Garrett Ace 250

Price: $250
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.2
Based on 260 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.05
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.50
Maximum detection depth

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250 Garrett

February 03, 2012
I have been hunting,{detecting}, for over 40 years using a Fisher CZ 5, which is a great detector. My daughter wanted a detector, because she used to hunt with me, so after checking the new detectors I decided to get her a new Garrett 250, after it arrive I have been playing with it, with help from many forums and now have it pretty well captured. Am sure it will be good for here and her young son. I have used it twice and what it does from that small package is great. No big finds, but it is still cold here and frozen ground, seem like a winner to me...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I like it

January 15, 2012
I purchased this as my first metal detector.
It paid for itself after the first time out when I found a gold medallion.
It is excellent for coins.
I usually run mine on jewelry mode (lookin for more gold).

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 04, 2012
I got the ace 250 for my son for Christmas, but I find myself using it to snipe coins at the park now. This machine rocks. I can set it to find only caedd coins and silver and that is EXACTLY what it does. When it says dime its a dime, when it says quarter its a quarter.

I can effectively set it so it only finds those two things and thats all it will do unless its a piece of silver which some dimes and quarters are. Great machine for the money. The 6x9 coil works perfectly and I intend on getting a 4.5 sniper for smaller target detection.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


You won't be disappointed

October 20, 2011
I've had my ACE250 for just over a year now. I figured I would've upgraded to a "better" detector by this point but the reality is this thing just keeps serving up the booty. What I like about it is you can swing it very quickly and it won't miss anything. In fact, I tried to fool it in tests with wild swings and wasn't able to. The way it identifies coins is uncanny. Also the way it identifies iron and other junk items is good too as some days you just don't want to dig nails so you can de-select the far left mark and you won't have to listen to it.

Someone mentioned that it is difficult to pinpoint with the elliptical coil. This is not true, but you do have to learn how to pinpoint with this machine. I will tell you how because this isn't in the instruction manual. Once you've pinpointed in the general area of the target, move it slightly off-side and release and quickly press pinpoint again. This will put the machine into a less sensitive range and you can pinpoint more tightly. Repeat as necessary. I show this to another hunter with the same unit for three years and he didn't know this trick. You can dig a coin 5 inches down with hole of only 2 inches diameter and not miss it.

I can recommend the ACE 250 without hesitation.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Better than detectors costing 4 times as much

October 19, 2011
I have been coin shooting for the past 18 years and own several detectors from different manufactures. One of my grandchildren recently took an interest in coin shooting so I gave her an Ace 250 and Garrett Delux headphones for her birthday.
After working with my granddaughter and trying to teach her the trick of the trade (so to speak), I realized that this ultra-light little machine worked better than machines I had used costing 4 times more than the Ace 250.

Because of my advanced age and increasingly painful arthritis, the ultra-light weight of the Ace 250 really appealed to me. The end result was that I bought one for myself.
After using my Ace 250 14 or 15 times this year, I discovered that I preferred this little gem over any of the other detectors I currently own including a brand new detector by another manufacturer that cost me over $800.00.

If I have anything even remotely negative to say about the Ace 250 it would be to note that you really need a set of headphones with adjustable volume controls because it tends to run quite loud (and I am hard of hearing). I have found and dug dimes at 6 to 8 inches deep and quarters at 8 to 9 inches deep with this little beauty.
I love the ease with which you can notch-out that which you don't want to deal with (e.g. Pull tabs, iron, etc) but if you are notching out pull tabs be aware that this is where gold will sound off at.

Would I recommend this to a friend . . . I did, I bought one for myself and a grandchild!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Garrett Euro Ace(350)

October 16, 2011
I got my first Euro Ace after using the Ace 250 for 2 yrs. But since I have this machine I have found even more than the 250. Pinpoint is way better, dubble D Coil.
Better for European Grounds(CM)instead of Inches.
This is the Best Low cost Garrett machine ever.
Price 350 Euro's.
Sure you have better Garrett's but that will cost you more, but the Euro Ace wont disappoint you. I love WW2 relic hunting in the Ardennes and its perfect.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


ACE 250!!!

October 01, 2011
Just got my Garrett Ace 250 in the mail this week. Watched the video and decided to put it to use. I decided to go to a place that I have detected many times in the past. I found 15 coins -one of which was a silver nickel and a ring!!! The ACE 250 is the best value for the price range. This machine will find coins all day long!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Staten Island New York Loves the Ace 250

August 15, 2011
Hello all, just took the Ace 250 for it's first time out of the box. Paid $212 on Amazon w/6x9 head. Also using Garrett adjustable volume padded full ear headphones, homemade PVC sand scoop from eBay $26...I put a longer handle on it.
So off I went to South Beach for 3 hours of coin finding. Found a nickel in a few moments, and 2 quarters and a fist full of pennies.
I found real fast that the jewlery settings is best, still found pull tabs, sensitivity was knocked down 2 bars from full.
I thank you all for telling about how loud the 250 is, you really do need the adjustable volume headphones...even on jewlery It did say I found a coin but it was a nail...
Bottom line would I buy it aagain..Yes
Was it worth $212. Yes
The cool thing is in 3 hours of use, when scanning targetts, and the 250 chimes like the sound of a slot machine in Vegas, you really do smile...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I own the Ace 250 with Excelerator EQ2 Pro Coil.

August 01, 2011
Hello, I have done many reviews videos on this machine if you go to YouTube then search for TreasureFinderMD for my channel.

I learn the hard way wit this machine, just like any machine you really need to spent time with it, over 40 hrs when it comes to the hard finds, if your lucky and you find an area that has not been sweep than it work right out of the box, for beginners more or less its a great machine, and for advance its also great but you need to learn all the types sounds and when its junk or not. I have found some of the best relics with this machine, but it has also given me fits at times.

When I say out of the box, this would be the stock machine with the 6.5 X 9" search coil.

I should sum this up like this:

Great, out of the box, parks and flat or some wooded but not to deep with leaves or brush.

LEARN, this machine will find relics and old coins every time. I have found silver & recently 6 civil war bullets! BUT, using the headphones made a HUGE difference, and you will learn that the first swipe usually is not accurate, its the second that tells you what it is, that's when you have to watch the lead on the second swipe, if it runs to junk its most likely junk, with few exceptions.

This machine is KING at the beach, I have the Fisher F2 with the stock coil, great machine but the Garrett with the bigger coil blows it away.

To much to really explain, this is like a science and you really need to learn from all the resources you can, watch videos, and for the Garrett read all his books, they are short and very easy to read they really helped me, you can find some here,

I hope I helped.


Overall Rating 4 stars


Starter detector that will grow with you

July 30, 2011
If you aren't looking in the right place you aren't going to find anything and people have to lose it before you can find it. The Ace 250 is incredibly easy to learn and performs well in most applications. Definitely not for the wet sand near the beach. I consistently find more items than those with more expensive detectors. A lot of that goes into learning your machine and learning how to properly detect. As you get more experienced you can get new coils to go with the detector for specific applications.

You can't beat the performance for the money. It cracks me up when people with other brands of detectors ask me to go over a piece of ground because they aren't sure if there is a target. Make sure you use headphones with an inline volume control or you'll go deaf. If it had a volume control I would give it a 5 out of 5.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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