Garrett Ace 250

Price: $250
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.19
Based on 257 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.00
Avg. Ease of use: 5 stars!4.53
Maximum detection depth

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Not a good machine for finding canadian coins

November 01, 2010
I have benched tested the machine for Canadian coins and it doesn't I.D. them as the machine is set up for u.s. coins. I should have gotten the fisher 75 as it gives you a number for what it scans. The 250 you have to dig everything, so you waist tons of time dinging garbage. So the 250 is no good for Canada.

Overall Rating 1 star


This works for me

October 23, 2010
I found it hard leaving my Descovery 1000 from Radio Shack. Though I did select the 'coin' mode on my Garrett 250 I found myself moving back to my old detector. My final soution was to go to 'custom' and only select nichol, penny, dime and quarter and then bench tested the machine with everything. The results were BETTER THAN EXPECTED! Detected all four coins and still got good readings on: sterling silver, 10k and 14k gold and ear rings. Still reads tops from soda cans and some kids rings. Using the standard coin setting is just to broad and leads to wasted digging. Next is better pin pointing.

Overall Rating 4 stars



October 20, 2010
If any of your readers are having problems with the Ace 250 here is a little tip that will help a lot. Always give this machine time to work properly by swinging it several times in different directions over the target and do not be afraid to use the discrimination at a higher setting because you do not lose very much depth.
Also I like to run it in the all metal mode and listen to the tone ID for greater accuracy. I have found as many nice things with the ACE 250 as I have with detectors costing 3 times the money! HOPE THIS helps.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Not that good

October 06, 2010
I wonder if garrett workers are the ones giving these good reviews. As I am new to this sport and so far when the 250 says its coins i dig up just junk. I have found one dime and three pennies with about four hours of looking, the pointer that I paid 25.00 only works when if touches the metal. I don't really think the 250 is any better than my old whites 3. I wish someone would tell the truth about the 250 in these reviews.

Overall Rating 2 stars


For the price it can't be beat

October 03, 2010
For the price this machine cannot be beaten. It's very easy to use, batteries last a long time, and basically you can just turn this machine on and your detecting.

I admit, I haven't found treasure worth millions yet, but I have made a few decent finds. I needed a detector that can be easily taken apart because I put mine in a holdal bag, so it travels in bits, goes detecting, and then gets put back into the bag broken down. It handles that well, and I'm not exactly light handed either. It's took a few knocks here and there but still works perfectly.

All in all a very good detector. Ive read many people complain about the pinpoint feature, but I have found the pinpoint works perfectly.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Awesome detector

September 25, 2010
Just received my ace 250 detector and love it. Had to get used to it for a couple of days but it is the best detector ever. First it is easy to use I don't need a bunch of settings to mess with you just turn it on and away you go. Make sure you watch the video that comes with it its very helpful info. But Garrett makes the finest detectors made today in this persons opinion, I am sure others will disagree but this is my opinion. Sure theres minelab and whites and others but this unit suits me fine. And you can add other coils to the unit if you want to dig deeper. Me I am satisfied with what I have now. So if you want a good unit that wont break the bank get the Garrett Ace 250 its awesome.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not reading the manual = bad results

September 03, 2010
Garrett have spent years and years perfecting detectors so if anyone knows how to operate one: they do, the manual has to be read and understood before using this 250, and need I say it takes practice, you have to work the detector as the manual says, if you don't you will not work it to it's full advantage, and you will be giving a bad remark for it, give it time and practice like I have, it pays off in the end, I would opt for the extra size coil, the 9"x12" is a great investment for field and farm land, it gives slightly more depth and is better on pin pointing for beginners, the coil here in the uk sells for average £99.00, you wont be let down with these, you will if you don't read the manual..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


(One Year Update) 10 X 14 Excelerator search coil

September 03, 2010
I have been using the Ace 250 for a year now with good results. I posted a review (Dr.Bellows Aug 29 2009). PS (My buddy gave the 2 NO's, when I showed him the review). I still think its a great detector for the money. I mostly relic hunt and wanted to cover more area at greater depth. I purchased the 10x14 Excelerator search coil. I did a test garden and was getting 3 to 4 more inches on all coins. I think it took my entry level machine to the next level. Thanks,God Bless

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Excellent value

August 19, 2010
This Ace 250 is a very good buy and a really good machine as well. I am enjoying learning it and have found lots of clad coins in addition to all the usual other stuff.
If it had a backlight for the display and a volume control I would give it 5 stars. I bought some cheap headphones that have a volume control so that took care of one minor problem. At some point I will try to figure out how to illuminate the display so I can night hunt.
The Ace 250 is easy to use, lightweight, and as accurate as other units that cost more--in some cases a LOT MORE. What more could you want?

Overall Rating 4 stars


Sweet Little Machine

August 14, 2010
Hi, hope this review prompts who ever is still on the fence with the ACE 250 to try it!

I am a 100% "Beach Hunter" (White's Dual Field PI Pro)that was looking for a "dry sand" detector. I did my homework on the ACE 250 and decided to go with the "Spring Pack".

This machine is true value for your money!


1, It's very good on coins

2, Light weight

3, loads of options to fit your hunting level and needs

4, Will find EVERYTHING! LOL




1, Pin Pointing is off (yup the only fault)

Please get the "Spring Package" with the Pro Pointer, with the PP and the ACE 250 you'll be finding and recovering quickly!With the PP you have a 5 star set up!


1, Pin point with the ACE 250 and if your target is 2-4 inches guess what?! just use the PP to find the exact location of the target!
without the PP you will be digging trenches lol!

2, Please bench mark and study the machine with "Junk" and "good" targets to see how the ACE responds. If you are using the ACE in another Country test the local coinage.

3, Gold falls in the 1st notch blow "Pull Tab" which is also in the Gold Range, the key to the ACE is, ONLY DIG A SIGNAL THAT IS SMOOTH & STEADY! If it jumps between two coins it's probably modern pull tab or a coin by "junk". Circle the signal if you get a smooth constant read on it, dig it. If the Signal is all over the place, 100% JUNK.

For me, I eliminate 50 cent and 1$ cause I live in the Caribbean and the chances are very slim I'd find them plus a crushes soda can or a piece of one comes in smooth without distortion in that range!

I have been metal & cable detecting for a living at my local phone company for 10 years so I know a little something. Metal Detection is not a perfect science cause a lot on metals have similar "signatures" but with practice the ACE Will Impress you, like it did me.

P.S.>>> I was only getting the ACE for a Beach Back-up and then Christmas get a White's Spectra V3i(Cause I am a Gadget Freak LOL). To be honest, the ACE 250 with Pro Pointer have been working so well for me I really don't NEED the V3i.(though I still WANT IT LOL)

Bottom line the ACE 250 with PP is ALL you will really Need.

Happy Hunting :-)

Overall Rating 4 stars


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