Whites Matrix M6

Price: $700
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.62
Based on 58 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.70
Maximum detection depth

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M6...Just Fantastic

September 04, 2008
I have owned my M6 for about a year and a half. To me, for the person who loves to hunt for coins, jewelery, some relics and maybe just piddle with prospecting, the M6 just can't be beat.

I just hunted a city park that I know has been hunted for years. My friends were using other brands, of which I won't mention.
Because of the heat we only hunted about 2 hours. In that time, I hunted the old parking area the goes around the park. I came home with about $3.00 in clad, a sterling silver and 4 stone opal ring, a 1937 D quarter, a 1944 war nickel and an engraved silver spoon.
My hunting buddies came home with a few clad coins. The ground was really hard but most of my finds were 3-5 inches down. I was hunting real slow using a 6X10 DD coil. This little machine is just fantastic.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My favorite at trashy sites !

August 26, 2008
Opinions on a particular detector can vary from a piece of crap to the best thing since sliced bread and somewhere in the middle is reality. I like to find the strength of a detector and decide if it fills a niche better than one I have and the M6 for me is best for hunting trashy sites.
Don't really care about notching and prefer to use Tone ID and listen to everything. Threshold nulls are useless in my opinion at very trashy sites so silent search is OK for me.
The best thing in my opinion about the M6 is the plethora of accessory coils along with the quick reset recovery speed, tone id, and the Meter which helps when cherry picking or attempting to sort through the mess.
The 6"x10" DD Eclipse is my primary depth and coverage coil and deepest coin has been a wheat penny at 7". My favorite small coils are the 4.5"x7" and 5" EXcelerator's

The little 5" EXcelerator hooked up to an M6 is awesome using tone id and no discrimination. Had some nice coin, jewelry and a few relic finds so far with a well conditioned 1866 2cent piece less than 2" deep being the best so far that many other detectors had to run over. It's hard to explain but avid trash hunters should understand tone variance and that's the strength of the M6 along with the excellent small coil selections.

The M6 would make a very good primary use detector when hunting coins and jewelry and for some relic hunting but love it at trashy sites. I'd rate the M6 at 4.5 because it does lack threshold, true all metal search mode and manual ground balance although the auto GB circuit works excellent. I guess I said my piece and hope others will confirm or dispute my opinions. HH Bill

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A awsome machine!!!!

June 28, 2008
I bought my M-6 April 20th,2008. I am new at this it is my first machine and what a Gem it is!!! You could not ask for a better and more simple machine it is a deep machine on the money pinpoint the 7 tone id is wonderful and I would say it would keep right up with any other machine if you are new and looking for a very dependable machine that is easy to operate and you dont have to worry about all the adjustment's,bells,and whistle's. Since my purchase I have found $85.90 in clad, 4 Mercury dimes, 3 silver rosies,50 wheat pennies oldest 1917, 2 silver rings, 2 military buttons, 2 tootsie toy car's from the 40's, and alot of other very neat stuff....I hope this help's you. And I hope you puchase one of these great machines and have as much fun as I do........HAPPY HUNTING!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The M6 is superb!

May 05, 2008
This machine is great!
Easy to use and powerful. I didn't really need a prospecting and relic mode so I went for the M6 and not the MXT.
The M6 is light,easy to understand, well built and deep. I have found coins every time I've been out. I use it on virtually no discrimination and on multi tones. That way all I have to do is listen to the ground. It can be a little busy on the ears but the good targets just blast through. This is one awesome machine. I had a Prizm IV before and just wanted a target VDI and ground balancing. The AutoTrac balancing is superb and always makes my M6 run smooth.
You will not regret getting this machine. If there are coins in the ground, it WILL find them!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


It only gets beter with use

February 24, 2008
I have had my M6 since may of 2007, This was my gift from my wife for my 40th birthday.
It has been years since I have owned a nice machine and was not sure if this would pull the grade. After several outings just more to learn the sounds and feel of the M6 I began to hear what she was telling me, coins, lots of coins.
1 Indian Penny.2 Barber dimes, 7 Merc dimes 3 silver Roseav dimes,1 Standing Lib Quarter, 1 Barber halve, 1 Franklin halve, 1 Old Farthing, 1 Liberty Knick, and 1 1850's Large Amer Cent. not to mention about One Hundred dollars in clad. If your looking to find coins, this is the machine to do it with. Now the only trouble im having is finding jewelry, I have only found Two rings and they are not of any value. I am not sure as to why I can not find jewelry, but would love any hints or suggestions from fellow detectorist.
Overall this is an awesome machine.

