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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
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January 13, 2013
I am an absolute Metal Detector addict. I am as addicted to trying out different machines as much as the actual detecting itself. In my back yard I have tried around 30 different machines including top end Minelabs, Whites, XP's (including E-trac, Deus, DFX, etc. etc. ) so it is fair to say that it is pretty much "hunted out" - or so I thought.

I set the M6 to Tone ID, almost full sensitivity and zero disc. I noticed that set up like this, the machine was pretty noisy - but not any more so than a Minelab for example.
The M6 was sounding off everywhere - BUT when it got a decent target it gave the same tone when swept both ways. These are the ones to dig. It produced a coin within minutes. Not a very valuable one (an older 5pence piece from 1970), BUT - ALL those other detectors had missed this and I have been absolutely methodical and extremely stringent in searching the garden. In the same hole was a rather large iron bolt too. The separation abilities of the M6 is absolutely excellent and I will be keeping this one for sure. I love it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



December 02, 2012
WORST MACHINE I EVER OWNED, this machine will not get a ID a coin any deeper than 3 inches, anything deeper then that is a guess, 99 percent of the time its wrong, I bought this to use while my old ( 21 yr old ) eagle was in for repairs and I hate it. I have my eagle back now and just for the heck of it I went back over where I was with the m6 and found 2 silver quarters, a silver dime and an old ring. The m6 is a big disappointment.

Overall Rating 1 star


Whites mega 6

May 22, 2012
Hi this is my second review on the m6 thought I'd update you all on my finds.
2 silver florins, silver half crown, 12 silver sixpences 2 silver 3d 1 silver broch a bit beaten about 2 silver rings 84grams of silver and yes saterday 9kt gold ring should have had 3 stones in it but were all missing. Who cares still gold 1 gram worth £12. 50 scrap.

Just a few words on disc and just under 1 on the disc good for silver and the gold ring I found numbers if it say foil I dig them all thats were I'm finding small silver. 22. 24. 26. dig more silver and the gold ring all in the forest the the ground is a bit on the acid side.

All ground is different in the UK towards America all I can say is ground balance properly if you think it not right do it again very important. Check the ground after balancing if you get a signal balance again. i find if theres a signal it knocks the ground balance off so check it. about depth the deepest I've had is about 9 inches which is fine by me, like someone else said digging on parks and such you don't want massive holes you'll soon get your marching orders.

I prefer forests thats were you find the old stuff. Taking my decimal to the bank tomorrow £58 £42 in £1 coins rest in change. A tip, the banks pull there faces when you take coins in, but they are legaly bond to take it.
Another tip, put it in your paying in book and pay it into your account they don't even question it. They don't like handing money over to spend somewhere else. I just go to the garage and put it in my tank free weeks motoring anyway bye for now m6 ers keep diggin mick

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites m6

May 03, 2012
Hi, does the m stand for mega. I've had the m6 for 5 weeks now due to my sovereign xs packing up. It was 12 years old great machine well gutted. I always liked the look of the m6 so two days before we went to Scotland in the caravan no detector. saw this on preloved in Birmingham bought it for £250 with lightening 2 headphones. What a brilliant machine this absolutely loves silver.

I go slow and rake the floor had to buy coil cover it misses nothing. I love the 7 tone id I put it just under the one mark sens as high as possible and off I go. 16 silver sixpences one silver florin one silver half crown silver earing silver lockit.

Dug a pocket watch today but just base metal. Found lots of old currency plus lots of decimal coins 8 pound coins one day last week. All in all its a keeper, no gold yet only a matter of time. I found a 9ct gold watch with my xs the week it passed away. I'm very pleased with the m6 pinpointing brilliant depth about the same as the xs numbers a bit confusing sometimes but I listen for the tones I dig everything that doesn't grunt.

Not been to the beach yet might go this weekend try the beach mode. I would pay the asking price for a new one. I think they are well priced for what you get. I've a limited budget don't work due to ill health. Detecting keeps me going I love it. When my xs died it was like loosing my dog I was lost without my detector might sound a bit soppy but it such a great hobby. I'd go every day if I was fit enough. I've had all the top end detectors f75 soveriegn gt to name a few gone the same week I bought them. People don't know what they're missing with the m6 a real machine. I wont be looking at other detectors I'll be keeping the whites mega 6 thanks for reading my review keep diggin!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The one I use all the time now.

