Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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F75 - My Favorite Detector So Far

June 27, 2012
I have been detecting for the last 37 years and have owned high end Compass, Whites, Garrett, Tesoro, and Minelab detectors. I have not owned the Minelab Explorer or E-Trac but I have friends that use these and they are very good detectors as well. Nor have I ever owned a high end Fisher until now.

I have only been running the F75 for roughly 3 weeks since I bought a used specimen on e-Bay. The learning curve was easy for me since I am familiar with detectors in general and have little difficulty adapting to new detectors. The options on the F75 are very good and allow you to tailor this unit to suite any kind of hunting situation.

There seems to be a lot of complaints in these review forums. Most complaints appear to come from folks that don't understand how to adjust their detector so take these with a grain of salt. The longer you do this the better you will become.

I offer the following comments and observations concerning my F75:

• The build quality is no better or worse than any other detector that has a control housing and battery compartment made from plastic which is mounted on an aluminum upper shaft with an ABS lower shaft. This includes high end models by Minelab, Garrett, Tesoro, Whites, etc., etc., etc. On the F75, this is done to save weight and the F75 is easy to swing all day long. The overall feel and balance on this unit is the best I have used to date. I can't figure out why people are bashing or complaining about build quality for this unit or that unit when they are all very similar. Yes, they will all break if you apply enough force.

• The F75 will go super deep on coins. At 30 percent sensitivity it will find, correctly ID, and correctly give a depth reading on a difficult quarter that I have buried in my yard at 10 inches. I have dug old coins in the park beyond 10 inches. Normally I find most of my coins down to 8 or 9 inches with the very occasional super deep one. The default power setting is 60 percent. You really don't need to crank this detector up beyond this. Basically, adjust it to be as free from EMI chatter and as stable as possible and be confident that it will find coins as deep as possible under the conditions and settings if they are there.

• This unit has a very fast recovery rate compared to others. This is good in high trash areas. I have dug coins sitting in the same hole with nails. In some cases the nail was above the coin. In these cases, the target ID may not be accurate as the coin is influenced by the junk item. Figuring out what to dig comes from experience.

• The F75 is very good on very small Jewelry when adjusted properly. Don't expect to dig super deep small gold items like gold stud earrings, etc. No detector will find Jewelry any better than this unit except for the detectors that are designed for finding gold like the Fisher Gold Bug, Teknetics G2 (Which I own), etc. This unit compares about the same to my friend's Minelab Explorer II on small Jewelry. You just need to dig all that foil, pull tabs, etc. as with any other detector made.

• Bottle Cap mode work well to eliminate these pesky objects but is not 100 percent fool proof. You will dig the occasional bottle cap with any detector with a DD coil.

• Jewelry Mode makes the detector very sensitive to EMI and turning down the sensitivity may be required for smooth operation. This will not affect depth as much as you might expect. If you are getting 4 inches air testing a piece of gold micro jewelry you are doing good with any detector.

• I love this detector and it may be a long time before it is replaced.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher f75 / bounty hunter f75

June 25, 2012
Ill start by telling you this is not a fisher it is a bounty hunter beep machine.
I have nothing good to say about this waste
of money, I'm stuck with this jumpy junker that cant lock on to nothing but coins if your lucky.
I had many detectors and know how to use them
To the fullest, this machine really ticks me off. I had it for two months and my finds now are so low I want to wrap this bounty hunter around a tree, buying this was like flushing $950. 00 down the toilet. I would of gave it zero stars but I cant, for the 1 star I will try to think of something good about it, while I cant oh yes I can it has good battery life and you will need it because you will have to hunt a long time to find any thing.
Fisher were good in the past now their a joke.
Don't buy one unless you like false signals and jumpy target id and a super cheap build.
I'm going back to whites as soon as I sell the pile of c**p.
Warning don't buy it.
The other people even the people
That give good feedback say its not very good.

Overall Rating 1 star


Friends dont let friends use............

June 21, 2012
First Texas makes a good product. I own 2 of their products now. I dont use my detector as a hammer, nor do I drop or throw it. This is a very sensitive piece of equipment. Im counting on the sensitivity others complain about.

I will need at least 100 hours, or about 2 sets of batteries before I can rate the machine completely. The lower operating freq allows it to go deeper. The user interface has many functions that helps to make quick changes. I have to pack in sometime, the three sections are perfect for my pack. I hunt it all, and needed a machine that would be able to handle it all.

Do I expect it to pick up gold as good as a GBII. No, I expect it to work the same way all detectors do. I'm not a brand loyalty type person, I found both my First Texas machines buy research and trial and error. I don't trash other brands or compare one day of hunting to a major purchase. The best detector is the one in your hands. Its up to you to make it work. I have a hard decision, to use the 5' or the 11' coil? I lick my finger and test the wind. Yep 11' inch it is.