Overall Rating 4 stars



November 14, 2007
I have owned my M6 for a few months now and all I can say is buy one and find the stuff all others have missed, I have three GOLD rings, one GOLD pendent, well over one hundred dollars in clad, countless junk and silver rings and bullets. The best part, while all the others are talking about programs and trying to get their machine working properly, I'm out cleaning up all the goods, simple is the way to go, deep and so powerful it should be all the machine I will ever need, pinpoint is dead on, tone ID is great, depth is simply amazing and target ID is dead on too.

You will not be dissapointed with this simple machine. Spend your time hunting not programing.....

Overall Rating 4 stars


Matrix m-6 is great

August 08, 2007
i bought this detector about a week ago.first one i have owned in 10 years.went to the local h.s.for about 2 hours.found 2 quarters,8 dimes,28 pennies.if they come any easier to use than this one,then i want to see it.this is a coin magnet.incredibly easy to set up and hunt.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The Whites M6 Rocks!!!

August 01, 2007
I have had this detector for a week, I have only had time to go out a few hours with it, a while in a park and a while on the beach....to date..I have dug 48.60 in clad, one 1909 wheatie, a brass dog whistle and a civil war bullet. I love this detector, stable in both hard dirt and on the beach thanks to beach mode, and target ID is spot on, the wheatie I dug was a 9 inches in hard dirt, and the pin point is also spot on...I can hardly wait to get a full days hunt, I have no doubt this detector will pay for itself in coin finds....the M6 misses nothing, if you want a smokin hot detector, that finds it all...the M6 is for you

Overall Rating 5 stars!


M6 is a great machine, period.

July 25, 2007
I have had the M6 since early summer. I also have the 10x6 Eclipse coil. This is the only coil that I have used on it to date and see no reason to change it out for the stock coil.

My opinion of this machine is very high indeeed. I feel that this machine offers just about everything you need to park and beach hunt. In the parks you can set up to hunt shallow and fast or deep and not-so-slow. On the beach the auto track feature makes it possible to crank the sensitivity right up and go super deep. The display is nice and large, the audio feedback is very rich and goes far beyond the 7 tone ID, which I hunt in. I much prefer the VCO pinpoint mode over auto tune, the sound volume also gives a very solid indication of depth/size of target.

It takes as little time to learn or as much time as you want to put into it to learn the nuances that it presents. This really seems to be a do it all machine for everyone. The selection of coils is great, battery life is excellent on alkaline batteries.

As for finding clad the M6 does have a very interesting quirk in that it seems to like finding coins on edge. Air tests did not show this capability but once the coin is in the ground, BAM! I have dug more shallow coins on edge in heavily hunted areas than I can remember ever finding in the past, and this is with the DD coil.

I have not yet had the opportunity to take it out relic or field hunting but see no reason why it wouldn't excel at this task also.

Eventhough it is already a depth monster I wish that I had the ability to track the ground balance positive or negative.

All in all a great machine, White's did their homework on this one. If you are considering a good general purpose machine this is it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Coin Magnet!

June 30, 2007
I purchased my Matrix M6 back in Feburary, I bought the detector and I went ahead and got the 4X6 DD Shooter Coil also. This combo has been great for me. My goal was to find my first wheat penny before the end of the summer-I found it on my first trip out. Within a month I found 3 silver dimes in my own front yard that I know I had been over with my other detector a dozen times! So far now I have found over 35 wheats and at least five silver coins. I never found hardly anything with my old detector (a bounty hunter) my last mercury dime that I dug was at between 11 and 12 inches. I found it with the M6 with the stock coil. I only get to hunt on my lunch breaks and after work sometimes, but I always find way more stuff with my M6 than my hunting buddy who has an XLT. He's starting to get mad, and he's thinking about trading his XLT on an M6. I live in East Texas and have found 2 foriegn coins with the M6: A 1913 King George V Half Penny, and an 1821 German Heller.
I would highly recomend the M6 because of it's power and depth and it's so easy to master. Somtimes you can't replace just knowing your machine and what "the good stuff" sounds like with fancy programs and bells and whistles.
If power and simplicity are what your after than the M6 is for you!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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