February 19, 2012
Ive tried many machines on my ploughed fields and this is the one that I've settled down with. Previous to this I was using a goldmaxx power but while it was an excellent machine I couldn't figure out any way of telling coke. The m6 reads 0 foil on coke 99 percent of the time. Saves ages digging.
This is a great reliable machine, sensitive to those small items and has plenty of power especially if you have a less mineralized area and can turn it up past factory setting of 2. Well balanced and doesn't feel heavy in prolonged usage. This is the one that really works for me. I use it in single tone just looking at the screen for coke id and digging all positive numbers.
About 40 hours battery use so not bad at all.
It hasn't got 5 stars for nothing!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Get what you pay for

January 25, 2012
Now that I am retired I have time to use the M-6. I did like others and practiced in my backyard with coins, gold and other planted items. Some have commented on the lack of penetration. As others know it all depends on the target, soil and moisture. The M-6 gives you what you pay for. You won't detect a single coin at 4 feet but you will detect coins up to 12 inches like I have. Practice is important as with any equipment.
The M6 last a good battery use. I use Sanyo nicad recharable batteries that can be recharged many times. These batteries may cost a little more but they hold their charge for several months.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



December 21, 2011
I have had the White's M6 for about 3 months. Living in South Florida, we spend a lot of time combing the beaches. I think in the first 2 hours of using it, I found 4 or 5 quarters. What I have learned that if it says .25 on the LCD, its going to be .25, the pinpointing and depth are equally as accurate. If it says ZINC and 1 cent. Its going to be exactly that. If it says 1 cent or 10 cents. Its going to be a dime every time.

These features are invaluable for someone thats just getting into the hobby. The M6 performs well in the wet or dry sand, its easy to tune and another great feature is the weight. It is fairly light. If your near a beach, you need a unit that can work in the high mineral content sand. I also have a Whites surfmaster pulse induction detector which I use for the water. White's is made in the USA, its reliable and easy to use. The initial outlay may be a little high but they hold their value.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


All you'll ever need.

July 23, 2011
I've now owned my M6 for four years. It's a great and easy to use, easy to learn machine. It's a real coinshooter. It especially locks onto quarters in a heartbeat! White's is a top-notch company and this detector is all any detectorist should ever really need.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


M6 all the way

May 04, 2011
I did extensive due diligence before purchasing my M6 last December. At first I toyed around in parks, old farms, abandoned houses, etc, finding some coins, junk jewelry, etc, but nothing exciting. All info I studied said to be persistent, and I was..

I made a coin and jewelry farm in the back yard and practiced on gold rings, coins of different types, necklaces, etc. I became intimate with the M6, and got to the point where I can tell by the tones exactly what the target is, and rarely look at the screen!

Living in Florida I soon discovered that the real hunting is at the beach, where tourists unbelievably (But thankfully!) wear their expensive jewelry to the beach! I surveyed the beaches during the day, seeing which were the busiest (even using streaming beach cams from my computer at home!) then going to the beach at the right time of day!

There are numerous other guys who sweep the same beaches, some are friendly and some don't want to talk, or are even pissed if they see you there, but I learned when to go.. Most guys are there early in the morning, at the crack of dawn, thinking they are the "early bird", beating all the other "swingers" to the tourist lost treasure, but these guys don't know that I was there the night before, after all the tourists left, worked the entire area in a focused grid search, and picked up all the treasure with my great M6!

With out exaggeration, in 2 weeks, 4 hours a night, 3 days a week, I have found several gold rings (mens wedding bands) 1 huge diamond ring, several silver toe rings, an Italian silver necklace, and more! My best find, the diamond ring, was going straight over where a guy with his 1000 dollar "3 light Beachcomer" had just swept!

I sometimes have a chuckle in the morning watching the streaming beachcams, seeing some poor guys out there sweeping the beach I cleaned out the night before!

In summary, the machine is only as good as the operator, but chosing the best machine is indeed critcal, most expensive is not by any means the best, you can keep you high dollar Beachcomers, for my money the all around best is the M6!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites m6

March 12, 2011
I'm with clint from michigan on this one. I have dug very deep targets with this detector. My deepest dig was an amazing 4 feet deep ! This detector told me there was a quarter down there, and after digging for 3 days, and 4 feet later... ta dah ! There it was. I love this detector and would call you foolish if you passed this one up!

p.s hey clint in michigan, I live in michigan also and would love to meet up with you in the woods. yours truly..Dan

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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