Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Price: $160
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.48
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.58
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.83
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Wedding Band Lost

December 20, 2009
Okay, a long story short. My wife and I went out on a Saturday morning and bought a Christmas tree in a lot, brought it home and put up the tree. After that, I strung lights up on the house, shoveled the walkway and sidewalk, etc.

While taking a shower that night I noticed my $800 white/yellow custom made wedding band was gone. Searched with a flashlight for hours, came up empty handed.

The next morning I went down to Cabela's and bought a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, headphones, and batteries. Out in the parking lot I put it together, read the manual, and fine tuned the settings using my gold watch on the ground.

Went to the Christmas tree lot and after an hour had 12 extra cents in my pocket for my trouble. When I got home, I began searching the lawn, which was covered in 4 inches of fresh snow.

I found the ring about an hour later while searching the last spot I had been the day before. The ring had worked it's way through the snow and deep into the grass. Without this detector I NEVER would have found this ring.....even after the snow had melted.

In summary, this detector works fine for the price. Some advice, you have to adjust the settings using a known object before you start searching in order to find similar objects. In other words, test it out on a gold ring to maximize the detectors sensitivity and get a feel for the sounds it will make before you go looking around for more gold rings. This is the first detector I have ever used, so nothing to compare it too.

In my case, the detector cost about $165 including headphones and batteries (two nine volts), and it recovered my $800 wedding band, a priceless object to me and my Wife. Best part is, I had a great excuse to buy a detector, something I have always wanted!! Another Christmas miracle.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Very Pleased

July 09, 2009
I received this detector as a fathers day gift. I put it to work right away. I have an old home built in 1929 (fairly new to me), and have had a couple of sewer problems since I've moved in. I had been unable to locate the sewer cleanout access closest to the street. My neighbor told me that city code calls for a cleanout every 50 feet. I measured 50 feet from the exposed cleanout, and broke out the new metal detector. I got two hits right away. the first one was an old 38 caliber bullet about 4 inches below the surface. The second hit was the sewer cleanout. It was 18 inches under the surface. I never would have found it without the help of this detector. My sewer is now running clean.

After I finished the sewer work, I scanned the rest of my small front yard.. I haven't thoroughly worked it yet, but I've found a few clad coins, a boy scout medallion, and a little cheepie silver ring.

Can't go wrong for the price.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fantastic little machine.

June 30, 2009
What a wonderful machine. If you didn't know the price you would think it was a top rung machine. I had it for only 5 mins and started using it in the back yard. Within 10 mins I had a strong signal, the dig revealed a solid gold ring still on the finger of an old ladies corpse. I tried it on a local beach and found a small nugget of bleepcronite - thought to be an alien amalgum. This detector would be useful if searching for the ark of the covernant or similar lost treasures ( dodo bones ?? ) Buy one and enjoy.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A month with the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4

June 25, 2009
I decided to buy the tracker 4 after reading reviews, many of them from this website, so I decided to contribute with a review of my purchase.

The first thing I said when I took the tracker 4 in the box was: Wow! Is something inside the box? This is a very lightweight machine,
I decided to do tests at different fields before giving my review.

At the backyard: After doing air tests using various metal objects I went to my backyard and found several iron relics and a 1997 coin :), no gold for now, this detector should locate a coin at 6 inches depth, I'm almost sure things were left behind and I will cover up my backyard again in the future with an upscale metal detector.

At the beach: I went to a private beach to try my new gadget, I have to say it's a great machine in this kind of field, the lightweight and the tone ID makes a very practical way to swing for hours without the need of watching at a screen.

Conclusion: the tracker 4 is a superb beginner's machine for the price-value principle, if the ace250 and the tracker 4 were at the same price probably I would rather went with the ace250, but for the price difference I took the tracker 4 and save the money for my next upgrade that will be a deeper machine, I'm almost sure will be a Tesoro. For now I'm satisfied with my tracker 4.
If you are beginner wondering around trying to get a good metal detector for a low price and to give metal detecting a try, this model is for you, save the rest of the money for the next best machine in case you get the metal detecting bug.

Pros: lightweight, two tones identification and a broken tone for pulltabs, battery duration, easy to use

Cons: bulky module (could be a little narrower to carry it better in a bag), bad for trashy areas, no pinpoint.

Mandatory: Use a coil cover to avoid damages;
Use a pair of headphones, believe it or not it makes a HUGE difference, it would be also easier to pinpoint.

See you next time!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Bounty Hunter MD

June 25, 2009
I got this BH from my daughter as a gift. I am a beginner, but this works real well! I found a silver ring in my neighbor's yard, 2 ft down, below some other junk. My advice, keep digging until all sounds are gone.

BH is real sensitive to silver objects. I also found some lead civil war rounds 1 ft down. Of course, fro shallow stuff this BH model is excellent.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Best detector in the $100 range

June 21, 2009
I got a tracker IV a for my kid few days ago and he loves it , I had used metal detectors in the past and for the price this is a killer deal.. the only problem I have with it is that it will only go about 6 inches deep for coins in hard packed clay but it has gone up to 3 feet on large items such as aluminum cans, hand tools etc.. , on the bright side it has a "tone" option that makes coin shooting much easier by filtering out trash iron by giving you a different tone , the cons on this option is that pull tabs will sound same as most nickels and gold. Very user friendly and my kid loves it as well.. if you are looking for a good detector in the $100 range this is the one to get.

Overall Rating 4 stars


The first 10 minutes

June 20, 2009
We bought a home built on an old schoolground. Naturally, I had to buy a detector. Got it just today (the day before) for father's day. After less than 10 minutes of searching, my 9-yr-old and I found an 1907 Indian Head... Crazy! Looked for 30 more minutes (until dark) and found nothing, but wow, it was sure cool to find that Indian Head!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My birthday gift

June 16, 2009
On may 31st of this year all I asked for is a METAL DETECTOR. And of course I got it!!! I used it for three days streight and I found pennys, childrens toys, simple stuff. Well I was lookin outside my bedroom window and something told me to grab my detector and go looking by the shed, so I did. Low and behold I got a nice strong beep, so there is where I dug. I pulled up a chunk of dirt, and in my face there was a diamond looking at me!!! I dug it up, cleaned it up, and it says on it "diamonds r a girls best friend". Now I dont know if its worth anything, I'm just gona keep it with the rest of my collection.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Today was a great day

March 29, 2009
We bought my tracker late last summer. We used it a couple of times. We found things but mostly junk.

The last two days my husband and I have been working outside in the yard, raking, weeding and planting. Last night he realized his $700.00 wedding ring was missing.

After combing the yard with our tracker for 3 hours, we found it.
So happy are we. We will never give up our tracker and now really look foward to using it much much more.

Our advice, be patient and play with those settings, test them over and over on objects you know.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 25, 2009
I am new to metal detecting, but I have to say, that after reading the owners manual and doing what it says to make each hunt a profitable one, this dector has paid off. Every time I go on a hunt, I find coins and jewelry. I have recently(1/23/09) have found some silver jewelry with encrusted diamonds. I am still finding various coins and that has been paying for my food at work for the last week and a half.
The only draw back to this detector is that you don't exactly know how deep to dig, but using the bounty hunter pippointer has solved that mystery.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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