Good luck if you don't own one of these of detectors. I'm coming right behind you and thank you in advance for all the goodies you left behind.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher F75

June 21, 2012
Let's not start to bag other MD as they all work in there own right, the F75 has issues I live in NZ, NZ silver coins sit in the 40/45 mark but the next week they will sit in the 50/55 mark, English silver sits in the 85/86 mark
So this machine has issues but in saying that I seem to find the most silvers when we go hunting at night and this is between 3 to 7 on average.

Pros: light weight
Easy to use
Long battery live
Built in light for night hunting
Good depth.
Cons: unstable on coins
Can't run at full sensitivity

Overall Rating 4 stars


Just ok

June 12, 2012
This detector has some good points. Its capable of really good depth. Just don't expect target id to help you at all. It is the noisiest detector I've ever used. Build quality is really really sad. Fisher has put out some great detectors through the years this is not a fisher its a bounty hunter in fishers clothing! In heavy mixed trash you cant make heads or tails of all the noise unless you run the sensitivity really really low.

I like the control interface. Its user friendly and ground balances easily. . I think fisher really stuck it to a lot of people. Thats my fault for buying a detector I didn't try out first. Buyers remorse big time. For 300$ more I could have got another v3 I and been super happy.

Overall Rating 2 stars


F75-Build and use issues

May 26, 2012
I have been using detectors along time, used most of them, had an etrac it fell apart the control box fell off, it switched it self off in the field. The F75 a chimp could use it, light very deep and is of average build quality, most detectors have problems.
If you go to the beach take a minelab or other multi-freqency machine the F75 will work on land where others find it difficult.

Overall Rating 4 stars


F75s with problems

May 19, 2012
I've had my F75S for a 18 months, got about 100 hours on it. Its got problems. The computer doesn't reset to default when you go through the setting process. The Fast grab stops working for weeks at a time. So does the threshold. You can't run the sensitivity above 50 percent without chatter unless you are a quarter of a mile from power lines. Frequency shifting doesn't help.

The coil shorted out the first time I put it in salt water. The connection pod was not sealed all the way around. Out of the box the air test with a silver dollar was 11" ground test was 9" a dime 6". The 5" coil has almost the same depth of penetration as the 11" (The deepest coin I have recovered in Florida sand is a quarter at 7" with the 5" coil. ) This is because you can turn the gain up to 80 percent with the small coil.

Beach hunting is a joke. I did a wet sand test on St Pete Beach and the max depth for a quarter was 4". and in discrimination mode it passes right over many targets. On the positive side. It does see through iron. and other junk. I think this is because it is so fast. You sweep it over 3 targets a coin a nail and a pull tab that are separated by an inch or so and it picks up multiple targets including the coin. The ACE 250 I'm familiar with would only display the strongest targets if they were closer than 3".
I like the machine because it is light weight so I'm going to try to get it fixed before I decide on replacing it.

Overall Rating 2 stars



May 03, 2012
If you want to win a race you buy a race car.
If you want to find treasure you buy a F75.
Only downside, for the price the build quality should have been a bit better but, it's light, very quick and deep still worth 5 stars all day long.
This is not a start and go detector very sensitive with lots of settings and not for a beginner.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not a first timers machine

March 30, 2012
The f75ltd I purchased two weeks ago has so far really impressed me in its performance. I would love to give it 5 stars but to give an honest review the build quality is only so so. This machine is capable of real depth. But just because you can run it like a sports car doesn't mean you have to. less is sometimes more as far as sens goes.

Don't make this your first detector. It re uires a subtle touch and has a bit of a learning curve. But if finding what others have missed and a detector that really gets the goodsis on ur list of must haves this is your detector. Build quality requires you to be careful in the woods. This is my first Fisher. Been using whites for fives years. I don't have a whites machine that can out hunt it but all my whites are of superior build quality.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Fisher F75 Black Sp.Limited Ed.

March 22, 2012
I have been using the f75 Limited Special Ed. black detector for around 8-9 months and am still very satisified with its performance, I have found several silver coins, and now one gold ring,"not solid gold but HGE" and a lot of clad coins and neat stuff, and continue to like it more and more each time I take it out.

If you are looking for a great detector I am very happy with mine, very seldom use the boost process, normally don't have to but is good to have it to make faint signals a little better.
IMHO if you like metal detecting purchase this machine and you will be happy with it. I own a ace 350 also and not knocking on it cause it is very simple to use and does find coins and a great detector, but the f75 out performs it in every way I can think of. !!!!!!!! REMEMBER FILL YOUR HOLES!!!!!!!!!! Keep our hobby alive. TH'er for life,,,,,I will strike the big score one of these days :)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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