can have problems seperating ring-pulls from hammered silver coins but most detectors have this problem. It is awsome on copper coins, I dug a George III halfpenny from 16 inches in soil and all this with a single 9 volt battery. When compared with other detector it can look a bit like a childs toy but don't be decieved, its performance is outstanding.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Vaquero exceeds expectations

April 27, 2007
Well now I know why the Vaquero has rated so highly here with a 5* rating. Using it for the first time today was so enjoyable. The depth, feel and balance, target separation (iron close to a ring) exceeded my expectations. All controls so easy to set up...great audio and GB too. I just can't think of anything negative about this machine. Read the reviews here and make the right decision and buy the Vaquero.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Easy choice here

April 18, 2007
While other manufacturers are loading up on batteries, this one does it with one 9v job! If you are worried about the lack of time in the field, carry an extra small 9v in your pocket. And working power is in the finds. Enough said!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Very easy to use! the deepest detector i own.

February 25, 2007
I haven't used it a lot due to snow.but have found 3 coins at almost a foot deep.the ground was very damp,but my other two machines could not get a signal on them. I plan on using this for relic hunting,but it just maybe my first choice on coin machine too. It ground balances very easy and runs very quiet.its so light you can hunt all day with no problems. So want a deep machine thats very simple to operate and only uses a 9 volt battery? Then buy a vaquero!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great For Relics-Quiet-DEEP-Best Warranty!!

December 29, 2006
I have a Tejon, a Nautilus DMC 2B, and now a Vaquero. The Vaquero is right up there with the Tejon and Nautilus in depth (All are very similar coil for coil). It runs a lot quieter than the Tejon in nails. My Vaquero air tests a nickel at 15" when supertuned. It does about the same on nickel sized buttons. It will hit a nickel at 12" in good ground with a strong signal.

The 5.75 coil is a must and it only looses about an inch of depth to the 8x9 coil and it will really pull targets out of trashy sites. My Vaquero digs minnie balls 14" deep in good soil. Slightly less in bad soil. If you set the GB slightly negative you will regain most of the lost depth, however you may experience a few ground signals. Overall this is one of the best detectors available today. The first time I used mine I dug two half dimes and both were over 8" deep in badly mineralized soil!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


New to metal detecting agian...

November 28, 2006
Read the reviews, bought the Vaquero... The depth of this detector is remarkable, in trashy sites, expect to dig a lot.
1 The discrimination mode is good but takes some digging to learn the sounds.
2 Ground balance is awesome but takes some time and digging to learn.
3 At first my son-in-law was out preforming me with his Lonestar Bouty Hunter ($150 Bass Pro Shop
4 after learning Vaquero I cant be beat.. takes some time to learn and then whooo hoooo!!!!

found several coins, 1 1928 laundry token, severral square nails, lots of garbage. and upon further learning and digging, less garbage and more relic type stuff. I am sold, and would recommend, but only if you are willing to do your homework and learn the machine!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Dig deep...

September 25, 2006
Had a White Silver Eagle for 15 years and thought that it was great...got a new Vaquero and have been rehunting the same areas over again and finding plenty under the old area. As one man said, you better be ready to dig. I have found Indian Head at 8-9 inches several times, found several of the metal band around pencil erasers at 10 inches. Great tone and very light. Only complaint..arm rest too small and no cuff strap. Easy to ground balance and sure does make a difference..can not go wrong with this machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


First time for Tesoro

August 25, 2006
I have used pretty much every other respected brand on the market. I have never, and I mean never seen this kind of clarity on deep targets. I have a thin, gold wire ring that I use as my benchmark target. In supertune mode 9-10" with absolute good target sound, any other machine over the last 20 years would only see it clearly at 3-4" maxx.

Super light and sturdy. The only negative is I wish that the arm cuff was a little larger in all dimensions.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Vaquero is the featherweight champion

July 10, 2006
I have used all of the high end TID detectors and wanted a non TID detector for relic hunting, after a lot of research I picked the Tesoro Vaquero.

The Vaquero weighs 2.2 lbs, it is like a walking stick with a search coil on the end of it, I can swing it all day with one arm and not get tired, it has one of the best discriminator that I have ever used and it is as deep as any detector on the market today, it runs off of 1 9-volt battery, and has a manual ground balance. I can turn it on and be hunting in less than one minute, and I don't have to memorize a bunch of menues and sub menues, or study DVD's to learn how to program it, the Vaquero has a very short learning curve, about one hour and you are good to go.


Overall Rating 5 stars!


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